12 October 2011

Episode Analysis of 1.11 "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

WARNING: If you have not already seen all of LOST, please DO NOT READ THIS.

My LOST re-watch and in-depth episode analysis will include major details from the entirety that was LOST, and will be written with the perspective of having seen everything already. You will be SPOILED if you read any further. It is far better if you learn the story of LOST for yourself, as it is meant to be seen. Trust me on this, and don't say that I didn't warn you first. Seriously. Stop it. Now. Go watch it. Then, come back here.

To read my original post on this episode, please refer to All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.

This episode was written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and directed by Stephen Williams. It originally aired on December 8th, 2004.

This is a Jack Shephard flashback-centric episode.   

We begin exactly where we left off, in Raised By Another, in the caves, with Sayid unconscious, Hurley telling Jack, who is tending to Sayid's wounds, and Kate, who asks questions, about Ethan not being in the flight manifest, while Locke looks on in the background. The other survivors in the caves begin to become aware of the situation as Jack raises his voice. Michael joins them to talk about Ethan.

HURLEY: "He wasn't on the plane."

KATE: "Who wasn't on the plane?"

HURLEY: "Ethan.. The Canadian guy. He's not on the passenger manifest."

JACK: "Well, where the hell is he?" [He gets up from tending to Sayid's wound.]

HURLEY: "I don't know. I saw him yesterday, but now.."

JACK: [raising his voice] "Has anyone seen Ethan?"

KATE: "Sayid's leg.."

JACK: [talking louder] "Has anyone seen Ethan?"

05 October 2011

A LOST Farewell with Regina Spektor Covering "No Surprises" by Radiohead

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to write up my post about All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues for this week.  Actually, I didn't get a chance to even watch the episode yet.. So, instead of completely slacking off, I thought I'd post something else in the mean-time.

Here's a LOST Farewell video that I found on YouTube, with Regina Spektor covering "No Surprises" by Radiohead. Normally I hate LOST videos on YouTube with (usually) completely the wrong (i.e. awful) music.. Okay, anything other than Michael Giacchino just sounds wrong to me. But, being that I'm a huge Radiohead fan, and I actually like this cover by Regina Spektor.. Also, I thought the video was done well. So, here it is..