31 August 2008

1.24 Exodus, Part 2

From Lostpedia
  1. They arrive at the Black Rock, Rousseau leaves.
  2. "What are we a couple of miles inland? A tsunami probably swept it here." Arzt
  3. The Black Rock was a slave ship, in route to a mining colony on the eastern coast of Africa, Mozambique.
  4. Arzt teaches about dynamite and nitroglycerin and then explodes handling the dynamite.
  5. Jin meets man in airport bathroom, speaks Korean, works for Mr. Paik, says he knows that Jin was running away, that he must do his job and return or he will lose Sun. From Lostpedia
  6. "How does a place this big never get discovered?" Michael
  7. "Do you like to play games, John?" Jack "Absolutely." Locke
  8. Claire notices scratches on Rousseau. "When did I do that? Why did I scratch you?"
  9. Rousseau attacks Claire and takes the baby.
  10. Charlie is attacked by a Drive Shaft groupie in his hotel room in Sydney.
  11. "That's Steve. Scott's dead." Walt corrects Sawyer about Tracy sleeping next to Scott when she has a husband and 2 kids at home.
  12. "I didn't write one. The only letter I wrote is to the man I'm gonna kill." Sawyer
  13. Sayid and Charlie go after Rousseau.
  14. Michael says that him having Walt was never part of the plan, he asks his mother to take him, Walt overhears his conversation. Locke passes in his wheelchair.
  15. Michael teaches Walt how to steer the raft. "We're going approximately North by Northeast."
  16. Sun tells Shannon that Boone died bravely.
  17. "Do you think all this, all we've been through, do you think we're being punished?" Sun "Punished for what?" Shannon "Things we did before. The secrets we kept. The lies we told." Sun "Who do you think is punishing us?" Shannon "Fate." Sun "No one is punishing us. There's no such thing as fate." Claire
  18. Sayid and Charlie run into beachcraft. Sayid says it's from Nigeria, 2 men dressed as priests, drug runners in disguise, plane loaded with heroin.
  19. "Hope. I think hope's inside it." Hurley asks Locke what he thinks is inside the hatch.
  20. Bird flying overhead appears to say "Hurley."
  21. The monster attacks, everyone runs, but Locke pauses and stares at it, it tries to drag him underground. "Just let me go, I'll be alright." Locke tells Jack. From Lost Hatch From Lostpedia
  22. Jin gives Michael the watch he was supposed to bring to Los Angeles.
  23. Claire names the baby Aaron. "I don't know what Aaron means."
  24. Charlie wounded by Rousseau's trap. Sayid seals it with gun powder.
  25. Hurley is late for his flight. He's staying in room 2342. He encounters Charlie in the elevator when the doors open.
  26. The numbers appear in Hurley's car on the way to the airport. From Lost Hatch
  27. The plane is boarding in Gate 23. Hurley pays man $1600 for his scooter, passes soccer players with that numbers. Hurley is in seat 20G. From Lostpedia
  28. "I thought I heard 23." Kate "Does that mean something to you?" Hurley "The guy who called the feds on me back in Australia did it for a $23,000 reward." Kate
  29. Jack says the monster was going to kill Locke, but he says that it wasn't going to hurt him, that he was being tested.
  30. "You're a man of science. I'm a man of faith. Do you really think this was an accident? That we, a group of strangers, survived? Many with just superficial injuries? Do you think we crashed in this place by coincidence? Especially this place? We were brought here for a purpose, for a reason." Locke "And who brought us here, John?" Jack "The island. The island brought us here. This is no ordinary place, you've seen that, I know you have. But the island chose you too, Jack. It's destiny." Locke "Did you talk to Boone about destiny, John?" Jack "Boone was a sacrifice that the island demanded. What happened to him at that plane was a part of a chain of events that led us here, that led us down a path, that led you and me to this day, to right now." Locke
  31. "Survival is all relative." Locke "I don't believe in destiny." Jack "Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet." Locke
  32. "My daddy never got a chance to beat me. Shot himself when I was 8." Sawyer tells Michael. "That why you want to die?" Michael
  33. Locke is carried on to the plane by the flight attendants. From Lostpedia
  34. "I heard them whispering. The others said they were coming for the child. They said they were coming for the boy." Rousseau
  35. Hurley sees the numbers on the hatch. "The numbers are bad!" From Lostpedia
  36. The rafties see something on the radar, they fire the flare gun.
  37. "We were on an island. Flight 815." Michael
  38. "Only the thing is.. We're gonna have to take the boy." Walt is taken by the others. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch
  39. Sawyer pulls his gun and is shot by one of the others, Jin dives into the water after him. Michael falls off the raft, the others torch it and there is an explosion.
  40. Aaron is returned to Claire by Charlie and Sayid.
  41. Charlie is seen with one of the statues from the beachcraft. From Lost Hatch
  42. We see everyone boarding the plane. Claire, Kate and Edward Mars, Sawyer.
  43. Locke is sitting near Jack. They look at eachother and Jack smiles. From Lostpedia
  44. Charlie is storing his guitar in a luggage compartment, Jin and Sun are together and Jin is looking at the watch he has to deliver, Michael is buckling Walt's seatbelt and Walt is playing his gameboy, the Marshal is fastening Kate's handcuffs, Sayid is looking at his photographs of Nadia, Shannon is searching for her inhalers and Boone gives them to her, Hurley gives him a thumbs up and Walt smiles.
  45. Hurley is reading the comic book that Walt has later. From Lost Hatch
  46. Dr. Arzt helps Claire with her bag.
  47. The dynamite works and the hatch door is blown open. It is a long metal shaft with a broken ladder leading down inside it. There is no end in sight. From Lostpedia
  1. Why did Claire name the baby Aaron?
  2. Where did the others get that boat from?
  3. Did the bird really say Hurley? Where did it come from? What kind of bird is it?
  4. Why is Locke happy when he first sees the monster, and then terrified the second time he sees it? What does he see?
  5. When Charlie is in his hotel room, he says he has a plane to catch. But when he visits his brother in Sydney, he also has a plane to catch. How did he visit his brother before he got on the plane if he was in a rush to catch it?
  6. Did Rousseau really start the fire? Did she hear the whispers?
  7. Why did the others take Walt?
  8. Why is the ladder in the hatch broken?
  1. "How exactly does something like this happen?" Hurley "Are you on the same island as I am?" Rousseau
  2. "I'm sorry I'm not cool enough to be part of your merry little band of adventurers. I know a clique when I see it." Arzt
  3. "Man, who doesn't like Bob Marley?" Michael
  4. "He just..exploded..right in front of us." Hurley
  5. "You ever play operation? I always got nailed on the funny bone. Bzzzz." Locke scares Jack.
  6. Charlie hits Sayid. "Do not hit me again."
  7. "Dude, you got some Arzt on you." Hurley
  8. "Who the hell is Hugo and how's he got $160 million to leave to his mom?" Sawyer
  9. "So dude, what do you think is inside that hatch thing?" Hurley "What do you think's inside it?" Locke "Stacks of TV dinners, from the 50's or something. And TVs, with cable, some cell phones, clean socks, soap, Twinkies--you know, for dessert, after the TV dinners. Twinkies keep for, like, 8000 years, man." Hurley "I like Twinkies too." Locke
  10. Michael asking Jin what he can say in English.
  11. "This is not going to be pleasant." Sayid
  1. We find out in a later episode that Claire scratched Rousseau when she saved her from the others.
  2. Locke expresses that they should take twice the amount of dynamite they need in case one blows up, a failsafe.
  3. Claire finally names the baby.
  4. Jack needs to stop trying to control everything always.
  5. Walt being taken on the raft is one of the first times I've been completely fooled on this show. I didn't see it coming at all.
  6. Upon initial reaction, I thought the others were pirates. Sometimes I still do.
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1.23 Exodus, Part 1

  1. Walt and Michael in Sydney. Walt watches television at 5:23 AM. Walt says that Bryan lets him do what he wants. He tells Michael he's not his father. From Lostpedia
  2. Walt encounters Rousseau at the beach camp. She says the others are coming, that they must run, hide or die.
  3. When she was ship-wrecked with her 6 person team, she was already 7 months pregnant. She delivered the baby herself. She was with her baby for 1 week when she saw black smoke, and they came and took her baby.
  4. While moving the raft down the beach, they see the black smoke Rousseau told them about. From Lost Hatch From Lostpedia
  5. They bring Rousseau to the hatch. "I've never seen anything like it." Rousseau From Lostpedia
  6. Rousseau she can get dynamite from the Black Rock in dark territory.
  7. "Do I know you?" Jack asks Ana Lucia.
  8. Jack meets Ana Lucia in the airport bar. She asks why he was yelling at the gate agent, he tells her his dad died of a heart attack, that he's not married anymore. She hates to fly and her seat is 42F, in the back of the plane.
  9. "Not a drinker?" Ana Lucia "No, not really." Jack
  10. "The worst part's over." Ana Lucia
  11. Jack tells everyone that everything is going to be okay. Arzt says that handling dynamite is dangerous and he should join them.
  12. Sawyer is arrested for a bar fight, head-butted the Minister of Agriculture three days ago. He's being deported.
  13. Jack gives Sawyer a gun for the raft.
  14. Sawyer confesses that he met Jack's father, Christian Shepard, about a week before the crash.
  15. "Jack. About a week before we all got on the plane I got to talking to this man in a bar in Sydney. He was American, too. A doctor. I've been on some benders in my time, but this guy--he was going for an all time record. It turns out this guy has a son--his son's a doctor, too. They had some kind of big time falling out. The guy knew it was his fault even though his son was back in the States thinking the same damn thing. See, kids are like dogs, you knock them around enough they'll think they did something to deserve it. Anyway, there's a pay phone in this bar. And this guy, Christian, tells me he wishes he had the stones to pick up the phone, call his kid, tell him he's sorry, that he's a better doctor than he'll ever be--he's proud, and he loves him. I had to take off, but something tells me he never got around to making that call. Small world, huh?" Sawyer
  16. The Marshal, Edward Mars, explains why he needs to bring 5 guns on the plane with him and why there is a toy plane in his Halliburton. From Lost Hatch
  17. "That's a good story, you want to tell it, huh Kate? This belonged to her childhood sweetheart who she got killed a couple of years ago when she was on the run. Poor guy--a wife, a 2 year old kid. What was his name? Hmm? Well, somewhere along the way during the 3 years I was chasing her, she's starts calling me, at my house, and whining on about her mitigating circumstances. But what she's really doing is taunting me. So, I tell her that I've got whats-his-name's little toy airplane in a safe deposit box in New Mexico. So, she somehow figures out which bank, which safe deposit box. She seduces some idiot to rob the damn bank, and then she puts a bullet in her new friend because she's done using him. But she leaves all the money. She just takes the plane because that's the one thing in the whole world that Kate does care about. She has no attachments, and I think she's telling herself she needs it to atone for killing her boyfriend, whats-his-name. God, Kate, c'mon what was his name?" Edward Mars
  18. Kate wants to join the trek to the Black Rock for old time's sake and because she's bad at goodbyes.
  19. Charlie collects messages for a message in a bottle.
  20. "See you soon." Michael "Yes you will." Jack
  21. Everyone says goodbye to eachother. Sawyer and Kate don't say goodbye.
  22. They (Rousseau, Jack, Kate, Arzt, Hurley and Locke) leave for the Black Rock trek to get dynamite so they can blow open the hatch and hide everyone inside. From Lostpedia
  23. Locke asks Rousseau about her scratches.
  24. Montand lost his arm in dark territory, where Rousseau's science team got sick.
  25. "It's a security system. It's purpose is that of any security system. To protect something." Rousseau "Protect what?" Kate "The island." Rousseau
  26. Walt gives Vincent to Shannon.
  27. Boone and Shannon can't get their seats in first class.
  28. "One day you're gonna appreciate everything I do for you." Boone
  29. Shannon reports Sayid for leaving his bags unattended.
  30. Sayid gives Michael radar, tells them to turn it on every hour, that it will pick up a signal from 25 miles away. He also gives them a flare gun from the plane, with only 1 flare. From Lost Hatch
  31. They arrive at the Black Rock to get the dynamite. From Lostpedia
  32. A couple in the airport criticize Sun and Jin. Sun has to bite her tongue and refrain from speaking English because Jin doesn't know.
  33. Sun helps Jin with his English. Jin says he's being punished for what he's done to Sun, and that he has to go on the raft, to save her. From Lostpedia
  34. Sun and Jin say goodbye. Jin tells her to stay with Jack.
  35. The raft leaves. Everyone waves goodbye. Vincent tries to follow Walt on the raft. From Lostpedia
  1. How did Rousseau deliver her own baby? Wasn't her science team still alive? Couldn't someone else do it?
  2. Has Rousseau really never seen the hatch before? Has she seen other hatches, or the other stations on the island?
  3. How did Kate get the other key to the safety deposit box?
  4. Why did Locke want Jack to let him go? What did he think was going to happen?
  5. How did the Black Rock get there?
  1. "Well that's three reasons to go right there." Hurley
  2. "Nice speech.. If you want to keep a secret don't tell the fat guy." Arzt
  3. "Unless you want to blow up, I'm coming with you." Arzt
  4. "I never asked you what you did back in the real world, so I'm taking a wild guess--lumberjack." Jack
  5. "You think we're going to run out of food or water? Am I supposed to put the kid out of his misery?" Sawyer
  6. "Hey, Locke, do you have a message? It's going on the raft. You know: Dear mom, Everything's fine. I'm on the island, unless, of course, the black smoke people turn up. Love, your name here. For when they get rescued, they can contact your family." Charlie "Message in a bottle. That's sweet." Locke
  7. "Don't look at it. Dude! Don't look at it!" Hurley
  8. "Mean bush." Locke
  9. "I think Leslie's a bitchin' name." Hurley
  10. "That was before Montand lost his frickin' arm." Arzt
  11. "Well, alright. Now, are we going to get off this rock or stand around talking about it?" Sawyer
  12. "Dude, I thought you were dead." Hurley, to Arzt.
  13. Walt giving Shannon the dog.
  14. "Can you describe him please?" Airport Cop "Um, Arab?" Shannon
  15. Vincent following the raft.
  1. Jack tells Ana Lucia that he dad is dead. Ana Lucia worked for Christian shortly before she met Jack in the airport bar in Sydney.
  2. When Jack tells Ana Lucia that he's not married anymore, it is the first time we learn that his marriage with Sarah was no longer.
  3. When we see Sawyer at the Police Station in Sydney, this was just after we saw him being brought in during Boone's flashback in Hearts & Minds.
  4. Sawyer telling Jack that he knew his dad is the first time two people on the island realize that they have a connection before the crash.

29 August 2008

1.22 Born to Run

  1. Kate is on the run. She has several license plates from different states. She changes the color of her hair from blond to brown. She receives a letter at the hotel under Joan Hart. From Lost Hatch
  2. "Drive Shaft's albums must have spiked when they found out I died in a catastrophic plane crash." Charlie
  3. "The helicopters will come." Charlie talking to Kate about Michael getting them rescued.
  4. Dr. Arzt says it's monsoon season, that the trade winds are going North, which is where they want to go.
  5. Kate wants on the raft, to take Sawyer's spot. She says she spent a few summers crewing on J boats.
  6. Kate's mom has cancer. She goes to Tom for help at the hospital.
  7. Sayid takes Jack to the hatch as per Locke's request. From Lostpedia
  8. It's been three weeks since Locke found the hatch. Jack wants to know why he didn't tell him.
  9. "Maybe it was never meant to be opened from the outside." Sayid
  10. Sawyer figures out that Kate was the prisoner on the plane and that she wants to take his spot on the raft so she can get away.
  11. Michael is poisoned by something in his water. He thinks it was Sawyer.
  12. Tom is Kate's childhood friend, or first love. He is a doctor, helps her with her mother, Diane.
  13. Kate and Tom go to a field and dig up a time capsule. Inside a New Kids on the Block lunchbox is a hat, baseball, a tape labeled "Kate and Tom 1989" from August 15 of that year, and Tom's toy plane that he got when he went to Dallas by himself. From Lost Hatch
  14. On the tape, Tom talks about getting married and having 9 kids, but Kate says they should leave.
  15. "You always want to run away." Tom "Yeah, and you know why." Kate
  16. Locke finds out about Kate from Hurley, because he suggests Kate might have poisoned Michael.
  17. Walt tells Locke that he didn't poison his did, then Locke touches Walt to comfort him and he has some sort of psychic vision.
  18. "Don't open it. Don't open it, Mr. Locke. Don't open that thing!" Walt "What thing?" Locke "Just don't open it!" Walt
  19. Sawyer tells everyone about Kate being a fugitive and wanting to get on the raft so she can run.
  20. Kate goes to see her mom at the hospital. "I'm so sorry for everything that I've put you through."
  21. Diane screams for help and Kate runs with Tom, he won't get out of the car. Tom is shot by the security guard, Kate crashes into gold Pontiac Bonneville. Tom dies, Kate runs. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch
  22. Kate says she didn't poison Michael, but admits she was the fugitive.
  23. "When we get rescued, we're gonna come back for everybody else, right?" Walt "The thing is, finding the island might be hard." Michael
  24. Walt tells Michael that he burned the raft, that he didn't want to leave.
  25. "We don't have to go." Michael "Yes, we do." Walt
  26. Jack figures out that Sun is the one who poisoned Michael, trying to make Jin sick instead, so he wouldn't leave on the raft.
  27. Kate helped Sun, it was her idea, she says Jack won't tell anyone.
  28. "Jack's good at keeping secrets." Kate
  1. Who sent the letter to Kate?
  2. Why weren't the police waiting for Kate at the hospital or at Tom's house?
  3. Where is Edward Mars?
  4. Did Kate really crew on J boats? If so, when?
  5. What did Sun use to try to make Jin sick?
  6. How did the toy plane get from the backseat of Tom's car in Iowa to the safety deposit box in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Who put it there? How did she get the key?
  7. What did Walt see when Locke touched him? What does he think is going to happen?
  8. How does he know about the hatch?
  9. Does Walt being special somehow mean he has a psychic ability?
  1. "Of course it's going to work. Look at that thing, it's not a raft, they built a sodding boat!" Charlie
  2. "I'm a doctor, and you're a hillbilly." Arzt "You're a damn high school science teacher!" Sawyer
  3. "You going to vote me off, Mickey?" Sawyer
  4. "What? You want to open it?" Sayid
  5. "You and Locke kiss and make up?" Michael
  6. "How am I supposed to keep straight who knows what around here? I mean, Steve didn't even know about the polar bear!" Hurley
  7. "This is track 2. It's called Monster Eats the Pilot." From Lostpedia
  1. We see the Pontiac Bonneville again, the same one that hit Michael and Locke.
  2. When Kate goes to visit her mother, Diane, she screams for help, just as she said she would in Left Behind.
  3. In the flashback, Kate loses her mother and Tom as a result of her actions. On the island, she is alienated because of her actions.

28 August 2008

1.21 The Greater Good

  1. Shannon grieves next to Boone's body. Sayid tells her that Boone was brave. From Lostpedia
  2. Sayid is brought in by the CIA at Heathrow Airport to break up a terrorist cell with 300 lbs. of C4 in Sydney. They make him do it because he knows a man involved, Essam Tasir, who he went to Cairo University with, and they know where Nadia is. From Lostpedia
  3. It's been 7 years since Sayid left Iraq.
  4. They have a funeral for Boone. Sayid speaks about Boone trying to save Joanna. "I'll remember his courage and I know he will be missed."
  5. Locke returns and tells them it was his fault, that they found a plane and Boone climbed up because his leg was injured. "It happened because he was trying to help us. He was a hero." From Lostpedia
  6. Jack attacks Locke and calls him a liar in front of everyone, he tells Sayid about the hatch.
  7. Sayid meets Essam in a Mosque. He tells Sayid that his wife, Zahra, was killed by a stray bomb when she was shopping.
  8. Sayid finds a bugging device in smoke detector, he convinces Essam and friends that he knows about things like that.
  9. "Perhaps it is not happenstance that you and Essam met at the Mosque. Perhaps it is fate." Haddad, Essam's friend.
  10. Locke tells Shannon he's sorry, gives her Boone's bag and tells her he shouldn't have let him go hunting with him.
  11. "He would've gone anyway." Shannon
  12. Shannon asks Sayid to do something about Locke.
  13. Kate drugs Jack with sleeping pills because he refuses to sleep.
  14. Sayid interrogates Locke, asks about his scar, he says it's a war wound. Sayid asks about the plane, the radio, says he could use it for parts on the raft.
  15. Locke takes Sayid to the plane, tells him that he isn't lying about it.
  16. "I know when I'm being lied to. There's a plane." Sayid From Lostpedia
  17. Essam tells Sayid that he's going to be the martyr in the operation.
  18. The CIA wants Sayid to convince Essam to go through with the suicide bombing. From Lostpedia
  19. Locke asks Sayid why he doesn't trust him, and Sayid calls Locke on carrying a gun without telling anyone about it. Locke tells him about the priest, Nigerian money, and the gun.
  20. Locke confesses he knocked Sayid out and destroyed his equipment when he was trying to triangulate the signal to gain his trust, but it only angers him. From Lostpedia
  21. "Is that a place you really want to lead people to?" Locke explains why finding the source of the distress signal was a bad idea.
  22. Sayid tells Essam that he lost someone too and will participate in the bombing.
  23. "Innocent lives will be lost in service of a greater good." Sayid
  24. "It was fate that brought us back together." Essam
  25. Sayid tells Shannon that he believes Boone's death was an accident. "I know how strong the need can be to find someone to blame." Shannon isn't satisfied with what Sayid has to say.
  26. Walt is worried about going on the raft. "What if we die?"
  27. Shannon steals the key for the Halliburton when Jack is sleeping.
  28. Sayid reveals to Essam that he is working with the CIA, that he will give him 10 minutes to get away, but Essam turns on Sayid and then kills himself. From Lostpedia
  29. Sayid saves Locke from Shannon, but Locke is still grazed by bullet.
  30. Kate comforts Sayid because Shannon won't talk to him, says she just needs time.
  31. "Time won't make a difference." Sayid
  32. "There's always a choice." Sayid
  33. Nadia is in Irvine, California. She is a lab tech at a medical testing company.
  34. Sayid has his flight changed to the next day in order to claim and bury Essam.
  35. Locke thanks Sayid for saving him from Shannon. "I did it because I sensed you were our best hope of surviving here."
  36. Sayid demands Locke take him to the hatch, that he knew he was lying about it.
  1. Was Sayid in London at the same time as Nadia?
  2. Why did Sayid say that Nadia was dead when he was on his was to see her from Sydney?
  3. How did Shannon know where the Halliburton was?
  4. When did Shannon learn how to use a gun?
  5. Why is Locke so imperative to the island?
  1. Charlie calls the baby Turnip Head.
  2. Sayid and Essam playing football.
  3. Hurley and Charlie singing I Feel Good to the baby.
  4. "Hey, Chuckie, you wanna keep that kid quiet? Baby Huey's like nails on a chalkboard." Sawyer
  5. "I liked that thing a lot better inside than I like it outside." Sawyer
  6. Charlie following Sawyer with the baby because his voice makes Turnip Head stop crying.
  7. Sayid telling Shannon that she doesn't know how to use a gun, and then she immediately shoots at the ground.
  8. Sawyer reading a car magazine to the baby.
  1. Uh, Locke, maybe you should take the bloody shirt off before you confront everyone and try to convince them that you're not guilty of killing Boone.
  2. Again, uh, Locke, maybe Shannon wouldn't have wanted to kill you if you hadn't gotten up and walked away right when she's in the middle of crying about her dead brother. No chick skills, Locke.
  3. Even Walt is terrified by Locke in this episode.
  4. Sayid saves Locke from Shannon in sacrifice of the greater good.
  5. Shannon was actually going to kill Locke.

21 August 2008

1.20 Do No Harm

  1. Jack is trying to save Boone. His lung collapsed. Jack says he'll fix him.
  2. Marc Silverman is Jack's best man. He's nervous about his wedding speech, but says he'll be okay after about 8 beers.
  3. Sarah flipped over the divider, was hit head-on by SUV and Jack saved her.
  4. "I will dance at our wedding." Sarah
  5. Kate finds Claire going into labor in the jungle.
  6. Boone's blood type is A negative. Jack is O positive.
  7. Kate has to deliver the baby because Jack is giving Boone a blood transfusion.
  8. "John said not to tell." Boone tells Jack about the plane, the hatch.
  9. "We're here for God knows how long, and so is Boone." Shannon tells Sayid about her relationship with Boone.
  10. Jack questions his father on whether he can be the father and the husband he wants to be, if he's marrying Sarah for the wrong reasons.
  11. Jack wants Michael to help him amputate Boone's leg with the cargo door from the plane.
  12. Claire is afraid to have the baby but Kate reasons with her.
  13. "This baby is all of ours." Kate
  14. "Don't tell me what I can't do." Jack tells Sun, who doubts he can save Boone.
  15. "Because I'm not good at letting go, or maybe I'm afraid of what will happen if I fail. I didn't fix you. You fixed me." Jack steals his wedding vows from his dad.
  16. "I know you made a promise, but I'm letting you off the hook. Let me go, Jack." Boone
  17. Claire has the baby and Boone dies simultaneously. From Lostpedia
  18. Jack tells Shannon about Boone dying.
  19. "Boone didn't die. He was murdered." Jack
  1. Where did Jack's dad fly in from? Where is the wedding?
  2. Does Jack love Sarah because he can't let go?
  3. Does Sarah love Jack because he fixed her?
  4. What was Boone going to say to Shannon?
  1. Claire asking about the raft. "She likes me." Sawyer
  2. Sayid leading Shannon to the secret beach.
  3. "I don't know my bloody blood type!" Charlie
  4. "Hopes, not expectations." Sayid
  5. Jin and Charlie while Claire is giving birth.
  1. Jack tells Boone he'll fix him, as he promised Sarah he'd fix her.
  2. Not much happens in this episode, but things that do happen are pivotal and have a huge impact on the series as a whole.
  3. Maybe I'm mistaken, but if Boone was murdered, he still died, Jack.
  4. When did Kate and Sun become Jack's nurses?
  5. Marc Silverman is the same guy as Jack's childhood friend that he tried to save in from getting jumped in White Rabbit.
  6. Jack setting Boone's leg makes me cringe every time.
  7. Boone tells Jack that he's letting him off the hook, just as Rose did in White Rabbit.
  8. Boone dying and the baby being born has black and white, yin and yang symbolism.
  9. The slow motion, music playing scene where Jack tells Shannon about Boone is incredibly moving.
  10. Boone is the first main character death.

20 August 2008

1.19 Deus Ex Machina

  1. Locke works in a toy store, says he played mouse trap with his brother.
  2. Aisles 8 and 15 for footballs.
  3. Boone and Locke have been working on the hatch everyday for 2 weeks.
  4. "One minute you're quoting Nietzsche, the next you're an engineer." Boone, to Locke.
  5. They build a trebuchet, it doesn't work and it breaks. They can't open the hatch. From Lostpedia
  6. A piece of the broken trebuchet is in Locke's leg. He is starting to lose feeling in his legs.
  7. "Everything breaks if you apply the right force." Locke
  8. Locke sees the woman who asked about the footballs from the store watching him, he is hit by the same Pontiac Bonneville as Michael when he goes after her. From Lostpedia
  9. She is his mother, Emily Annabeth Locke.
  10. Locke was raised in several foster homes.
  11. "I want to tell you that you're special, very special. You're part of a design. You do realize that, don't you? That our meeting, me finding you, this is a sign of things to come. Great things." Emily tells Locke he was immaculately conceived.
  12. "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Locke
  13. "We're supposed to do this." Locke
  14. Locke has a dream, he sees plane fly over island. Boone says "Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs." He is covered in blood. Locke is in his wheel-chair again. From Lost Hatch
  15. Locke uses an private investigator to find out information about his mother, and he finds out about his father too. Emily Annabeth Locke was institutionalized several times for schizophrenia at Santa Rosa.
  16. "I've done this enough times to know this stuff isn't meant to be, even though it may feel that way. But this probably won't have a happy ending." The private investigator, Frainey. From Lost Hatch
  17. Locke finds his father, Anthony Cooper. He says he didn't know about John until a year after he was born. Emily said she put him up for adoption.
  18. Anthony Cooper asks John if he has a family, he says no. "I tried it a couple of times. It didn't take." Cooper
  19. Cooper asks Locke if he hunts, he says no.
  20. Locke tells Boone about his dream, that he asked for a sign, then saw a plane crash.
  21. Locke and Boone find a dead priest in the jungle, with a gun on him and Nigerian money. From Lost Hatch
  22. Cooper is on dialysis. Locke finds out.
  23. "Jack wouldn't know the first thing about what's wrong with me." Locke tells Boone when he tells him they have to go to Jack about his legs.
  24. Locke tells Boone that he was in a wheelchair when they crashed, that he was paralyzed for 4 years.
  25. They've been on the island 4 weeks.
  26. "This island changed me. It made me whole. There's something that we were meant to find. I know it." Locke
  27. Boone tells Locke about Theresa. She was his nanny, fell down the stairs when he was 6.
  28. They find the plane from Locke's dream.
  29. "See you on the other side, son." Locke gives Cooper his kidney.
  30. Boone climbs up into the plane, finds Nigerian maps, lots of heroin, priest bodies, tries to send out a mayday on the radio, plane falls off cliff. From Lostpedia
  31. "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815!" The voice on the radio.
  32. Locke brings Boone back to Jack and then leaves.
  33. Cooper abandons Locke after the operation. Emily tells him he was conned for his kidney, that she needed money. "It had to be your idea."
  34. Locke goes to Cooper's house and he won't let him in.
  35. Locke goes back to the hatch, sees a light coming out of it.
  36. "I've done everything you've asked me, so why did you do this to me?" Locke From Lost Hatch
  37. John Locke has a moment of great epiphany when he sees the light coming from the hatch door beneath him, suddenly stopping his moment of anger. From Lostpedia
  1. How did Locke become so skilled at hunting when he only went bird hunting with Cooper?
  2. Did the island take the use of Locke's legs away from him?
  3. How did Locke continue to walk when he couldn't feel anything?
  4. What is the purpose of the dreams people have on this island?
  5. Why does Emily tell Locke that he was immaculately conceived?
  6. How did the beachcraft get on the island?
  7. Did the island take the use of Locke's legs away so that Boone would climb up to the beachcraft and die?
  8. Was Locke supposed to find the Pearl station when he found the plane?
  9. Why was Locke suddenly able to walk after the plane fell with Boone inside?
  1. Locke telling Boone that his story would bore him.
  2. "All I'm gonna get for my trouble is a snappy one-liner and if I'm real lucky, a brand new nickname." Jack, about helping Sawyer with his headaches.
  3. "Really? Well, I guess that makes me God, huh?" Cooper responding to Locke telling him that his mother said he was immaculately conceived.
  4. "Have you been using the wacky paste stuff that made me see my sister get eaten?" Boone
  5. "You picking up a little Korean there, Michael?" Jack "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know how to say faster, and idiot." Michael
  6. "Sorry, Doc, sound fun, but my insurance ran out." Sawyer "Insurance ran out? That's a good one." Jack
  7. "Do I get a lollipop?" Sawyer talking to Kate about going to see Jack fro help.
  8. Jack testing Sawyer to see what's wrong with him. "When was your last outbreak?" Jack
  9. Boone tells Locke a traumatizing story about his Nanny and Locke just starts laughing because he sees the plane form his dream.
  10. Jack telling Sawyer he has hyperopia.
  11. "Dude, it looks like someone steam-rolled Harry Potter." Hurley
  1. They mention Locke's brother in this episode and then we never hear about him again.
  2. There is some major Mouse Trap symbolism in this episode.
  3. Wow, Jack can actually be funny. Is this the first and only time?
  4. With the 4 guns from the Halliburton, 1 from the marshal, and 1 from the dead priest, they have 6 guns now.
  5. When Boone puts out the mayday on the beach craft, we later find out the the voice on the other end is Bernard, Rose's husband, who is with the others from the tail section.
  6. We find out later that Desmond heard Locke in the hatch.
  7. The scene where Locke goes to Anthony Cooper's house at the end and he goes back to the hatch on the island are almost mirror images of eachother. Cooper took Locke's kidney away and he didn't get what he wanted. The island took Boone and he didn't get what he wanted from it. He was conned. He put his time into these two things and thought he'd get something in return and he didn't. The stories parallel eachother.
  8. From Lostpedia: Deus Ex Machina originated as a theatrical device in ancient Greek theatre. This device consisted of a physical crane that lowered a character down onto the stage, the character representing a god. This god would help the characters with a sudden twist in plot. This term would come to mean any device within a plot that provided a sudden change, or solution, in plot; Deus Ex Machina literally translates into "God from the machine" in Latin; In script writing, the term Deus Ex Machina is often used to refer to a solution to the story, a means to an end that comes out of nowhere and has nothing to do with the story, sometimes leaving the audience feeling cheated; Deus Ex Machina is one of the final chapters of Watership Down written by Richard Adams.