27 December 2009

Season 6, A LOST Original Trailer

25 December 2009

Four LOST Christmases

22 December 2009

Another ABC LOST Season 6 Promo


15 December 2009

Ever Wondered How Often Hurley Said DUDE!?

08 December 2009

More Thoughts on "The Incident"

After re-watching "The Incident" a few times, I've actually discovered that I liked it quite a bit. I think that what originally left me feeling a bit trepidatious about it was that it made me feel as though I no longer had any clue what the hell was going on anymore. I guess that, for the past few seasons, I've spent a little too much time speculating and theorizing about LOST. So much so that I almost had it all mapped out in my head. After you spend a lot of time going so in-depth about certain theories, ripping each one apart, in order to figure out if it has validity, it hampers you from just sitting back and enjoying the show thoroughly. Since realizing that, I've decided to truly just let the ride take me wherever it may go, to just enjoy it fully because, well, we only have one season left of this wonderful show.

So, with that said, the one thing that I've been thinking the most about from "The Incident" is Jacob. I'm still not sure whether he is good or evil. But, I have been thinking about the black and white theme that has gone on throughout the entire series and showed up heavily in the opening scene of "The Incident" when Jacob and the man in black (let's call him "Esau" for now), are having their conversation on the beach.

But who are "Esau" and the man we know as Jacob? Why are they on two opposing sides?

07 December 2009

New LOST ABC Season 6 Promo