19 April 2010

Initial Reaction to "Everybody Loves Hugo"

This episode was pretty awesome. I always enjoy Hurley-centric episodes and this one was no exception. On the surface, Hurley appears to be the source of the show's comedy, and merely that, but there is some deep-seeded seriousness to his story. He is the source which brought us to the numbers, one of the story's largest mythological mysteries. Speaking of which; we still don't know the answer to what the numbers really mean. Sure, Hurley is funny and he says "dude" a lot, but he's also a very serious character whose story tugs at your heart-strings. He sees dead people and relays messages from Jacob. He is haunted by these things, but tries to make the best of the situation. He can make you laugh one minute and cry the next. That says a lot about the depth of his character. This season; Hurley has become a leader. Everybody loves Hugo? You're damn straight we do.

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13 April 2010

Initial Reaction to "Happily Ever After"

Oh, brotha. I said that LOST would be picking up in the next couple of weeks and I'm happy to say that it definitely has. Desmond centric episodes are arguably the best of the series. You cannot deny that. You also cannot deny that the intelligent and sophisticated storytelling are not the only thing that makes the character of Desmond so uniquely and profoundly intriguing. Desmond's world is not only mythological, but it's emotionally charged in a way that is more realistic and intense than any other character on this show. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Desmond is the heart of this show. He is everything that makes it unlike any other show than there has ever been. It is not only because he has great importance to the mythology, but it's because he makes you laugh and cry and cheer for him when he gets a win. It is because, when Henry Ian Cusick is on screen and portraying the character of Desmond David Hume, you never want it to end. Not for a second. For someone that wasn't even on this show since the very beginning, I'd have to say it's pretty damn important for a character to have the ability to impact a show in such a way. For every moment that he's gone, there is something missing. Needless to say, I am glad to have Desmond back. Now, let's discuss our favorite Scotsman and yet another of his episodes that did not disappoint in the least.

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06 April 2010

Initial Reaction to "The Package"

Okay, let's get the dirty jokes out of the way now. The title "The Package" can't help but make me laugh. I can only imagine the euphemisms being thrown out in the writers room as they wrote this episode. Between the title and Sun's undone sweater-buttons, this episode was all sorts of scantily-clad. There was also much more to it than that. There was more Season One nostalgia, lots of Korean (Including an annoying V promotional countdown clock that was subsequently blocking the subtitled translations of said Korean. Grrrrr, ABC!), Sayid Ninja-moves, Room 23, electromagnetism, more Evil-Tina Fey, and most importantly, our beloved Scots-brotha, Desmond David Hume. After the past two episodes, I can feel the momentum truly picking up. I can only hope that the pace continues. Now, let's talk about "The Package" (Giggle).

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