27 July 2009

LOST Season 6 Poster

From DarkUFO

This was the opening to San Diego Comic-Con LOST Panel this year (2009), revealing the cast of the Final Season of LOST. It reveals 26 characters, including those who have been dead and gone a long time, including every main character from the show, such as Boone (Ian Somerhalder), and lastly revealing Locke (Terry O'Quinn) with his back facing us. Watching this seriously gave me chills. I'm so hyped for the Final Season of LOST now! If we get to see even just a glimpse of all the characters from the past five seasons, that will be so awesome.

21 July 2009

Michael Giacchino Directing The LOST Suite

Michael Giacchino directing The LOST Suite with a chorus in Ubeda, Spain.

06 July 2009

LOST: The Sitcom! Seasons 1 & 2