25 February 2010

Initial Reaction to "Lighthouse"

I think this season is getting better and better as it moves forward. The writers, producers, directors, and actors had all said, before this season started, that it felt a lot like Season One. Well, now we know why. This season is directly paralleling Season One, by episode-centricity, by scenery, and even by line. It's been really great to have that overall feel of Season One back. It reminds me so much of why I love this show. So, let's get on with why I loved this episode, and some (few) things that I have issues with.

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19 February 2010

Initial Reaction to "The Substitute"

This was a great episode. It had great story. It had mythology. It had John Locke! This was far better than last week's episode. Again, I still don't think last week's episode was bad by any means, though a whole lot slower, with a lot less dense mythology. It appears as though they're following the format of the episode-centrics from Season One, which is very interesting. Overall, I'm really enjoyed this episode a lot, and would so as far to say that it's my favorite this season so far, although, obviously, there's not much to choose from. I took A LOT of notes on this episode, so let's get into it.

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15 February 2010

Initial Reaction to "What Kate Does"

Apparently I liked this episode more than most people did. I don't know what everyone's problem is. Just because this episode was slow moving, that doesn't make it filler. There were a lot of good things that happened in it. Sure, Kate has gotten annoying. But you have to look at the big picture. This is setup. There were a lot of great character moments in this episode. If you think this episode was so terrible, please go back and watch Stranger In A Strange Land from Season 3, and try to tell me that episode had any purpose whatsoever.

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04 February 2010

Oceanic Flight 815, Side by Side


03 February 2010

Season Premiere, Initial Reaction to "LA X (Parts 1 & 2)"

WOW. After about 18 hours, and watching it for a second time, I'm still trying to process last night's episode. You would think that after about Five Seasons of an intricate and confusing Television Show, that it would be a little less confusing and hard to wrap your brain around in its Final Season. Nope. I am more confused now than ever before, which is not to say that I don't like where it is headed or that I don't have some theories on said-heading. The biggest thing that I feel coming out of last night's Season Premiere of LOST is that I am proud to say that I watch this show. Sure, sometimes it makes me want to bang my head against a wall, and sometimes I don't agree with the turns it takes, BUT. This show is fearless, and perhaps the most fearless Television Show to ever grace Network Television. It's not afraid to shock us. It's not afraid to kill of our main characters. Hell, it's not even afraid to make an ISLAND a main character, move it through space and time, create an alternate timeline, and then sink it to the bottom of the ocean. For that, I am proud, because LOST doesn't assume that I am not intelligent enough or that I don't have the patience to be challenged into venturing into the unknown. This is one of the many reasons that LOST is not just a Television Show. It is knowledge. It is infinite possibilities. It's not afraid to take risks, to take a chance, to teach us something about ourselves. And as much as I will be so sad when this show ends, I am glad that it's ending.

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"It only ends once, everything else is just progress."

02 February 2010

LOST Chess/Cuatro Promo with Terry O'Quinn Narration

01 February 2010

Questions & Predictions on LOST SEASON SIX!

I can't believe that it's finally here. I've spent over five years religiously, and almost frighteningly, dedicated to this show. I watched from the first moment it was on the screen. Who would've thought that I'd be here right now and that I'd learn so much from a television show. It feels bittersweet right now, as I am glad that it is ending because we'll get the story that was supposed to be told, but I'm also sad. But for right now, I'm going to be excited, and I am sure that when it all comes to an end, I'll spent a lot of time reflecting on the series as a whole.

Here are some of my thoughts, questions and predictions for the FINAL SEASON OF LOST (!!!):

Some of the questions that I ABSOLUTELY NEED answered:
  • What is the Smoke Monster? How was it created?
  • Why is it afraid of the security fences but can be summoned from inside the barracks?
  • How is the island moving through time and space?
  • Why is Desmond special? Will he go back to the island?
  • Why is Walt special? Will we ever see him again?
  • What is Richard Alpert's story? How did he get to the island?
  • Why doesn't he age? Why did Jacob do that to him?
  • What is the story of the Black Rock? How did it get to the middle of the island?
  • What is the sickness? Did Rousseau have it?
  • What or who are the whispers?
  • Who are Adam and Eve?
  • Did the bomb go off? Is it what caused the incident?
  • Who is the good guy, Jacob or the Man in Black?
  • What are the rules and why must there be a loophole?
  • How did Jacob and the Man in Black get to the island?
  • When and how was the four-toed statue destroyed?
  • Is Aaron special? If so, why?
  • What happened to Claire? Did she die?
  • Will she ever find out that Jack is her brother?
  • Why did Desmond have a flash of Claire getting on a helicopter?
  • Will Claire and Aaron ever be reunited?
  • Will Claire or Aaron ever get Charlie's ring?
  • Will John Locke ever get redemption?
  • Is Christian Shephard really dead? Was he on the island before?
  • Why did Jacob visit some survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 at an early age?
  • Why did he visit some as an adult and some after the crash?
  • Why did Jacob touch some of them?
  • Why can't women give birth on the island?
  • What is the significance of the numbers? Why are they cursed?
  • Who built the frozen donkey wheel?
  • What is The Temple for? Who created it?
  • Who was the first to discover the island?
  • Why is the island capable of healing people?
  • Why does the island have a pocket of electromagnetism?
  • How did The Swan fix that problem and why didn't they just built an automated system?
  • Is Sayid dead? Is Juliet dead? Is John Locke really dead?
  • Why did it seem as if Jacob was prepared to die? Did he know what was going to happen?
  • What is the significance of the hieroglyphs on the island?
  • Why did they all have to go back to the island?
  • What is the island? Why is it special? Why are they all there?
Things I'm (somewhat) okay with not having an answer for:
  • What's Libby's story? Why was she in Santa Rosa? Was she working for Widmore?
  • Who and where is Annie? What happened to her?
  • What happened to the Hurley bird?
  • Why was Ilana covered in bandages and speaking Russian?
  • Who killed Nadia? Was it Ben? Did Jacob save Sayid or kill Nadia?
  • Was Richard Malkin a fraud or did he know Claire's plane would crash on the island?
  • Why do the others always say they're the good guys?
  • Why do they kidnap children?
  • What happened with Walt when he was with the others?
  • What is the magic box?
  • How did Anthony Cooper get to the island?
  • When did the purge occur? Who was in charge of it?
  • Why did Radzinsky build a blast door map if he knew where the stations all were already?
  • Did Radzinsky really kill himself?
  • Why did Richard say that he watched them all die?
  • How did Ben and others get to and from the island so freely and how often did they leave?
Predictions for the Final Season (I know of NO SPOILERS whatsoever.):
  • John Locke will get some sort of redemption.
  • We will find out who Adam and Eve are.
  • We probalby won't find out more about Walt, unfortunately.
  • However, I think Walt having dreams about John Locke and what he says to him about him "wearing a suit, and people standing around you, trying to hurt you." are significant.
  • I'm almost positive that we will finally get a Richard Alpert backstory.
  • (More of a hope than a prediction.) PLEASE let the love triangle be over.
  • Desmond will be important. We will learn why he is special and why the rules just don't apply to him.
  • I'm starting to lean more and more toward them not crashing on the island, and landing in Los Angeles.
  • We will finally find out what the island is and why they are there.
  • We will learn more about the bomb going off, if it actually did, and what happens as a result of that.
  • I really feel like the whole story is somehow going to come full circle, and I've felt that way since some time late in Season 2. I would not be surprised if the ending to the show was actually the beginning in some form or fashion and we learned that all we've watched was a way of getting everything right and back to the way it's supposed to be somehow. That would not shock me. 
  • The two opposing sides have been going on for a long time. There's Jacob and the Man in Black, Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore, Jack Shephard and John Locke. There will be great significance to this.
  • This has all probably been going on for a very long time, and has taken a very long time to get to whatever the end point actually is. All of these people are special because they fix the timeline somehow.
  • My biggest hope for the ending is that it will be left with some mystery and it will be something that grows on you over time, becoming more and more significant and mind-blowing as you think about it. I want it to be something that was clearly there all along, but never in your face; something that makes you go back and watch every episode again and you can't believe that you didn't see it.
  • I really trust the writers of this show, so regardless of if there will be things I like or not, which I'm sure there will be, I believe it will all work itself out in a satisfying way.
  • It will be amazing, scary, awesome, mind-blowing, bittersweet, sad, happy.
  • I can't wait!
That all being said, I don't expect every question I have to be answered. I fully expect, and actually hope, that some of the mysteries will be able to live on forever. It will be what keeps people watching and talking about this show for years and years to come, and it is what LOST deserves. I'm sure there will be some things that I am disappointed in, but I have faith and am now, after five years, just along for the journey.