30 June 2010

LOST: 6 Seasons of Hurley Saying "DUDE"

29 June 2010

"Audibly Lost" A Documentary About LOST Podcasters

"Audiby Lost" The Movie Trailer from Audibly Lost on Vimeo.

28 June 2010

All of LOST's Unanswered Questions

25 June 2010

LOST Wars: Because Adding Jedis Can Fix Anything

24 June 2010

LOST: Finale Fan Farewell Transmissions

23 June 2010

LOST: The Beginning & The End

22 June 2010

Series Finale, Initial Reaction to "The End"

It has taken me a long time to finally complete this post. I swear to Duct Tape that I literally spent at least 80 hours working on this damn post. Between taking notes from watching the episode, to typing them all out, to organizing all my thoughts in a coherent manner.. It has taken forever. But, I enjoyed it all. Working on this has really helped me to explore and understand the entire episode and how I felt about it.

I hesitate to say that it was everything that I'd hoped it would be, because really, I went into this entire season with a completely open mind, and was just allowing myself to fully enjoy it. With that being said, I could not have imagined "The End" being any better than what it was. The entire episode felt like an homage, a tribute, a love-letter even, to the fans of the show. It was a masterpiece. I had been anticipating this for years, since they announced that LOST would end in 2010, and, in my opinion, they delivered. It was thoughtful. It was heartfelt. It was touching. It made me realize that the past six years of my life were truly a great experience. It made me want to go back and watch the whole damn thing all over again. I fucking loved it. But, I also can understand why some people didn't like it. So, let's discuss all of that, and everything in between, shall we?

This is going to be a long one. Bear with me.

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