27 December 2009

Season 6, A LOST Original Trailer

25 December 2009

Four LOST Christmases

22 December 2009

Another ABC LOST Season 6 Promo


15 December 2009

Ever Wondered How Often Hurley Said DUDE!?

08 December 2009

More Thoughts on "The Incident"

After re-watching "The Incident" a few times, I've actually discovered that I liked it quite a bit. I think that what originally left me feeling a bit trepidatious about it was that it made me feel as though I no longer had any clue what the hell was going on anymore. I guess that, for the past few seasons, I've spent a little too much time speculating and theorizing about LOST. So much so that I almost had it all mapped out in my head. After you spend a lot of time going so in-depth about certain theories, ripping each one apart, in order to figure out if it has validity, it hampers you from just sitting back and enjoying the show thoroughly. Since realizing that, I've decided to truly just let the ride take me wherever it may go, to just enjoy it fully because, well, we only have one season left of this wonderful show.

So, with that said, the one thing that I've been thinking the most about from "The Incident" is Jacob. I'm still not sure whether he is good or evil. But, I have been thinking about the black and white theme that has gone on throughout the entire series and showed up heavily in the opening scene of "The Incident" when Jacob and the man in black (let's call him "Esau" for now), are having their conversation on the beach.

But who are "Esau" and the man we know as Jacob? Why are they on two opposing sides?

07 December 2009

New LOST ABC Season 6 Promo


29 November 2009

(CUATRO) LOST Season 6 Promo


12 November 2009

The Historical Events of LOST on Google Maps

From The Washington Post

03 November 2009

LOST Extras, Battlestar Lostica

23 September 2009

Terry O'Quinn Wins the Emmy!

In honor of Michael Emerson's Emmy win for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, here is Terry O'Quinn's acceptance speech for when he won the Emmy for Best supporting Actor in a Drama Series, back in 2007, where he so eloquently acknowledges his comrade, Michael Emerson.

22 September 2009

Happy Anniversary Oceanic Flight 815!

Happy Five Year Anniversary to the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815! I can't believe it's been five years since September 22, 2004. And now we're entering the Final Season of LOST. I just can't believe that it's gone by this fast. It's a little bittersweet now, as I'm looking forward to watching the Final Season, and finally knowing the ending of this show that I've invested so much time in, but, at the same time, I don't want it to end and I know that I'll be sad when it does. Before getting too sentimental over a television show, I just would like to say to the creators, writers, directors, actors, editors, musicians, and all of the crew from LOST, you do a wonderfully fantastic job putting out an intelligent, thoughtful show that has taught me so much and changed my life in as many ways as a television show can. Thank you.

21 September 2009

Congratulations Michael Emerson!

Congratulations to Michael Emerson on his big win for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series on LOST last night at the Emmys!  He was as gracious and humble in his acceptance speech as he always is. It was long overdue, and well-deserved, sir. Mahalo nui loa for everything you've given to us, Michael Emerson!

22 August 2009

You are LOST, But Not Forgotten

From The LOST Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2009, In Memoriam, a video of all the deaths on LOST, featuring an appearance by a special surprise guest from the past at the end. If this video doesn't make you cry, I don't know what will. 

27 July 2009

LOST Season 6 Poster

From DarkUFO

This was the opening to San Diego Comic-Con LOST Panel this year (2009), revealing the cast of the Final Season of LOST. It reveals 26 characters, including those who have been dead and gone a long time, including every main character from the show, such as Boone (Ian Somerhalder), and lastly revealing Locke (Terry O'Quinn) with his back facing us. Watching this seriously gave me chills. I'm so hyped for the Final Season of LOST now! If we get to see even just a glimpse of all the characters from the past five seasons, that will be so awesome.

21 July 2009

Michael Giacchino Directing The LOST Suite

Michael Giacchino directing The LOST Suite with a chorus in Ubeda, Spain.

06 July 2009

LOST: The Sitcom! Seasons 1 & 2

14 May 2009

The Incident, Initial Reaction


  • Did the bomb actually explode?
  • If it did, is that what caused the magnetic anomaly and caused the incident to begin with?
  • Is Juliet dead? Come on, she has to be dead, right?
  • So, was Richard on the Black Rock?
  • How is he ageless? Why did Jacob make him that way?
  • Is Jacob evil? Is his "friend" the good one?
  • Why did he have to find a loophole to kill Jacob?
  • Is this the end of Rose and Bernard? Are they Adam and Eve?
  • Why did Jacob visit everyone? Why did he touch them?
  • Did Jacob kill Nadia, or prevent Sayid from dying?
  • What is in the guitar case that Jacob gave to Hurley?
  • If fake John Locke is the smoke monster, or Esau, then how does he have all of his memories, and know that Ben was the one who killed him?
  • Is Locke really dead?
  • What the hell is Kate's purpose anymore?
  • Is Sayid dead? Will the island heal him?
  • How does Ilana know Jacob? Why was she covered in bandages?
  • Who broke the line in the ash around the cabin?
  • How did Locke's body get from the coffin into the crate that Ilana and Bram were carrying?
  • What happened to the four-toed statue?
  • They're coming? Who's coming?
  • Were the people from 1977 flashed to present time?
  • What the hell is going on? Where is this show going to be next year?
  • Absolutely loved the opening scene. Very symbolic, following the black and white theme, commonly seen throughout the entire series. Jacob, the hieroglyphs, the four-toed statue, the Black Rock arriving at the island, very well done all-around.
  • People are saying that the two men in the opening scene are Jacob and Esau from the bible, who are brothers. People are also saying that perhaps Jacob, wearing the white shirt, is the evil one and "Esau," wearing the black shirt is the good one. I'm starting to really believe that. Considering that, obviously "Esau" is the smoke monster. and has been using John Locke's body in order to find the loophole to kill Jacob. Jacob is the one bringing all of these people to the island, causing conflict and people to be killed. Esau seems to disagree with it.
  • Also, considering that Ben never spoke to or saw Jacob, therefore it wasn't Jacob who was in the cabin, but Esau, and Christian Shephard was speaking on his behalf, telling Locke to move the island. The smoke monster, as Alex, was also the one that told Ben to do everything Locke says.
  • Cool, we finally got to see the full statue. Also, is has been confirmed that it is Tawaret.
  • I cannot believe that not only did they make Juliet die in a completely campy way, but they totally betrayed her character by making her do things that didn't make any sense whatsoever, coughing her up to being nothing but some chick that died just because she thought she couldn't get some dude to love her. What was the point of putting her character through this whole season for that? From our very introduction to her character, she's wanted nothing more than to get off the island, then they give her the opportunity to do so, even if it was in the 1970s, and she doesn't take it. Then she leaves the island again, on the submarine, with Sawyer, and it looks like everything is going to be fine and well for her, but no, she has to go back to save everyone from Jack setting up the bomb, then to have her suddenly change her mind and be the one that "blows" the bomb in the end. What the hell? Come on, guys.
  • Not to mention, they put us through the agony of her death, and watching Sawyer's heartache, while she's ripped down a hole by chains which was so stupid, not only, after all of that, she's still alive and blows up a bomb by hitting it with a rock.
  • Speaking of which, a hydrogen bomb doesn't go off by throwing it several hundred feet, but hitting it with a rock does the job. Okay.
  • Well, we actually don't know if the bomb went off or not. Nor do we know if Juliet is actually dead. I know, I know. But still. That really irked me.
  • That was Jacob? Come on, the guy we've been hearing about since Season 2? Though I wasn't disappointed with him at all really. I thought the character and acting were really good, it's just not how a imagined him at all.
  • Jacob is kind of a dick. I would've killed him too.
  • I thought it was cool how Jacob visited everyone.
  • The Juliet flashback was totally out of place, considering the flashbacks were Jacob-centric and Jacob didn't even visit her. The whole point of her flashback was to set up what happens between her and Sawyer. Lame.
  • Rose and Bernard! Vincent! That scene was hilarious and pretty awesome. Rose saying "Oh, hell no!" and Bernard going "Son of a bitch!" Good closure on Rose and Bernie, really enjoyed that part, probably my favorite.
  • Rose is right, everyone needs to stop trying to shoot eachother and have some tea.
  • Where the hell were Penny and Desmond? If that was the end of their story, I'm not going to be happy about it.
  • I'm also not going to be happy if everything I've watched for the past 5 years is going to be completely obsolete by the plane landing in Los Angeles and none of it ever happening.
  • Although, it would be kind of cool if they had one episode where they showed us what everyone's lives would have been like if the plane never crashed, but just one episode.
  • Jacob made physical contact with everyone that he visited.
  • Jacob visited young Kate, who was with Tom, stealing the New Kids on the Block lunchbox, which the used as a time capsule, burying Tom's toy plane, among other things, inside, and later dug up together. Jacob touched Kate on the nose.
  • Thank God Phil is dead, though I was kind of hoping Sawyer would kill him.
  • Now, just for Radzinsky.
  • Ben admitted that he's never met Jacob.
  • Jacob visited young Sawyer at his parents' funeral, while he was writing the infamous letter, giving him a pen to borrow, touching his hand.
  • That was totally Sawyer's uncle with the brain tumor.
  • Jacob visits Sayid, asks him for directions, and causes Nadia to get hit by a car and dies, telling Sayid to bring her home, which is why she was buried in Iraq.
  • I'm not going to be happy if Sayid is dead.
  • The line in the ash around the cabin was broken.
  • Jacob visited Ilana, asking her to help him. She was covered in bandages.
  • Jacob visited Locke, was reading the book Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor, after Anthony Cooper pushed him from the window, Jacob touched Locke, appearing to heal him and make him come back alive somehow.
  • Sun found Charlie's DS ring. Finally! Someone found that damn thing. Now, she just has to give the damn thing to Claire or Aaron.
  • Jacob visited Sun and Jin on their wedding day, speaking Korean to them, telling them that their love is special, wishing them well.
  • Jacob visited Jack at his infamous "count to five" story from The Pilot, Part 1, after which he was buying an Apollo candybar from the vending machine.
  • Jack and Sawyer finally throwdown.
  • Jacob visits Hurley after he's released from jail, telling him that he's blessed, and not cursed, touches him, gives him the guitar case.
  • "Live together, die alone." Enough!
  • Radzinsky tries to drive away in a damn Dharma Jeep. What an idiot.
  • The tapestry was translated as "May Heaven grant you in all things your heart's desire," which is said by Odysseus, in The Odyssey, by Homer.
  • Instead of the show ending with a "LOST" flash and a fade to black, it faded to white, which I thought was a nice touch.
Initially following this episode, I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it, or felt somewhere in between the two. Now, after some thinking and watching it a couple of times, I'm still not sure. I guess it's somewhere in between. There are parts that I loved, but there are parts that I loathed. I've gone back and forth from it being one of the best final episodes of a season and the worst ever. I've heard tons of people say that Season 5 was the best season ever, and then alternatively, I've heard people say that they "jumped the shark" after ever single episode. I don't believe that either of those statements are true. But that still doesn't arrive me at a conclusion. I think I'm going to let it sit for the next 8 months and then decide, or maybe even until the very end. I'm just a little too confused right now.

12 May 2009

Season 5 Finalé Expectations

This season has left me feeling kind of uneven. While I've liked a lot of things in it, I also haven't liked some things in it. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but this season it's felt as though some thing has been missing. Perhaps it could be that most of my favorite characters were hardly in it, especially for long periods of time. With no Desmond for most of the season, Sayid disappearing into the jungle, Rose and Bernard MIA, John Locke taking a nap in a coffin, I'm left feeling a little empty.

I've enjoyed the time travel and debating what works and what doesn't, what the paradoxes are, and how everything fits within it. I've also extremely enjoyed being back in Dharma times. It's made me learn to appreciate Season 2 so much more than I did the first time. So many questions have been answered from back then. However, this season has felt too predictable to me. A lot of things many people have seen coming from a mile away, and the dramatic reveals when you know something is going to happen is a little cheesy and tiring. It occurs to me that with the heavy mythology this season, which I have enjoyed, the characters have suffered immensely. There have been a lot of things that have seemed very out of character for me.

This season hasn't been exactly what I had thought or hoped for. One of the biggest things that has annoyed me about it is the sloppiness. The writers have been so smart in the past. Cleverly tying things in to something that happened seasons ago. But this year, the continuity has been off for me. While there have been a ton of call-backs to things in the past, even early on in the show, there have also been a lot of inconsistencies.

I have faith though. I have always believed in the creators and writers of this show. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they're going to make it all worth while in the end, that this season's finalé will allow everything to come together, while giving both a great character and mythological story. With that said, I've been mulling over some of my expectations.
  • I want to see Rose and Bernard, and Vincent! Tell me where the hell they've been for the entire season, guys.
  • Can someone please mention Claire? I know she got annoying and everyone wants her to die, but can someone just mention the elephant in the room? She's been missing for an entire season, and it would be notice if someone just paid some attention to it, especially considering she left her son motherless.
  • If I don't see Jacob, I'm going to be seriously pissed off.
  • I want to know Locke's mission and how he's getting so much information, if his fate is going to end up being good or bad.
  • Please don't detonate Jughead and stop the plane from crashing to begin with.
  • What exactly is going to be the ending to the Desmond and Penny story? If they were going to string their story along needlessly this season, they should've just ended it happily at the end of last season. I would be been satisfied never seeing them again, knowing their story ended appropriately. If you're going to keep it going, make it purposeful.
  • Will Desmond go back to the island?
  • What is the purpose of Hurley's guitar case? What's in it? Why did he get on the plane?
  • Who is the real evil one? Benjamin Linus or Charles Widmore?
  • Who are the new people on the island, from the Ajira plane? Are they the new Dharma Initiative?
  • How exactly was John Locke resurrected or was he at all? Is he alive or some form of smokey? What exactly happened?
  • What exactly was the purpose of them going back to the island?
  • I want to know more about Richard Alpert for once. I want to know how he got to the island, if he was born there, if he came on the Black Rock, why he doesn't age, why he looked like a pirate when Ben met him for the first time in the jungle, how exactly he came to be the consiglieré for the leaders on the island.
  • Was Desmond's vision real? Why did he see Claire and Aaron leaving the island on a helicopter? Please clear up that inconsistency.
  • Was Hurley the voice that broadcasted the numbers?
  • Enough with the relationship quadrangle crap.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, please kill Radzinsky and Phil already. And don't bring Oldham back. He was lame.

Obviously I know that all of these won't be answered, but hopefully the most important ones will be, and the final episode of this season will be as amazing as it always is.

08 May 2009

Follow the Leader, Initial Reaction

  • Does Jughead being under the barracks have something to do with Ben summoning the smoke monster from beneath his house?
  • Are the tunnels the ones depicted in the blast door map? Do they lead to all the stations
  • What's with Richard building the ship in the bottle? Is this foreshadowing for him being on the Black Rock?
  • Can we just find out why Richard doesn't age, how he got to the island and what is purpose is already?
  • If Richard watched Kate, Jack, etc. die, then why is he alive? What killed them if not Jughead?
  • Why does Locke want to kill Jacob?
  • When and why did Eloise leave the island?
  • Does it not occur to Jack that if they stop the plane from crashing on the island, then Kate goes to jail and that may be why she doesn't want to detonate Jughead?
  • Uh, how did they get Jughead down there?
  • Where is young Daniel Faraday?
  • Where is Locke getting all his information from?
  • Has Ben ever seen Jacob?
  • Are they going to blow up Jughead?
  • I'm really disappointed that Daniel Faraday is dead, especially since we didn't see him make the video with Pierre Chang.
  • I'm getting sick of the closing of the eyes of a dead person scene. Where is the Life and Death theme, Giacchino? Though I did like hearing Hollywood and Vines.
  • Okay, I don't get this. They send Juliet and Sawyer off the island, have Kate join them, make it awkward and everything, and then in the trailer (SPOILER ALERT) we see all three of them clearly back on the island. What exactly is the point of that and how they hell are they going to get away with that without it seeming ridiculous?
  • Also, I was so sure that when Sawyer told Juliet to go ahead and get on the submarine, he was going to leave her behind.
  • Uh, Kate, you save evil little Ben, but you don't want to help Daniel Faraday? Some things this season have just seemed so out of character to me.
  • I still get giddy like a school girl when Jack gets his ass kicked. I can't help it.
  • I seriously can't want for Radzinski to kill himself. Phil can join him. Also, Horace, grow a set already. You're supposed to be in charge.
  • Hurley not knowing when he was born or the President in 1977 was awesome.
  • So, Locke told Richard that he was shot and to go help him. This is getting pretty cool.
  • Wow, they evacuated everyone off that island pretty damn quick.
  • I totally thought they killed Kate at first. I was fooled.
  • I'm glad Sayid is back. Now, just for Rose and Bernard, Desmond and Penny.
  • Jack is the new Locke. He's talking about destiny and trying to blow things on the island up. Who was wrong now, bitch?
  • The CGI when the sub leaves was terrible. Come on now, ABC.
  • I'm really liking Locke as the new leader.

Totally psyched for the season finale!

30 April 2009

The Variable, Initial Reaction

Happy 100th episode, LOST!

  • Did Eloise Hawking know that she would kill her son, Daniel?
  • Why would that need to happen? What exactly is Eloise's plan? To prevent Oceanic Flight 815 from crashing or to make sure that it all happens the same way it originally did?
  • Is Daniel Faraday really dead?
  • Who is Penny's mother?
  • What was Daniel Faraday doing in Ann Arbor?
  • So, now we can change the future? What exactly are the rules?
  • Can Radzinsky please kill himself already? If not, can someone do it for him?
  • When will Marvin Candle lose his arm?
  • How does Daniel know what's going to happen?
  • Was Daniel crying when he saw the Oceanic plane on the bottom of the ocean because he somehow remembers the island and the survivors?
  • How does Charles Widmore know that the real Oceanic Airlines plane crashed on the island?
  • Why doesn't he tell Daniel that he's his father?
  • How and when did Eloise get off the island?
  • What happened to "Whatever happened, happened?"
  • So, what exactly was the point of them all going back now?
  • Why did Eloise push everyone to go to the island when she knew what would happen?
  • Wouldn't she want to try to prevent it from happening so that Daniel wouldn't die?
  • Why did she send Desmond on his path to the island?
  • So, Daniel Faraday gets shot by his own mother from the past, Eloise Hawking. Wow, really didn't see that one coming. How about putting that gun that you can't use down, Dan? That will probably make her not shoot you.
  • Eloise Hawking is officially the worst mother on LOST.
  • Penny, probably not a good idea to leave your kid, little Charlie, with someone you don't know at this point. After all, you are on the run from your evil father and an evil mastermind just shot your husband and then attempted to kill you in cold blood.
  • I really thought that Ms. Hawking or Charles Widmore was going to kidnap Charlie.
  • I'm guessing that Daniel isn't really dead, considering he still has to record the video to reconstitute the Dharma Initiative with Pierre Chang.
  • We finally find out how Daniel lost his memory. Probably not a good idea to zap your brain.
  • Now we know that Daniel Faraday and Penny are half brother and sister.
  • I'm a little sick of hearing about destiny. And by the way, Ms. Hawking, that's not what destiny means at all.
  • I really thought that the journal Dan's mother gives him was going to be full already.
  • Daniel Faraday can make time. Yes, yes he can.
  • The metronome was awesome.
  • Miles, just admit that Pierre Chang is your damn daddy already.
  • Juliet obviously gave them the code because Sawyer called Kate freckles and she felt threatened by Kate going with them. Lame.
  • The code to the fence is 141717. Not very complicated there, Dharma.
  • Now we officially know that Charles Widmore faked the plane crash. Finally. I'm sick of the speculation and guessing games. I just want to know if Widmore or Ben is the real evil one.
  • Can't they just get actors that actually have English accents? The accents on this show are so terrible sometimes. Granted, it was a child, and little Charlotte was dead-on otherwise, so I'll let it slide this time.
  • Daniel had the same gun that we later see Tom with.
  • I guess Jack had time to pack band-aids.
  • Now we know why The Swan was sealed the cement like Chernobyl, as Sayid stated.
  • I think blowing up the island is a bad idea. I don't like it.
  • I thought Ms. Hawking was going to tell Penny that Desmond had to go back to the island. I can't see what's in store for them next if they don't go back to the island.
  • Though, so glad that Desmond, Penny and Charlie are okay.
  • Charles Widmore said "He was my son too," about Daniel.
  • At first, I thought that Richard Alpert got shot.
  • I hope that Daniel isn't dead, but it would be kind of cheap if he's not. Who's going to explain time travel to me now?
I enjoyed this episode a lot, though it wasn't on the level of The Constant. I'm getting psyched for the end of this season. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

16 April 2009

Some Like it Hoth, Initial Reaction

  • Do Bram and Ilana work for the reconstituted Dharma Initiative?
  • Why can Miles talk to the dead? Does it have something to do with being born on the island? Or with him going back in time?
  • Where has Daniel Faraday been?
  • Why does the hatch door need a serial number on it?
  • What caused a filling to be shot through Alvarez's brain? Was the electromagnetic field somehow reversed, forcing it to be pulled out of him?
  • Why did Miles' mom lie about her husband, Pierre Chang?
  • Why did Miles and his mother leave the island? Did Chang make them leave?
  • Since Hurley's "powers" are different than Miles' powers, is he really seeing and talking to dead people or are they really just the smoke monster?
  • Kate, why didn't you just straight-up tell Roger you stole his damn kid?
  • Speaking of Ben, when is he coming back and how are they going to explain it?
  • Was Felix the guy that Widmore was beating up in the video that Ben showed to Locke
  • What lies in the shadow of the statue? Come on!
  • Now we finally know why Miles asked Ben for $3.2 million.
  • All of the exchanges between Miles and Hurley as of late have been brilliant.
  • Miles had a punk phase. It all makes sense now.
  • It's nice to see that Miles has a human side and a conscience, and this episode also explained a lot of why he is the way that he is.
  • I love the title of this episode. It's a big step up from the past couple of titles.
  • Daniel Faraday is back! Now where the hell was he?
  • The apartment where Miles finds the dead body was #4.
  • Hearing dead people constantly must be pretty annoying.
  • The microwave clock reads 3:16.
  • Your young mom getting in line behind you in the cafeteria must be freaky.
  • Miles, you only had one job. Erase that damn tape!
  • Also, Juliet and Kate, how about hatching yourselves up a better plan than just standing around and talking eachother up and not looking worried at all?
  • We finally find out that it was Widmore who faked the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 and not Ben who did it, which was a cool find.
  • I love how Jack has no purpose whatsoever now.
  • Miles was disgusted that his father likes country music.
  • I think Bram and Ilana are working for a new Dharma Initiative, which explains the question "What lies in the shadow of the statue?," which was much like "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?," a code to figure out if someone is one of them.
Even though not much happened in this episode, and was just kind of a fun one, I enjoyed it.

09 April 2009

Dead is Dead, Initial Reaction

Awesome. Desmond, Penny and little Charlie aren't dead. By the time Ben told Sun, "Tell Desmond Hume I'm sorry," I was sure that at the very least, Penny was as good as dead. But, nope, they pulled the old switcheroo on us. What a relief, and hopefully they're all alive for good. I honestly think that it would be a huge mistake on the writers part to kill off one of the best character stories on the show. Not only that, but I think that it's imperative that Ben has a human side to him, that his one weakness is women and their children because of his own story. Moving on from that, I enjoyed this episode and really got into it for the first time in a few weeks.

  • If Charles Widmore didn't leave the island via frozen donkey wheel, then how did he know that the exit point was in the desert in Tunisia?
  • Did Richard edge Widmore out in favor of trying to make Ben the new leader?
  • What is the significance of what lies in the shadow of the statue? Is it some kind of code? Like what did one snowman say to the other snowman?
  • Do Ilana and the other survivors of Ajira Flight 316 have the sickness?
  • Does Ilana work for Charles Widmore or someone else?
  • If Charles Widmore is the one in charge, then why does Richard Alpert speak to Jacob?
  • Why did Jacob stop speaking to Richard and move on to Ben when he took over?
  • How and why exactly does one take over as the leader?
  • What is in that crate that Ilana and the survivors seem to be protecting?
  • If Ben can summon the smoke monster, then can it come out by itself or does it have to be summoned? If so, has Ben been calling it every time it has attacked someone?
  • So, the whispers are the others? Did the others control them?
  • Why did Widmore want Ben to kill Rousseau?
  • Why did Ethan get to join the others?
  • How are Ben and Ethan with the hostiles before the purge?
  • Why does Danielle Rousseau remember the story of Alex getting taken incorrectly? Why does she say that she's never seen other people on the island when she's clearly seen Jin and Ben? Is she just crazy or was she the one with the sickness?
  • Did Ben really know that Locke would be resurrected when he came to the island?
  • Why doesn't Ben remember that Hurley, Jack and Kate were in the Dharma Initiative in 1977? Why and how was his memory from that time erased?
  • Why is the Processing Center sign still hanging in the barracks in present day?
  • Does Ben know who Christian Shephard is? Was he on the island once?
  • What are Locke's ideas to find Jin and the rest of them?
  • So, basically you flush a toilet to summon the smoke monster? Why is Ben's house on top of it? When was it built there and why is it underneath a Dharma house?
  • Who is Penelope Widmore's mother?
  • Why can't Charles Widmore go back to the island but Ben can?
  • Is John Locke really alive? Or is he undead like Christian Shephard?
  • What is the significance of the hieroglyphics?
  • Why did the smoke monster let Ben live?
  • Dead is dead, except it really isn't when you're John Locke.
  • Ben has a weakness for mothers because his mother died, which is why he couldn't kill Danielle Rousseau after he realized she had a child and why he couldn't kill Penny when he discovered little Charlie on the boat.
  • So, Charles Widmore as banished from the island for making regular trips off the island and mating with outsiders. Ben also made trips off the island, so he was possibly rejected by the island partly for that reason, but was too powerful to be banished.
  • Ben seemed to be genuinely surprised that Locke was alive.
  • It was nice to see Alex again, even if it was smokey.
  • Speaking of Alex, she totally dominated Ben and scared the crap out of him.
  • Desmond beat the crap out of Ben!
  • Ben knows what the whispers are.
  • Locke outwitting Ben is pretty fun and it's interesting that Locke finally knows more about what's happening on the island than Ben does. Who's the man now, dog?
  • Also, Locke calling Ben out on being judged for Alex's death, questioning why Ben and the hostiles would move into the barracks because it doesn't seem like something the island would want, and that he didn't imagine Ben leading his people from behind a desk because it seemed a little too corporate.
  • Desmond and Penny's boat was called Our Mutual Friend.
  • Good bye, Caesar. It was nice not knowing anything about you.
  • It was cool to see what Ben really did when he went into his secret room to summon the smoke monster and came out all dirty.
  • So, Charles built Widmore Industries when he left the island, which is how he got so rich.
  • If Locke is undead, that could possibly be why he knows so much about the island so suddenly, also appearing to people like Christian Shephard. Now, only to figure out what the hell is going on with Christian so it will all actually make sense.
  • I loved how Ben says that he can't control what comes out of the jungle, and then John Locke appears.
  • The Temple apparently has a wall around it, built by the island natives.
  • Apparently Ben was planning to kill Locke again. Dude, maybe you should chill out on the killing for a while. Just listen to Alex and follow John Locke.
This episode was probably one of my favorites of this season.

01 April 2009

Whatever Happened, Happened, Initial Reaction

  • Was present-day Ben unconscious in the infirmary not only because Sun knocked him out, but because he was shot as a young child by Sayid?
  • Why won't young Ben remember anything that happened?
  • Why will he always be one of the others now?
  • How can the hostiles save Ben's life?
  • Um, what are Sawyer and Kate going to tell the Dharma Initiative and Roger Linus about what happened to Ben?
  • Was the woman in the grocery store trying to take Aaron?
  • Did Ben remember Sayid when he was captured and tortured by him?
  • Why did the Oceanic 6 have to go back to the island to save them if the time jumps had already stopped when Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel?
  • Where are Charles and Ellie?
  • If Charles is their leader, why doesn't he have any authority over Richard?
  • Why was Jack supposed to come back to the island?
  • Why is Jack such a douche?
  • Kate sang Catch A Falling Star to Aaron, the same song that Christian Shephard sang to Claire as a child and Claire told the couple that was supposed to adopt Aaron to sing to him.
  • I thoroughly enjoy the exchange between Hurley and Miles about time travel, Back to the Future, and what exactly the rules are.
  • It seems like we're going to be getting the Ben/Locke and Desmond/Penny stories back next week, so I'm happy about that. Now, just for more Sayid, to find out where Daniel Faraday is now, and to find out where in the hell Rose and Bernard have been for 3 years. Oh, and Vincent!
  • Jack is definitely the new whipping boy. What a tool.
  • The scene where Juliet walked in on Jack in the shower reminded me of when Locke was shaving when Jack got out of the shower and he checked out Jack's package. It would be have been better if Juliet checked him out and said "glad I never hit that."
  • It was nice to find out that Kate is back on the island not for Sawyer, which would have been lame, but for Claire, which is good because it's annoying me that no one is asking about her or where the hell she's been for the past 3 years.
  • Roger Linus seemed kind of... human in this episode.
  • Patsy Cline was playing in Kate's car.
  • So, now Cassidy knows about the island, and so does Carole Littleton, adding to the list of Carmen Reyes, who Hurley told, and Penny Widmore who also knows about the island.
  • Okay, whatever happened, happened. So, Sayid always shot Ben, and Jack always refused to save him, forcing him to be brought to the hostiles.
  • There's one character inconsistency that's bothering me about this episode. Kate showed no remorse for Jeremy Bentham/John Locke's death, but all of a sudden she cares if young Benjamin Linus dies? That just seems so out of character to me.
  • Jack sounded a lot like Locke talking about the island in this episode.
  • Also, Jack telling Kate that she didn't like the old him either was a good zing.
  • I'm glad that Kate and Juliet are actually getting along somewhat.
  • I really want a Richard Alpert flashback. That dude is so interesting.
  • "Welcome to the land of the living." Priceless. Now, kick his ass, Locke!

30 March 2009

The Season So Far

I've been having some thoughts on this season as a whole, so I decided to do a blog about the season so far, my thoughts, and what my expectations are for the rest of this season, with a little less than half way to go.

First off, this season has gone somewhat differently than I had originally expected. I had initially thought that it would be all about getting back to the island, and then, that next season would be all about the reunion and what happens next (i.e. will they stay on the island, destroy it, etc.). I really didn't expect to see a close-up of Jack's eye and him on the jungle floor, surrounded by bamboo again until, at least, the end of this season, but more likely next season. I was quite surprised and befuddled to see the Oceanic 6 back on the island in episode 6, 316.

I've also felt somewhat disappointed and with something left to be desired this season. Although, I have enjoyed many parts of the story, I'm missing my favorite characters. The show just feels kind of empty to me without much of Desmond, Sayid and John Locke. The stories that I find myself enjoying the most are the tragic ones. And although I am a huge fan of Michael Emerson (he's probably my favorite actor on the show), and Benjamin Linus' story because I think it is probably one of the most interesting, well-thought-out, well-written, well-acted and most cunning stories to ever brace the television screen, I'm still feeling a bit empty. Not to mention that I kind of hate Ben now for one, killing John Locke even if he is, to our knowledge, alive again, and two, possibly killing, or harming in some way, Penny and Charlie or Desmond. I will just completely despise him for that. It's a good thing that Sayid shot that little bastard in the chest.

I'm also feeling a bit restless with some of the storylines. The Oceanic 6 bored me to death the whole time. I just wanted to get back to the island. And now that we're back on the island, I'm bored to death with the campy relationship crap. I just want to know where Rose and Bernard are already, or what the hell happened to Desmond and Penny. And speaking of Desmond and Penny, if there is one relationship, one love-story on the show that I actually want to see, it's that one. Because I believe that it is the most realistic, most believable and relatable, relationship arc on the show. Because Desmond and Penny deserve a true happy ending, of which I am growing more and more weary and disappointed by because I fear that is in jeopardy, and instead I'm going to end up seeing Kate with whomever the hell she chooses this week. Ugh, just sickens me. Desmond and Penny FTW.

The time-travel business has been a bit confusing, to say the least. If there are rules that are set-in-stone, as Daniel stated, that whatever happened, happens, that you can't change the past, then it makes me wonder if that is actually true, or if they're broaching some paradox here.

  • Are they allowed to change things or are they not?
  • Is Sayid shooting Ben a paradox?
  • Does he stop the purge and hostile take-over by Ben from happening?
  • Why is Desmond special?
  • Where the hell are Rose and Bernard?
  • Did they land in a different time?
  • Are they with the hostiles, in the caves, in another Dharma station?
  • Where is Daniel? Is he working with Pierre Chang?
  • Is there really course-correction?
  • Where the hell is Claire?
  • Is Christian Shephard dead or alive already?
  • Is Richard Alpert a time-traveler?
  • Did he turn the frozen donkey wheel? Is that why he stopped aging?
  • Who are the original inhabitants of the island?
  • What happened to Aaron?

My expectations for the rest of this season are to find out more about the Dharma Initiative, possibly the DeGroots and Pierre Change, about Charles Widmore, if he was born on the island and how he became leader, Richard Alpert and why he doesn't age, how he got to the island, Rose and Bernard, what happened to Aaron and why Kate is back on the island, who or what convinced Hurley to go back, Desmond and Penny, what Ben did to them, and if Desmond will return to the island, to see Walt again, Daniel Faraday and his work on the island, and finally, the incident.

For the past handful of episodes, I've certainly felt as though we are building up to something big. It seems as though all of the stories that I'm looking for them to get back to (i.e. Desmond and Penny, Rose and Bernard, Daniel) will be returning by the end of the season in some sort of dramatic fashion, and I'm excited about that happening, though I'm not certain it will happen.

I don't read any spoilers whatsoever, not since I got impatient and spoiled myself during Season 2 (Desmond in the hatch, Shannon's death). I don't even like knowing the episode titles or watching the previews for next week. Even the Official LOST Podcast gets a bit too spoilery for me sometimes (the title of the season finale episode was recently given). So, I really don't know what will happen.

Regardless of what happens, within some reason, I'm along for the ride. I haven't speculated nearly as much this season as I have in season past. Mainly because it's season 5 now, the show is almost over, and I just want to sit back and enjoy it until the end.

25 March 2009

He's Our You, Initial Reaction

I was really glad to see Sayid back in the mix again, as we've seen so little of him this season. Although, I was a little disappointed with certain aspects of this episode. I'm also wondering if Sayid going rogue means we're not going to be seeing him for a while. Obviously, I wouldn't be very happy with that, considering Sayid and Desmond are my two favorite characters, and having them both out of the show would suck in my opinion.

  • Is young Ben Linus really dead? Can he die or is he somehow reborn like John Locke?
  • Did Sayid change the future? How can he change it without it being paradox?
  • If he did, and the purge didn't happen, then what happened to Dharma?
  • Are the DeGroots in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Are they the be-all, end-all to the decision making on the island?
  • Was the book, A Separate Reality, a hint that we are somehow in a separate reality?
  • Why was Richard Alpert dressed differently, with long hair, when he met Ben? Have they been in contact since their first meeting?
  • Who lit the Dharma van on fire and sent it into the barracks? Did someone help Ben?
  • Why is Oldham out in the middle of the jungle by himself?
  • How did they find out that Sayid was the one who killed Peter Avellino?
  • Did Ben hire Ilana to bring Sayid to Guam so that he would get on the Ajira Airways flight?
  • Is Jack the whipping boy now?

  • Sayid tripping his face off is fucking hilarious. Any time that Sayid is funny it's great because it's such a rare occasion that he lets it all hang out.
  • The book that Ben gave Sayid was A Separate Reality by Carlos Castinada.
  • Sayid was drinking MacCutcheon's Whiskey at the bar with Ilana.
  • The truth serum that was given to Sayid appeared to be liquid LSD on a sugar cube.
  • Right now, I'm not even sure that I care if it's a paradox if Sayid did, in fact, kill young Benjamin Linus, that was just too fucking awesome.
  • Radzinsky and Phil really annoy me. I wish they would just die already.
  • Oldham is their Sayid? Really? This dude didn't seem very creepy or threatening at all. In fact, he didn't even lay a hand on Sayid other than to put a sugar cube in his mouth. Sorry, not very impressed with that one.
  • It was interesting to see young Sayid, as we never have before, and to know that he has a brother. We've never really learned anything about Sayid's family and childhood.
  • It was nice to get back to the traditional flashback again.
  • Young Benjamin Linus creeps me the fuck out.
  • Ilana wanted Sayid. Even I have a man-crush on off-island, suave Sayid.
  • Yeah, don't protect baby Ethan. Let the kid die.
  • I don't like the "He's our you" line being the title of the episode. It had little and almost nothing to do with the episode. That guy was not their Sayid.
  • I'm surprised Kate doesn't know anything about cars.

19 March 2009

Namasté, Initial Reaction

There were a lot of little touches/payoffs in this episode. While I liked it, I've been finding myself a little, shall we say, lost, in these past few episodes. I started to wonder why that was, and I couldn't figure it out at first, but then I realized that most of my favorite characters have hardly been in these episodes, or even, in this season all that much. We have no idea where Desmond is or what happened to him and/or Penny and little Charlie. Sayid can be seen on screen but has said little to nothing this entire season. Locke has spent a lot of time dead. And although I like Sawyer as a character a lot, and do enjoy how much his character has grown and developed throughout the series, I'm spending too much time anticipating the impending doom of Kate making a move on him to enjoy it as much as I want to.

  • Is Christian Shephard dead or alive? Can we just find out already?
  • How did smokey get into the barracks?
  • Who appeared behind Sun when Christian was talking to her? Was it Claire?
  • Why are there Dharma props in Othersville in the future?
  • Was the purge somehow avoided in the past?
  • Is Sayid going to kill young Benjamin Linus?
  • Why doesn't Ben remember Sayid in the future? Or does he?
  • Where is Annie? Is she still on the island at this point?
  • Where is Daniel? Is he dead or did he leave the island?
  • Why was Radzinski designing The Swan station? Has the incident happened yet?
  • What happened to Radzinski? Is he really dead? Did he actually kill himself or was he murdered by someone? Did Kelvin know this?
  • Why didn't Sun, Ben and Locke travel back in time to the 70s with the others, Jack, Kate and Hurley?
  • Why is Sun in the present?
  • Has Ben already spoken with Richard Alpert at this point in the 70s?
  • Where the hell is Claire?
  • Where the hell are Rose and Bernard and the other red shirts?
  • Where the hell is Vincent?!
  • How is Ethan's last name Rom and not Goodspeed?
  • Has the future been changed by something that happened in the past?
  • What were the whispers saying?
  • How did Ben know that they had to build a runway?

  • It was really cool to finally see Radzinski, however, I was a little disappointed with his character.
  • Sawyer calling Jack out was long overdue. Sawyer is a better leader than Jack ever was.
  • Juliet making Kate sweat to show her who's in charge and with Sawyer now was also overdue.
  • I'm a little confused with Radzinski designing The Swan station. Okay, so he designed it. He was part of the Dharma Initiative. So, then, why would he need to "trick" the system to fake a lockdown and draw a blast door map of the stations on the island that can only be seen under a black light? This just doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't he already know about all the stations considering he's actually designing one? Shouldn't he have a map of the island and know where they all are? Why would he need to keep notes on all of it?
  • Ethan is Amy and Horace's son, very nice touch. I still don't see him being 27 years old in 2004 though.
  • I'm so glad Frank Lapidus is back, though I'm kind of missing the goatee and Hawaiian shirt.
  • Jack is a workman. Priceless.
  • Juliet and Kate are mechanics. Also priceless.
  • Apparently the numbers transmission can be heard as the Ajira Airways plane is going down, though I'm going to have to go back and give that one a second listen.
  • Also, what kind of pilot do you think Lapidus is? He landed that damn plane on the runway.
  • Phil is really annoying. I hate that dude.
  • Sun knocking the snot out of Ben was awesome.
I could really do without the lame love quadrangle. Please, just stop. With that said, I'm getting more and more excited about this season. It seems as if the momentum toward the finale is building with each episode and it feels as though something big is going to happen soon. I just hope it's not both Sayid and Desmond dying.

05 March 2009

La Fleur, Initial Reaction

  • What time were they in before Locke turned the donkey wheel?
  • What is the statue? Is it the four-toed statue?
  • How did Sawyer get so high up in the ranks at the Dharma Initiative?
  • What happened to the woman Horace was with when he met Ben and Roger Linus, Olivia?
  • Who is the baby that Amy has?
  • Why do they stay? Why don't they leave on the sub?
  • Where did Horace get the dynamite from? Does he know about the Black Rock?
  • What are the terms, significance of the truce?
  • Why do they give Richard Alpert Paul's body?
  • What is the significance of all the ties to Ancient Egypt?
  • What's up with Sawyer's beard? This kept bothering the hell out of me the whole episode.
  • When one of the hostiles fired his weapon toward Sawyer, it appeared that a bullet went toward him but didn't hit him.
  • The mechanic that Sawyer asks where Juliet is has a name tag on his jumpsuit that says Tom. This could possibly be a younger Tom, Zeke, Mr. Friendly, if you will.
  • Though I hate the relationship stuff, it's nice to see Sawyer happy and not being used.
I liked this episode, but the stupid love crap makes me want to vomit. I was really hoping that aspect of the show was over now.

26 February 2009

The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham, Initial Reaction

Wow, yeah, I really really hate Ben now. I hope Locke beats him with Eko's Jesus stick and then Desmond finds the island and beats him with his bloody fists. I was really hoping that Locke discovering someone that he recognized would end up being Walt, but alas, it was stupid evil Benjamin Linus, the master manipulator and liar extraordinaire. Beat his face more, Locke!

  • Is Christian Shephard really alive? Did he have the same experience as Locke?
  • Does Walt have to go back to the island? Why or why not?
  • Did Ben kill Locke because he got the information that he needed or because he knew that he had to die to go back to the island?
  • How does Ben know Eloise Hawking? Why is he disturbed by hearing her name?
  • Is Helen really dead? Did Abaddon lie to keep Locke from going to see her?
  • Did Frank land the plane on the runway near The Hydra on Alcatraz island?
  • Who did Frank take off with?
  • Are Jack, Kate and Hurley in a different time from the rest of the survivors of the Ajira Airways crash? Are the plane crash survivors in present time?
  • Why did Ben and Locke flash with them? Where are Sun and Sayid?
  • What, why, who and when are the war that is coming to the island?
  • How did Ben convince Widmore to leave the island?
  • Why is Walt having dreams about Locke?
  • Is Caesar working for Charles Widmore?
  • In the opening sequence, Caesar finds copies of the same map that Rousseau gave Sayid, a page from the notebook of Daniel Faraday, and the map of the Temple that Ben gave to Alex and Rousseau.
  • So, Sayid has clearly turned into Jimmy Carter after working for Ben for a while.
  • Whyyyyyyyy did you have to kill Matthew Abaddon?!?!?!
  • Who is good and who is fucking bad? Widmore or Ben? I still don't know dammit!
  • I felt really bad for Locke in this episode. The face he made right before he died was the most frightening look I've ever seen on Locke.
  • I hate Ben now. Especially if he killed Desmond and/or Penny and Charlie too. I really had that bug-eyed little fucker.
  • I love how you can clean up an entire crime scene with a rag and a bottle of Windex.
  • The place where they are holding the injured survivors appears to be Ben's office at The Hydra, as seen previously in a deleted scene.
  • Locke didn't tell Walt he was Jeremy Bentham.
  • Hurley was painting a Sphinx at Santa Rosa.
  • Helen's last name was Norwood and she died on April 4, 2006.

That all being said, I liked this episode. Although, I'm really wondering where the season is going right now. I really have no idea what they're going to do now that they're back on the island so soon. What's going to happen now?

19 February 2009

316, Initial Reaction

All I have to say is Desmond and Penny better not be dead. As much as I love Ben, we'll be finished if he murdered one or both of them, and especially little Charlie. That being said, I loved this episode, the opening, and it's probably my favorite after Jughead.

  • Why did Jack land on the island the same way but no one else?
  • Why did Hurley have a guitar case?
  • Who or what convinced Sayid, Hurley and Kate to get on the plane?
  • What happened to Aaron? Who did Kate give him to?
  • Where did Ben go? Is his promise to an old friend his promise to Widmore?
  • Why was Ben all bloodied up? Did he go after Desmond and Penny?
  • Are Desmond and/or Penny dead? What about Charlie?
  • Will Desmond get back to the island?
  • Who created The Lamp Post and the pendulum?
  • How and why does Ms. Eloise Hawking know so much?
  • How is the island constantly moving?
  • Where are the other places around the world that are connected to the island?
  • Did John Locke really commit suicide?
  • Why does Jack need to give Locke something that was his father's?
  • What is the significance of Jack's grandad, Ray?
  • Is Ray trying to get back to the island?
  • Why is Sayid handcuffed and being escorted onto the plane?
  • Who is the woman that is escorting him?
  • What is the significance of the man that talked to Jack and was on the plane?
  • Where's Walt? Where's Desmond?
  • Who and where are the other passengers on the plane?
  • Where did the plane go? Did it really crash?
  • Why is there a flash when they land on the island?
  • Where are Sun, Ben, and Sayid?
  • Why is Jin working for DHARMA? Are they all working for them?
  • I was surprised to see this opening scene so soon. It has been my speculation for a long time (since about Season 2) that we would see the opening scene of The Pilot again. I flipped out a little bit when I saw this, talking to myself out loud, of course.
  • The photograph of the island in The Lamp Post is from the US Army, labeled Top Secret, and was dated September 23, 1954, which is almost exactly 50 years prior to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
  • Hurley was reading another comic book in the Airport, called El último Hombre by LOST writer Brian K. Vaughn.
  • There was a Virgin Mary statue in Ms. Hawking's office.
  • When the Ajira plane takes off, there is an Oceanic plane in the background.
  • Locke's suicide note to Jack said "Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL"
  • I think that Jack is a believer now.
  • Where's Vincent? He needs to wake Jack up!
  • Ms. Hawking said that the island has an energy that is connected to other places around the world. One of the places could possibly be the place in Australia that Rose and Bernard visited a man with healing powers, Isaac of Uluru.
  • I really liked the scene where Jack is putting his father's shoes on Locke, saying that wherever he is now, that he's probably laughing his ass off.
  • I think that Jack's grandfather, Ray, may be seen again. Perhaps he's been on the island.
  • Ms. Hawking told Jack that it's a leap of faith, just as Locke did.
  • I really hope that Desmond beat the crap out of Ben, or somehow, Sayid showed up and beat the face off him. I'm going to be really upset if Desmond or Penny are dead, and killing their son, Charlie, would just be horrible. I am really going to hate that if it's true. I strongly believe that it will ruin Desmond's entire story. Can we please just have one happy ending?
  • I'm glad that Desmond had a little explosion on Ms. Hawking. Watch out for that big ass pendulum, though, Desmond.
  • It was cool to find out why Christian Shephard was wearing tennis shoes in his coffin.
  • Alright, Kate, it's kind of time to stop having sex with dudes just because you're upset about something. Not that I mind, it's just getting a little old, and in my opinion, really makes her character very one-dimensional.
  • Jack, you don't hear a noise, and then go looking for it in the dark.
  • Also, what happened to Aaron better not be stupid.
  • I thought Matthew Fox's performance was very strong in this episode. Especially in the scene where he tells Kate about the shoes, and where he puts the shoes on Locke's body.
  • When Ben calls Jack, he's at a phone booth by the marina.
  • Ben was reading Ulysses on the plane.
  • Really, Ben? Your mom taught you how to read? Your ghost mom? Even when telling a joke, Ben just can't help himself from lying about something.
  • Sayid seemed to no longer have a beard on the plane, and didn't have any speaking lines.
  • Frank Lapidus was flying the plane! I'm so glad he's back.

12 February 2009

This Place is Death, Initial Reaction

I liked this episode. I was disappointed by a few things. I'm also getting annoyed with a few things. I'm kind of getting sick of the slow, yet completely obvious reveals. We know it's going to happen, just show us already. However, I am happy with the plethora of answers. I also liked that this episode picked up the pace a little bit, because I'm getting tired of the Oceanic 6 story. I'm glad that Desmond is back at the end of this episode, because I think his story is the most interesting off-island. I am worried that he and/or Penny may die though. I'm going to be really pissed if that happens. If there's anyone that I don't want to die, it's them.

  • Was Ben surprised that Ms. Hawking is Daniel Faraday's mother or that Desmond knew?
  • Did going into The Temple make Rousseau's science team sick?
  • Does the monster protect The Temple?
  • Why did Danielle seem to think that Robert wasn't himself?
  • What exactly is the sickness?
  • Did Locke visit Sun when he was Jeremy Bentham?
  • How did Ben know that Locke was off the island? How did he know where to find him?
  • What time are they now in when Locke turns the donkey wheel?
  • Does Locke figure out that Christian is Jack's father?
  • How long has the donkey wheel been there?
  • Why did Charlotte just remember that Daniel visited her when she was young?
  • When does Daniel go back in time and visit Charlotte? Is that the time they're stuck in?
  • Why does Charlotte tell Jin not to bring Sun back to the island? How does she know?
  • Who are Charlotte's parents?
  • Is Christian Shephard Jacob? Why does he know so much?
  • So what would have happened of Locke was the original one that moved the island, instead of Ben? Was he not supposed to lead the Others? Why didn't Richard know this?
  • Did Ben know he wasn't supposed to move the island?
  • Will Brother Campbell make a reappearance? Will we find out why he was in cahoots with Ms. Hawking? Is he Daniel Faraday's father?
  • If they need all of them to go back, then why is what they have good enough for now?
  • Will Frank Lapidus fly them back to the island?


  • It was awesome to finally see at least part of Danielle Rousseau's story.
  • Desmond is going to need to seriously flip out on that ring lady.
  • Montand losing his arm and a bone sticking out of Locke's leg grossed me out.
  • If I recall correctly, Sayid asked Danielle, "Have you see other people on this island?" and she replies, "No, but I hear them, out in the jungle. They whisper." So, what was Jin then, lady? Perhaps she just went completely insane and forgot about him, but, in my opinion, it would be pretty hard to forget a dude that's been on the island before you and kept disappearing and reappearing in front of you, and was there when your entire team died. I personally think that's a little weak. Unless, she couldn't remember him from the past until it happened when Jin traveled from the future, in which case, Danielle couldn't remember it because she was already dead. That's the only way it works.
  • The smoke monster seemed a little different in this episode, older, and more greyish looking. It reminded me a lot of Season 1, especially with dragging Montand down the hole.
  • Sun calling her mother and talking to Ji Yeon, telling her that she found a friend for her in America named Aaron, I thought she was totally going to be so evil and kill everyone, and that she would kidnap Aaron and take him back to Korea.
  • Ben said something to the affect of, "The Temple is a sanctuary. It's only for us (meaning the Others)." So, perhaps that's why Danielle's team got supposedly sick.
  • Rousseau, that is not where Montand lost his arm.
  • I'm really hoping to see more about Rousseau, like when she had Alex and Ben took her.
  • I'm so happy that Jin is back. No one matches the comedy he brings to the show.
  • My thought is that Christian has done the same thing that he told Locke to do, which is why he seems to know so much about it. He pushed the donkey wheel, then died and came back to the island where he was somehow resurrected.
  • I really hope that we're going to see everything Jeremy Bentham did in the real world.
  • I would like to know what exactly these rules are for objects traveling through time.
  • So, the frozen donkey wheel was actually stuck, therefore, skipping like a record, just as Daniel said.
  • Basically Ben screwed everything up. Locke should wear a shirt that says "I'm with stupid."
  • Sawyer had a nose bleed, but not Locke or Jin, who have been there the same amount of time as Sawyer, nor has Daniel Faraday had one yet.
  • Ben pulling the van over cracked me up. "I'll turn this van around right now!"
  • Before this season began, I was under the impression that the entire season was going to be about them getting back the island, and that it wouldn't happen until the very end of the season. But, now, I'm feeling like it's going to happen pretty soon, which makes me wonder what's going to happen in the rest of the season or the rest of the series.
  • Charlotte speaks Korean and Klingon.
  • Rousseau's team heard the numbers being broadcasted on the radio.
  • The hieroglyphics on The Temple are similar to Ben's underground lair where he summoned smokey and the ones in The Swan on the countdown timer.
  • Jin found Rousseau's music box on the beach, the same one that Sayid fixed for her.
  • Robert tried to shoot Rousseau, but failed because the pin was removed from his gun, just as Rousseau told Sayid when he tried to shoot her with the same gun, failing also.

I'm a little sad and disappointed to see Charlotte die already. I was looking forward to find out more about her story, though, I'm pretty sure we haven't see the last of her yet. Daniel still has to be scary and tell her not to come back to the island, and we have to find out who her parents are and how she got to the island. Charlotte exclaiming, "This place is death!" and telling Daniel that some scary man told her not to come back to the island, and she thinks it was him, totally freaked me out though. I may have nightmares about that one.

05 February 2009

The Little Prince, Initial Reaction


This was a great episode, however, I didn't like it as much as the last one, Jughead. I think a few key moments were really outstanding though. As soon as I saw the French equipment, I knew it was going to be Rousseau and her science team, and as soon as I saw the body, I knew it was Jin. I was very pleased with those two things.

  • What is the significance of Ajira Airways?
  • Is there another plane crash on the island in the future?
  • Who were the people that were shooting at them?
  • What is the significance of The Little Prince?
  • If Rousseau met Jin when she arrived on the island, why doesn't she remember him in the future? Have Jin and Rousseau ever met in 2004?
  • How did Jin survive the freighter explosion? How did he get to the island if it moved?
  • Who was after Sayid? Why did the man have Kate's address?
  • Is it Charles Widmore who is after them?
  • What is Sun doing for Charles Widmore? Is she going to kill Ben?
  • What were the documents that Sun received in the package?
  • Did Kate come up with the plan to keep Aaron because of guilt?
  • What are the significance of the nose bleeds? Are they going to die?
  • Are the jumps in time causing memory loss? Is that why Charlotte didn't recognize Daniel at first?
  • Why the hell does Locke say that the light from the hatch was nothing?
  • Where are Rose and Bernard?
  • Who attacked the camp on the beach?
  • Were Miles and Charlotte born on the island? Who are their parents?
  • Is Miles Pierre Chang's son?
  • Lawyers and Lawsuits? How does Ben have so much money?
  • Did Danielle Rousseau's science team really get to the island 16 years ago?
  • It seems as thought the nose bleeds happen first to those who have been on the island the longest. So, in order, Charlotte got one first, then Miles, and lastly Juliet had a nose bleed. Therefore, we know that both Miles and Charlotte have both been on the island for longer than 3 years, because that's how long Juliet has been on the island.
  • Kate lives at 42 Panorama Crest.
  • When Rousseau arrived on the island, she was with her science team, just as she told her story, with Montand and Robert.
  • I really hope we get to see Rousseau's whole story.
  • I liked the science where Sawyer saw Kate delivering Claire's baby, Aaron, and the light from Desmond in the hatch. I felt really bad for Sawyer.
  • I really didn't like the whole revisiting the love triangle thing going on, especially when Kate said "I've always been with you" to Jack. That was so lame.
  • The side of Ben's van says "CANTON-RAINIER Carpet Cleaner." Canton-Rainier is an anagram for reincarnation.
  • Please tell me they're not going to run into their past or future-selves on the island.
  • Whoever is after Sayid and Kate clearly didn't want to kill them. Otherwise, they wouldn't be shooting at Sayid with dart guns.
  • Sayid is so badass. He can move at the speed of light.
  • Hurley in jail and calling Jack was fucking hilarious.
  • Jack finally gets scolded by the hospital for bringing a dead Pakistani in.
  • I guess Sawyer and Juliet are friends now.
  • If the freighter was in the radius of the island, it could have disappeared because it's an object, but the bodies from it still could have been there, giving reason for Jin to float to the island if he had survived the explosion.

In LOST fashion, I have a bloody nose right now. I'm not even kidding.

29 January 2009

Jughead, Initial Reaction

First off, I really love the Desmond and Penny story. I don't think there's any surprise there. The Desmond episodes never disappoint. He is quickly becoming my favorite all-time character on the show. I truly believe that his story is absolutely paramount to the show and may actually end up being the main character of the entire series. Needless to say, I loved tonight's episode. Not only for that though, but also because of the not-so-frequent time-jumping. The last two episodes left my head spinning. It was nice to have a little break from the craziness, not that this episode wasn't crazy. It was just a little more self-contained, easier to absorb and react to without my head exploding, or getting a nose bleed. We got some definitive questions answered, which, as per usual, posed some more questions, and all in all, I think I am very pleased with the show right now.


  • Is Ms. Hawking Daniel Faraday's mother?
  • When did Charles Widmore get to the island?
  • How did Widmore leave the island? Why?
  • Is Charles Widmore Daniel Faraday's father?
  • Is Ellie also Ms. Hawking? Is that why Daniel said she looked like someone he knew?
  • Why would someone bother erasing Daniel Faraday from the records at Oxford but not getting rid of the things in his lab?
  • Who is the girl in the coma? Is she the one who asked Daniel why he was crying?
  • Will Ben find Desmond and Penny?
  • Does Desmond have to go back to the island?
  • Is the bomb buried behind the concrete wall in The Swan?
  • Why is Charlotte the only one who is having nose bleeds?
  • Where are Rose and Bernard?
  • Why don't the Others time-jump with them? Why does Juliet?
  • How did the natives get on the island?
  • Did Charles Widmore move the island?
  • How did he get so high up in the ranks?
  • Are the whispers the time-travelers trying to talk to themselves?
  • How fucking old is Richard Alpert?

  • The woman at the desk at Oxford that Desmond talked to was the same woman that was at the gate in the Sydney Airport, who let Hurley on the plane.
  • Desmond and Penny's son is named Charlie. I thought this was a very nice touch. After all, Charlie is the reason Desmond and Penny were reunited, and he saved Desmond's life.
  • John Locke told Richard Alpert when he was born and to visit him, which is why he was at his birth, and why he asked him what things already belonged to him.
  • Is Charles Widmore is Daniel Faraday's father, that makes Daniel and Penny brother and sister, which makes Daniel Desmond's brother-in-law.
  • Jughead, I thought was going to be another Eggtown, what-the-hell-does-this-mean title, but it turned out to be pretty awesome.
  • Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs.
  • Wow, Charles Widmore isn't just a cocky son of a bitch because he's rich and powerful, he was like that when he was a young lad too.
  • Desmond finally stuck it to Widmore a little.

I know people say that Desmond is a coward, but I don't think he is. He's risking his life for the people on the island. He sacrificed his own happiness, which was to marry Penny, knowing that he'd be going to the island, not seeing Penny for at least three years. He gave that up knowing what Ms. Hawking told him, that it was for the greater good, that he'd be saving the world. He even offered to sacrifice himself for Charlie, suggesting that maybe it was him who was supposed to die, that he should go down to The Looking Glass. Hell, the man even named his son after Charlie. I really love the Desmond character, and identify with his struggles a lot, and if there's one thing that I hope for the rest of the series, if there's just one happy ending, and that's for he and Penny. I don't even care if everyone else dies. Perhaps, maybe, they are our Adam and Eve.

21 January 2009

Season Premiere, Initial Reaction

Because I'm too scatter-brained right now, and can't remember where each of the episodes began or where they ended, I'm just going to rabble off my initial thoughts on both.

First of, what the hell? Five years into this show, and I have no fucking clue what I just watched. The time-jumping makes me feel like I'm traveling through time and space. My brain feels like jello right now.


  • Who were the people shooting the flaming arrows?
  • Why are people shifting through different areas of time?
  • Why can you keep what you have with/on you when time moves?
  • Did Daniel Faraday work for Dharma?
  • Who knows that Kate isn't Aaron's real mother?
  • What is Ben's relation to the ring lady, Ms. Hawking?
  • Why is Charlotte's nose bleeding? Does she need a constant?
  • Why do they have to go back? Why will that make it stop?
  • Why did the Others disappear to Locke when the island moved?


  • I liked the touch of Ana Lucia showing up to Hurley. I thought it would be kind of lame if he saw Charlie, but we'd have him saying "Checkmate, Mr. Eko" to empty space.
  • The opening was cool, but I called Pierre Chang at first sight, and also called Ms. Hawking as soon as I saw the back of her head.
  • Neil Frogurt? He was annoying me already, so glad he ate an arrow.
  • I love Sayid. He always has the best moves. Knives in the dishwasher? Hell yeah.
  • I still cannot figure out if Ben is evil or good and it's making me a little angry and frustrated.
  • I can't help but feel a little confused as to how the show is going to work for the rest of the season after these two episodes. Is this what every one is going to be like?

I liked the episodes, but I really need to watch those a few more times to grasp what the hell happened.

Almost Finished; Time For New LOST!

Well, I finally finished watching and recapping all the episodes. It's just a matter of blogging my notes for the dozen I have left, of which I have started to do, back dated, but haven't published yet. That should be done shortly, probably within the next week. What a relief to get it over with, although it's my own fault I had to rush to get them all in at the end because I slacked for a few months there. It made the hiatus go a lot quicker though. I can't believe it's been 8 months already.

My plans for the future of this blog are to start writing about past theories, favorite episodes, characters, maybe some top 10 lists, art and such, while writing about the new episodes, characters, and theories. I will probably post some initial reactions to the Season 5 Premiere that actually airs TODAY! I'm so excited!

I'm so glad the wait is over, although, I'm a little bit sad that after this year, there's only one more season left, one more premiere left to watch.

I've been thinking a little today about my hopes for this Season 5 of LOST.
  • I would like to see the four-toed statue again, perhaps the rest of it, learn more about it.
  • I want to know what the hell Libby's deal is, if she was lying, who she was working for, why she was in Santa Rosa to begin with.
  • Who exactly "has to go back?" Does that include Desmond, Walt, Aaron, Ji Yeon? Why John Locke/Jeremy Bentham?
  • What is this game that Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore are playing?
  • I want to know more about the beginnings of the Dharma Inititaive.
  • What is the nature of Sun's business (i.e. taking over Paik Industries, contacting Charles Widmore, saying they have common interests)?
  • How did the island move? Through time and through space? What happens when it does?
  • Will Ben kill Penelope Widmore? Will he ask Sayid to do it? Will Sayid decline because of his friendship with Desmond and having lost loved ones before?
  • Who was Radzinski? Did he really kill himself?
  • Are Micheal and/or Jin alive?
  • I want a Danielle Rousseau flashback. I don't care how they do it.
  • Has Charles Widmore been on the island before? Was he once the leader, before Ben?
  • Why was Frank Lapidus supposed to fly Oceanic Flight 815 on September 22 instead of Seth Norris? Why didn't he?
I've also been thinking about what I don't expect to find out, or would be okay with holding out until Season 6 to learn more about.
  • What are the whispers? Does it have to do with time travel?
  • What is the monster? How is it controlled? Why does it kill certain people and not others?
  • Who are Adam and Eve?
  • What happened to Claire? Is she still alive? Will she find out that Jack is her brother?
  • Will Desmond's flash of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter ever come true?
  • I would like to see the ring lady, Ms. Hawking, again, and find out why she knows so much, and why she was in a badly photoshopped photograph with Brother Campbell.
  • Who or what is Jacob? Why can Christian Shephard speak on his behalf?
  • Were the plane crash survivors meant to go to the island? Were they hand-picked?
  • What is the nature of all the island connections? Is it fate?
  • What are the numbers? What do they really mean?
  • What happened to Annie? Have we seen her before?
  • Why can't anyone find the island?
  • What is the sickness? Why do some get sick and not others?
  • I want to know about the island's healing powers, and why Richard Alpert doesn't age.

Also, I'm sure that I will have more questions once the season is over.

20 January 2009

4.13 There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3

  1. Back at the airport, Kate stops the car, drives back, gets out crying, she says that Jack called her for two days straight, stoned on his pills, shows her an obituary for Jeremy Bentham, she says that he came to her, she heard what he had to say, she knew that he was crazy, but Jack believed him, Jack says that he said it was the only way to keep her and Aaron safe, Kate slaps Jack, says not to say his name, that she has to explain why he's not there to read to Aaron, that she spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day they left the island, how dare he ask her to go back. From Lostpedia 
  2. Jack and Sawyer walking through the jungle, Jack says Lapidus said they were heading North East, to The Orchid, they stumble upon Hugo taking a leak, Locke is looking for a way into The Orchid.
  3. There is enough C4 to blow up an aircraft, Desmond says he did 6 months Explosive Ordinance Disposal, enough time to learn how to blow himself up, Michael asks if it's on a timer, Desmond says the bomb has a radio receiver, like a walkie, send out a signal and it triggers the bomb remotely, Jin wonders if they can turn it off, but Desmond says there is a trip wire, movie it and boom, dummy-wiring, cut the wrong one and boom, multiple firing systems, disable one and the next one, boom, battery's power source gets disconnected, then boom.
  4. Locke says there's a DHARMA station below, that he's looking for a way to get in, says that he wants to speak to Jack alone, but Jack says that he only came back for Hurley, Locke says he needs to hear what he has to say, but Jack says he needs to get their people off the island, Hurley says they're taking Ben to the helicopter, that he surrendered himself.From Lostpedia 
  5. Keamy is taking Ben back to the chopper, he wants to know why Ben is so important, why Widmore would pay him so much money to capture him and bring him back alive, Lapidus with toolbox, Kate runs up, says she's a passenger of Flight 815, that she's being chased by Ben's people, they hear whispers, Sayid and company attack, kill Keamy's men, Ben and Kate run, Keamy kicks a grenade toward Omar, Sayid fights Keamy, Richard shoots him, Kate cuts Ben free, he asks Richard what the arrangement is, Richard says if they helped free him, he promised to let them off the island, Ben says the helicopter is theirs, tells Kate and Sayid to have a safe journey back, Kate makes sure that they can leave the island, that's it.
    From Lostpedia
  6. Hurley is in Santa Rosa, eating a fruit roll-up, Walt's grandmother, Michael's mother, is there, she asks him if he's dangerous, says that he knows her grandson, that they traveled all the way across the country to see him, she needs to know if he'll do anything crazy, he says that he won't do anything crazy.From Lostpedia 
  7. Hurley says Walt got big, Walt says when they came back from the island, he was waiting for someone to come and see him, but nobody ever came, only Jeremy Bentham came to see him, he says that he doesn't understand why they're all lying, Hurley says they're doing it to protect everyone who didn't come back, Walt asks like his dad, Hurley says yes, like his dad.From Lostpedia 
  8. "We're lying... because it's the only way to protect everyone that didn't come back." Hurley
  9. Hurley says thanks for coming back to Sawyer, asks him about Claire and the baby.
  10. Locke wants Jack to reconsider leaving the island, Jack says the rest of them are going home, Locke says they're not supposed to go, Jack says that's because crashing on the island was their destiny, Locke says Jack knows that they're there for a reason, that if he leaves, he'll have that knowledge and it will eat him alive, until he decides to come back, he has to lie about everything, it's the only way to protect them, to protect the island, that it's not just an island, it's a place where miracles happen, Locke tells Jack to wait and see what he's about to do, Jack says there's no such things as miracles.From Lostpedia 
  11. "I want you to reconsider leaving the island, Jack. I would like you to stay." Locke "You'd like me to stay?" Jack "Yeah, that's right." Locke "(Chuckles) You threw a knife into the back of an unarmed woman. You led half of our people across the island and got most of them killed." Jack "Well, Jack, you put a gun to my head and you pulled the trigger. I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones." Locke "Well, I'll tell you what. You stay here in your little greenhouse, but the rest of us are going home." Locke "But you're not supposed to go home." Locke "And what am I supposed to do? Oh, I think I remember. What was it that you said on the way out to the hatch--that crashing here was our destiny?" Jack "You know, Jack. You know that you're here for a reason. You know it. And if you leave this place, that knowledge is gonna eat you alive from the inside out...until you decide to come back." Locke "Good-bye, John." Jack "You're gonna have to lie." Locke "Excuse me?" Jack "If you have to go, then you have to lie about everything...everything that happened since we got to the island it's the only way to protect it." Locke "(Sighs) It's an island, John. No one needs to protect it." Jack "It's not an island. It's a place where miracles happen. And--and--if you--if you don't believe that, Jack, if you can't believe that, just wait till you see what I'm about to do." Locke "There's no such thing as miracles." Jack "Well...we'll just have to see which one of us is right." Locke
  12. Ben shows up, shows them the way to get into The Orchid, Locke says he tried to tell Jack, Ben tells Jack that Sayid and Kate are waiting at the helicopter, Locke tells Jack that if he lies half as well as he lies to himself, he'll do a good job at fooling everyone, Locke and Ben go down to The Orchid.
  13. Sun says she didn't tell anyone about the bomb, Michael tells her everything is going to be okay, says he'll send Jin up, Sun tells Michael she's pregnant, Michael congratulates her.
  14. Michael says that they can freeze the battery on the bomb, using liquid Nitrogen, the bomb needs to charge from the battery, to make the chemical reaction, they spray the battery, keep it cold, then it will have no reaction, the catch is that there's only one canister of liquid Nitrogen, when the light turns red, the battery will already be cold, Jin and Desmond begin to trace the wires so they can figure out how to defuse the bomb in the meantime.
  15. Daniel Faraday is back, he says the Freighter's engine is fixed, they're going to get closer to island now, as close as they can without hitting the reef, the next trip won't be so long, he tells Miles and Charlotte to make sure they're on the raft, but Miles says he's staying, and he asks Charlotte why she would want to leave the island after all the time she spent trying to get back there, Charlotte seems confused and asks what that means.
  16. "I'm surprised you want to leave." Miles "Sorry?" Charlotte "It's just weird. You know, after all that time you spent trying to get back here." Miles "What do you mean, get back here?" Charlotte "...What do I mean?" Miles
  17. Ben says The Orchid station is deep, Locke asks about the magic box, Ben says The Orchid is not the magic box, that it's for the same thing all the DHARMA stations are for, silly experiments, Ben gives Locke a video to watch while he takes care of business.
  18. The Orchid Orientation, 6 of 6, bunny with #15 painted on it, Edgar Halliwax, Station 6 of 6, The Orchid, not a botanical research unit, unique properties of the island, created kind of Casimir Effect, allowing DHARMA Initiative to conduct unique experiments on space and time, the vault, construction next to pocket of negatively charged exotic matter, great care taken to avoid leaving inorganic matter inside the chamber, electromagnetic energy highly volatile, unpredictable, for safety, metallic objects never placed in vault, demonstration, shift subject forward 100 seconds in four-dimensional space, for a moment, the animal seems to disappear, the tape stops, begins to rewind, Locke rewinds.
  19. "Hello. I'm Dr. Edgar Halliwax... (warps and distorts) and this is the Orientation film for Station Six of the DHARMA Initiative. As you've no doubt surmised, Station Six, or "The Orchid," is not... (warps and distorts) a Botanical Research unit. The unique properties... (warps and distorts) of this island have created a kind of Casimir Effect, allowing the DHARMA initiative to conduct unique experiments in both space and time. (Clatter) This... is "the vault", constructed adjacent to a pocket of what we believe... (warps and distorts) to be negatively charged "exotic matter". Great care must be taken to avoid leaving inorganic materials... (warps and distorts) inside the chamber. The electromagnetic energy within the island can be highly volatile and unpredictable. Now for your own safety and the safety of those around you, metallic objects must never... (warps and distorts) be placed within the vault. (whirring) In our first demonstration, we will attempt to shift the test subject 100 milliseconds ahead in four-dimensional space. For the briefest... (warps and distorts) of moments, the animal will seem to disappear, but in reality... (voice distorts)"
  20. Ben begins putting everything metal that he can find inside the vault, Locke asks Ben if the video was talking about what he thinks it's talking about, Ben says yes, it's about time-traveling bunnies, Locke mentions that Edgar Halliwax said specifically not to put metal inside the vault, Ben and Locke notice the elevator in The Orchid going up to get someone, Ben asks Locke for his deadly baton weapon back.From Lostpedia 
  21. Back at the chopper, Kate is picking the lock on Lapidus' handcuffs, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley get there, Jack is okay, Sawyer gets a hacksaw instead for the handcuffs, Lapidus is freed and say it's time to go, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid get on the helicopter, Hurley asks if they'll come back for Claire, Jack says yes, they leave, looking back on the island.
  22. Keamy arrives inside The Orchid, says he knows that Ben is down there, that he was shot in the back, but is wearing Body Armour, that he took out a life insurance policy, he's wearing a heart-rate monitor, connected to a radio transmitter, he says that it's a dead man's trigger, if his heart stops beating, it sends a signal to 500 lbs. of C-4, hardwired on the Freighter, it will kill a lot of innocent people, that if he thinks he's bluffing, remember how he killed Ben's daughter.
  23. Locke comes out from hiding, says that he has no conflict with Keamy, neither do the people on the boat, that he just wants to talk about it.
  24. Ben busts out, attacks Keamy, hits him in the head with is baton, grabs his knife and stabs him several hundred times in the neck, Locke is upset, tries to stop him, says he killed everyone on the boat, but Ben isn't phased by the thought of killing anyone on the boat.From Lostpedia 
  25. "You killed my daughter!" Ben
  26. Charlotte says she's going to stay on the island for now, Dan says it'll be forever if she doesn't leave with him, asks her why, Charlotte says she can't make sense of it either, but she's still looking for where she was born, Dan accepts her explanation, they say goodbye.
  27. "I'm going to stay, Daniel...for now, anyway." Charlotte "Charlotte...there is no "for now". If you don't come with me, "for now" could be forever." Daniel "Nothing's forever." Charlotte "Why?" Daniel "Would it make any sense if I told you I was still looking for where I was born?" Charlotte
  28. Juliet says she's not going either, that she promised she wasn't leaving until everyone go off the island, that she'll be there when Dan gets back, Dan says right, as if he knows something will happen already, they leave.
  29. "I promised I wouldn't leave until I got everyone here safely off this island. Relax. I'll still be here when you get back." Juliet "Right, right...when I get back. Okay. Everybody ready? Let's get started. Off we go." Dan
  30. Desmond says that he doesn't know enough about bombs to figure out how to dismantle it, Michael says they only have a quarter of a tank of Liquid Nitrogen left, if they can't deactivate it, they better get everyone off the boat before the light turns red.
  31. The helicopter is losing fuel, a bullet pierced the tank, Jack says not to land, that there's no fuel on the island, Frank Lapidus says that they need to get the extra weight off the chopper, so they throw everything out, but it's not enough, Lapidus says they need to be a few hundred pounds lighter.
  32. Sawyer tells Kate a secret, kisses her, says to just do it, then jumps off the helicopter.From Lostpedia 
  33. Outside Santa Rosa, a man waits in a car, Sayid asks him for the time, he says it's 8:15, Sayid shoots him.
  34. Inside Santa Rosa, Hurley is playing chess by himself, Sayid shows up, Hurley says visiting hours are over, Sayid says that he wants him to come with him, somewhere safe, Hurley says that he hasn't seen him in forever, Sayid says the circumstances have changed, that Jeremy Bentham is dead, he died two days ago, they said it was a suicide, Hurley asks why they have to call him Jeremy Bentham, Sayid says not to say his real name, that they're being watched, Hurley says that he has regular conversations with dead people, the last thing he needs is paranoia, Sayid says that he just killed a man perched outside Santa Rosa for the last week, that paranoia keeps him alive, Hurley asks if they're going back to the island, Sayid says no, just somewhere safe, Hurley decides to go with Sayid, says checkmate, Mr. Eko, they leave.From Lostpedia 
  35. "Dude, I've been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia." Hurley "I just killed a man who's been perched outside this facility for the last week. I'm finding paranoia keeps me alive." Sayid
  36. Frank Lapidus is flying the helicopter on course, but they can't find the Kahana anywhere, Frank says in four or five minutes, they'll be out of fuel, Jack tells Kate that as soon as they get to the boat, they'll go back for Sawyer, Hurley spots the Freighter.
  37. Keamy is slowly dying, Locke is trying to help him, Keamy says that wherever Ben goes, Widmore will find him, Ben says not if he finds him first, Keamy dies, the heart monitor stops.
  38. The light on the bomb turns red, Michael tells Desmond and Jin to leave, get everyone off the boat, they have maybe five minutes of Nitrogen left, Jin tells Desmond to go, he stays with Michael.From Lostpedia 
  39. Desmond runs to the deck, sees the chopper trying to land, tells them to go back, that they can't land, there's a bomb on the boat, Lapidus says he has to put it down, Michael is still freezing the battery.
  40. Desmond says they have to get off the boat, they patch the hole, get a life raft, Sun says they have to get Jin, Kate tells her to get on the helicopter with Aaron, the she'll go get Jin, but Jack won't let her, they fill the helicopter with fuel, Michael tells Jin to go, to be with is wife, to get home, that he's a father now.
  41. Hurley, Sun, Aaron, Jack, Lapidus, Desmond, Sayid, Kate get on the chopper, they take off, Jin runs to the deck of the Freighter as they're taking off, Sun wants to go back for him, but Jack says no.From Lostpedia 
  42. Michael runs out of liquid Nitrogen, he hears the whispers, then Christian Shephard suddenly appears on the Freighter, says the Michael can go now.From Lostpedia 
  43. "You can go now, Michael." Christian Shephard "Who are you?" Michael
  44. The Freighter explodes, Sun screams for Jin, part of the Freighter goes down, Jack says there's nothing down there, Sun wants to go back, but Jack says he's gone, tells Lapidus to fly back to the island.From Lostpedia 
  45. Sun gets a phone call, it's her mom, she talks to Ji Yeon, she's in London, says she's leaving tonight, finishing business, she approaches Charles Widmore, says she's Mr. Paik's daughter, managing director of Paik Industries, Widmore says that Paik is quite the golfer, owes him a dinner after their last game, Suns asks if he's gong to pretend that he doesn't know who she is, he says that he doesn't know what she's talking about, but Sun says that he does know, he knows they've been lying all this time about where they were and what happened there, that they have common interests, when he's ready to discuss them, to call her, that he knows they're not really the only ones who left the island, Widmore asks why she would help him.From Lostpedia 
  46. "Yes, you do know, Mr. Widmore...just like you know we've been lying all this time about where we were and what happened to us there. You and I have common interests. When you're ready to discuss them...[Sun hands Widmore her Paik Industries business card from her pocket.] Call me. As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island." Sun [Sun turns and begins to walk away. Widmore calls after her.] "Ms. Kwon? Why would you want to help me?" Widmore
  47. Locke asks Ben why he would kill Keamy when he knew that it would destroy the boat, Ben says he wasn't thinking straight, says a leader has to make good command decisions, not be compromised by bad emotional responses, that he's sure John will do a better job at separating the two than he ever did.From Lostpedia 
  48. "Well, John, I really wasn't thinking straight. Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses. I'm sure you're going to do a much better job of separating the two than I ever did." Ben
  49. Ben closes the vault doors, turns it on, there are explosions, Ben says he'd better change.
  50. Juliet is drinking on the beach, Sawyer arrives at the shore, asks her what she's celebrating, but she's not celebrating, she points out the Freighter in the distance, which is on fire from the massive explosion.
  51. Ben puts on Edgar Halliwax's parka, says that he's going somewhere cold, tells John that he can't go with him, Jacob told John what to do, but not how to do it, that Jacob wants Ben to suffer the consequences, whoever moves the island can never come back, tells John to get in the elevator, go up, Richard and his people are waiting for him two miles East of The Orchid, that they're ready, willing and able to share what they know, will follow his every word, Ben says goodbye, that he's sorry he made John's life so miserable, John asks what he's supposed to tell them to do, Ben says that he'll find a way, that he always does.From Lostpedia 
  52. "Whoever moves the island can never come back. So I'd like you to get on the elevator, John, and go back up. Richard and my people will be waiting 2 miles East of The Orchid." Ben "Waiting for me?" Locke "Ready, willing and able to share what they know. And then they will follow your every word. Good-bye, John. I'm sorry I made your life so miserable." Ben [Ben exhales deeply as he shakes Locke's hand.] "What do I tell 'em to do?" Locke "You'll find your way, John. You always do." Ben
  53. Locke finds Richard and the others, Richard says welcome home.From Lostpedia 
  54. Ben goes through the hole blown through the wall in the vault, through a tunnel, with a crowbar, takes a ladder down, breaks the ice, takes another ladder down, falls, cuts his arm, it's cold inside, snow, he lights a lantern with a match, there is a frozen donkey wheel, Ben says he hopes Jacob is happy now, he pushes the wheel, breaks ice off the frozen wheel with the crowbar.From Lostpedia 
  55. "I hope you're happy now, Jacob." Ben
  56. There is white noise, Locke, Richard and the others, Juliet and Sawyer on the beach, Daniel Faraday and others on the zodiac, helicopter folk, Ben continues to push the wheel, a bright flash of light, Aaron cries, purple sky, white noise, Juliet and Sawyer on the beach, zodiac folk, and helicopter sees the island move, noise, light goes away, the island is suddenly gone.From Lostpedia 
  57. The light disappears and they down to see that the island is completely gone, Lapidus asks where the island is, where will he land the helicopter, Jack says there is a smaller island nearby, but they're out of fuel, they put on life vests, throw out a life raft, Lapidus tells them to brace themselves, the helicopter crashes into the water, Jack gets Hurley and Aaron into the raft, Kate, Sun, Lapidus and Jack get Desmond, Sayid, Jack does CPR on Desmond, he's okay, they're all alive and in the life raft.
  58. Kate is at home, in bed, she wakes up, the phone rings, clicking on the other end, whispers, backwards talk, a door creaks, Kate gets her gun, goes to Aaron's room, Claire is there, she says not to bring him back, Kate wakes up from her dream, no one is there, she tells Aaron she's sorry.From Lostpedia 
  59. "Don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back." Claire
  60. On the life raft, Aaron is okay, it's a miracle, Hurley says that he can't believe Locke did it, that he moved the island, Jack says no he didn't, Hurley says that one minutes it's there, the next, it's gone.
  61. Lapidus sees a light int he distance, it's another boat, they scream to get its attention, the boat starts to turn around and go toward them, it sees them.
  62. Jack says they're going to have to lie, about everything, all of this, every moment since they crashed on the island, that men come to the island to kill them, someone put a plane on the bottom of the ocean, someone wants them to think they're dead, what do they think will happen when they tell people that wasn't their plane on the bottom of the ocean, what do they think will happy to the people they left behind, Kate says they can't pull it off, Jack says he'll do the talking. 
  63. "(Softly) We're gonna have to lie." Jack "What?" Kate "(Normal voice) We're gonna have to lie." Jack "Lie about what?" Sayid "Everything, all of it, every moment since we crashed on the island. Your freighter, those men came to the island to kill us, all of us. You said that our plane was discovered on the bottom of the ocean. Well, someone put it there--someone who wants everyone to think that we're dead. So what do you think is going to happen to us when we tell them that that wasn't our plane? What do you think's gonna happen to the people that we left behind?" Jack "Jack, we can't. We can't pull it off." Kate "Just let me do the talking." Jack
  64. The boat comes upon them, Portuguese men begin to talk, it's called Searcher, Desmond hears them say Ms. Widmore, Penny is there, it's her boat, Desmond and Penny reunite, Desmond asks how she found him, she says after his phone call, she has a tracking station, Desmond tells Penny he loves her, that he'll never leave her again, introduces Penny to everyone, Jack says they have to talk.From Lostpedia 
  65. One Week Later--Membata, Sayid tells Hurley, that's where they're going, sailing 3,000 miles to another island, it's the only way to keep them safe, Jack asks how long it'll take to get there, Frank says 8-9 hours to land if the wind isn't too brutal, Jack says that he hopes he never sees Frank again, Penny gives Aaron to Kate, Desmond asks Jack if he's sure he wants to do this, Desmond says as long as he's got Penny, he'll be fine, Jack says don't let him find them, that he'll see Desmond in another life, brother, Desmond says aye, I guess you will, Jack says let's go home, they take off on the raft--Hurley, Sun, Sayid, Jack, Kate and Aaron.
  66. They arrive to an island, people help them ashore, there is no photo being taken.From Lostpedia 
  67. Jack, listening to The Pixies, driving his car, arrives at HOFFS/DRAWLAR, breaks in with a rock, goes to the casket, looks at Body Release Form, Jeremy Bentham, he opens the casket, Ben shows up, asks if he told him he was off the island, Jack says yes, Ben asks when he spoke to him, about a month ago, and Kate, came to see her too, told him that after they left the island, some very bad things happened, that it was his fault, that he had to come back, Ben says he heard he's been flying, hoping to crash, that it's very dark, Jack asks why he's there, Ben says the island won't let him come alone, that they all have to go back, Jack says he doesn't know where Sayid is, Hurley is insane, Sun blames him for Jin's death, Kate won't even talk to him anymore, Ben says he can help, that this is the way it has to be, that it's the only way, that they have to do it together, all of them, that he has a few ideas, tells Jack all of them have to go back, the casket too.From Lostpedia 
  68. "Perhaps I can help you with that. This is the way it has to be, Jack. It's the only way. You have to do it together, all of you." Ben "How?" Jack "I have a few ideas." Ben [Jack sighs deeply and turns to leave.] "Jack...I said, all of you. We're gonna have to bring him, too." Ben
  69. John Locke is in the coffin. He is Jeremy Bentham.
  70. From Lostpedia 
  1. Did Desmond do 6 months of Explosives training in the Military so that he could dismantle the bomb on the Freighter?
  2. Did Charles Widmore tell Keamy to kill Alex or did Keamy do it on his own?
  3. Why didn't anyone go visit Walt when they got off the island?
  4. Why didn't Hurley tell Walt that his dad died?
  5. How does Daniel Faraday know that something is going to happen to the island?
  6. How does Miles know that Charlotte was born on the island?
  7. Why are there only 6 Orientation videos for the DHARMA Initiative Stations when there are clearly more than 6 Stations? Were some made after the first 6 and their films were made?
  8. Why did the Orientation film begin to rewind? Why did Locke also rewind?
  9. Who is watching the Oceanic 6?
  10. Why does Michael see Christian Shephard? Why does Christian tell him that he can go now?
  11. Why does Sun approach Charles Widmore? What business does she want to do with him?
  12. Why does Ben apologize for making Locke's life so miserable? Does he meant it?
  13. Why does Ben think Jacob wants to punish him?
  14. Where did the frozen donkey wheel come from? Is it from the Black Rock? Who built it?
  15. Why can't the person who turns the frozen donkey wheel come back to the island?
  16. Did the island move when Desmond turned the key?
  17. Did the moving of the island cause a tsunami?
  18. Where did the island go?
  19. How does the island move?
  20. Why does Kate see Claire? Is it a vision, a dream, or the Smoke Monster?
  21. Why does Claire advise Kate not to bring 'him' back?
  22. How could Jack not believe that the island is special after all this time?
  23. How does Ben know that Locke has to be brought back to the island?
  1. Kate slapping Jack. It's about all she's good for.
  2. "I'm fine." Jack "Of course you're fine. You're always fine." Sawyer
  3. "So what's the plan, Sundance?" Sawyer "The plan is we wait till--" Sawyer [They hear what sounds like a zipper zipping. They swing around, pointing their weapons toward the source of the sound, rustling branches. Through the foliage they see Hurley, apparently finishing up some business.] "Hugo?" Sawyer
  4. "Boom." Jin
  5. Locke looking for the Anthuriums at The Orchid Station. Great directions, Ben.
  6. Sayid and Keamy's fight. Sayid is so badass. Keamy is like twice his size and Sayid can roll with him.
  7. "Hey, Walt." Hurley "Hey, Hurley." Walt "You're getting big, Dude." Hurley 
  8. "What the hell they talkin' about in there, anyway?" Sawyer "I don't know. Leader stuff?" Hurley [Sawyer scoffs. He eyes Hurley's wrapper of crackers.] "Where'd you get that?" Sawyer "Came from a box Ben dug up out of the ground. They're good." Hurley 
  9. "Couldn't find the Anthuriums, could you?" Ben "I don't know what they look like." Locke
  10. "Didn't you tell him?" Ben "I tried." Locke
  11. "Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you." Locke
  12. "Uh, who told you you could eat those peanuts?" Rose "May--may I eat these peanuts?" Miles "I'm gonna keep my eye on you, shorty." Rose
  13. "Miles, no, uh, uh, I don't think I'm getting across the... direness of the circumstance." Daniel "Oh, no, you're very dire, but I'm still gonna stay." Miles 
  14. "How deep is the station?" Locke "Deep." Ben
  15. I love when Ben gives Locke the VHS tape to watch while he's busy. It's like Locke is a little kid and Ben is the parent, just trying to keep his kid occupied while he gets work done.
  16. "Is this the magic box?" Locke "No, John, it's not." Ben "What is all this stuff for?" Locke "Same thing that all the DHARMA stations are for..silly experiments." Ben "What kind of experiments?" Locke "You know what, John? Why don't you watch this very informative video that will answer some of your questions?...And I'll take care of some business." Ben
  17. "Hey. Uh..was he talking about what I think he was talking about?" Locke "If you mean time-travelling bunnies, then yes." Ben "You do know that he said specifically not to put anything metal in here." Locke 
  18. "He say somethin' to tick you off, Freckles?" Sawyer "Didn't kill that one." Kate "Well, which one did you kill?" Sawyer
  19. "Let's go, Freckles. I've seen enough of this rock." Sawyer
  20. "You just killed everybody on that boat." Locke "So?" Ben 
  21. Sawyer shows complete growth as a character by sacrificing himself to save his friends.
  22. Sayid killing a dude for telling him the time is 8:15.
  23. "I think visiting hours are over, Dude." Hurley "This is not a visit." Sayid
  24. "Did he say "bomb"?" Jack 
  25. "Hello, John. Welcome home." Richard Alpert
  26. "I can't believe he did it." Hurley "Who did what?" Jack "Locke. He moved the island." Hurley "No, he didn't." Jack "Oh, really? 'Cause one minute it was there, and the next it was gone, so...unless we, like, overlooked it, Dude, that's exactly what he did. But, if you've got another explanation, man, I'd love to hear it." Hurley 
  27. "Jack, now I know I'm new to this group and everything, but isn't this the place where everybody starts jumping up and down and hugging each other?" Lapidus 
  28. Desmond and Penny's reunion. Awesomeness.
  29. "Don't let him find you, Desmond. And I'll see you in another life, brother." Jack "Aye. I guess you will." Desmond
  1. We return to the flashforward scene from the end of Through the Looking Glass, "The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox," if you will, and resume where they left off, after Kate drove away from Jack. Turns out she stopped the car, and Jack's beard got some Just for Men in the meantime. The plane that flies over them has also mysteriously disappeared.
  2. It would be really funny if LOST or a fan made a video of Jack saying "We have to go back!" and Kate driving away, only to stop the car, go back and say "We have to go back? We have to go back?" then getting back in her car, driving away, Jack screams again "We have to go back!" and rinse and repeat.
  3. The fact that no one visited Walt after they left the island is really sad.
  4. Every time Locke says "it's not an island," I always think he's going to say something completely crazy after that, like "It's purgatory" or "We're living on a giant turtle shell!"
  5. I still have nightmares about Sun's heart-wrenching screams. Seriously, superb acting by Yunjin Kim.
  6. Upon seeing this the first time, I totally never expected the Penny and Desmond reunion to happen so soon. I don't think anyone did. It was a really great surprise in this episode at the time, though it only made me feel doomed for the end of their story. I expected this to happen toward the end of the series. I also thought that maybe the writers should have left their story at that, instead of stringing Desmond along in Season 5, and most likely Season 6. Unless Desmond makes a surprising comeback and we finally find out why he really is so special, I believe they should have let Desmond and Penny's story end happily, and at the height of the viewer's interest.
  7. I absolutely was not expecting Penny to show up in this episode. After The Constant, I think that was the most anyone expected for a Desmond and Penny reunion for a while, so The Searcher showing up in this episode totally caught me off guard. So glad it did though. I think that scene is probably one of the biggest payoffs in LOST thus far.
  8. I always thought Hurley saying "Checkmate, Mr. Eko" and Mr. Eko not being there was really cheap and so lame. They shouldn't have done it if they weren't going to get the actor for that scene.They should've done it with an actor who could've been there or not done it at all. Considering, we see Charlie when Hurley sees Charlie, it's kind of a cop-out to not have Mr. Eko actually there.
  9. So, Walt is like 25 now? Seriously.
  10. I was really disappointed when Hurley didn't give Walt the money he owed him from losing backgammon.
  11. From Lostpedia: Hurley is seen opening a Fruit Roll-Up with the words "Molly Fisher" on it, where the name of the flavor should be. "Molly Fisher" is the name of a mysterious rock in Kent, Connecticut, near a body of water known as the Hatch pond. It appears to have inscriptions of ruins and hieroglyphs that have yet to be deciphered.
  12. You get it? There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Parts 1, 2 & 3. Very punny, Darlton.
  13. While Locke is watching the Orientation video for The Orchid, the tape starts to rewind, and if you watch closely, Locke also starts to rewind. It's pretty cool. I remember catching this the first time it aired.
  14. The scene where the rafties discover The Searcher, the light coming toward them, they scream for it, is very reminiscent of the scene in Exodus, Part 2, where the others come upon Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer on the raft.
  15. The conversation that Jack and Locke have at The Orchid is very reminiscent, and even references the very same conversation they had in Exodus, Part 2.
  16. Jeremy Bentham was influenced by John Locke and David Hume. That was a big clue that it was John Locke who was in the coffin. 
  17. The scene where Sun tells Michael that she's pregnant is so awkward. I don't know why they had to throw that in there. Michael and Sun did not have an affair. Michael ain't Sun's baby daddy. Enough already.
  18. Jack is an idiot. After everything he's seen on the island, he still says that it's just an island, and even denies the islands disappearance after witnessing it with his own eyes. He's always in denial. He needs to man up and admit that Locke was actually right about what he was saying at The Orchid. Plus, I love the dig by Locke.
  19. This episode really seemed like the series finale, because, since the beginning of the show, most people assumed that they show would end with them getting off the island. However, I think Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse's decision to show us that well-before the ending is a pretty awesome and ballsy move. They show us that they get off the island first, then they show us what happens to them off the island, then how they got off the island. I really appreciate the clever, non-linear story-telling. It makes the story so much more interesting, than say, a show like--cough--HEROES.
  20. The Casimir Effect states that the same matter cannot occupy the same space, e.g. when traveling through time, you cannot come into contact with your former or future self.
  21. Keamy's "life insurance policy" would never get a signal that deep underground, and then send it out to a boat that's miles away. Completely unrealistic, but I'll roll with the punches.
  22. Ben murdering Keamy via about a million stabbings disturbs the hell out of me.
  23. I really don't like the way that they handled the killing off of Michael's character. Harold Perrineau is one of the biggest reasons that I started watching LOST and I believe he deserved a lot more respect than he got, especially after all the hype of Michael's return to the show, only to have him in a few episodes, and then get killed off at the end of the season.
  24. When Ben goes down to the frozen donkey wheel, he falls and cuts his arm on the broken ladder, which is the same cut that is seen in Ben's flashforward in The Shape of Things to Come.
  25. The moving of the island is very similar to the effects of Desmond turning the failsafe key in Live Together, Die Alone.
  26. The visual effects of the island moving are phenomenal.
  27. The white rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is seen on Aaron's bedroom door.
  28. From Lostpedia: When reversed, the inaudible phone call Kate receives in her dream appears to be "The island needs you, you have to go back before it's too late."
  29. The Oceanic 6 were rescued on Day 108. It's awesome how that worked out.
  30. Jack says "See you in another life, brother" to Desmond as he departs, just as Desmond said to him in Man of Science, Man of Faith.
  31. "The Frozen Donkey Wheel" was a codename used by producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, referring to the secret scene in the Season 4 finale. Secret codenames have been used in every finale of LOST thusfar, however, this episode literally featured a frozen donkey wheel. Although, "The Frozen Donkey Wheel" was used as a deference from the actual surprisingly secret-ending scene of John Locke being revealed as Jeremy Bentham and the man in the coffin.
  32. As not to spoil the viewers for the final scene in this episode, several alternate scenes where shot, one with Sawyer in the coffin as Jeremy Bentham and one with Desmond as well. So glad it wasn't Desmond! Although, John Locke is really the only one that would have made sense and I can't believe I didn't see it sooner. Who else would Jack be so distraught over, leaving Kate baffled about it? It all makes sense now.

During San Diego Comic-Con, in 2007, a video was shown of outtakes from Dr. Edgar Halliwax filming The Orchid Orientation film. If you watch and listen closely, something very interesting seems to happen while filming this Orientation video for the DHARMA Initiative.

Here is the actual Orientation film from The Orchid, shown in this episode. If you watch closely, you can see John Locke literally rewind himself along with the VHS Orientation film involuntarily rewinding itself.
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