31 December 2008

3.16 One of Us

  1. Sayid, Kate, Juliet, Jack going back, stop at a stream, going to camp for the night.
  2. Jack and Kate go to collect firewood, Jack says he made a deal with them, if he took care of Ben, they'd let him off the island, he did what he was supposed to do, didn't ask questions.
  3. Juliet says let's have it, Sayid questions her while they have a moment alone.
  4. "I want to know what you people are doing on this Island. Why you're terrorizing us. Making lists. Kidnapping children. I want to know everything. But the first thing I'd like to know is, who are you?" Sayid
  5. Juliet, driving up to Mittelos Bioscience, Downtown playing in the car, Rachel is with her, Ethan gets her bags, Richard Alpert tells Rachel they're borrowing her sister for a few months, Juliet is worried about leaving her, but Rachel says the cancer is gone, she's pregnant, Juliet says she'll be back before she gives birth. From Lostpedia
  6. Juliet says that if she told him who she was, everything she knows, he'll kill her, Jack says to leave her alone, but Sayid says sooner or later, she'll answer his questions, Jack says she's under his protection, that she'll answer questions when she's ready.
  7. Claire is sleeping, while Aaron is crying, she doesn't hear him, Charlie comes to help, Claire doesn't feel well, Charlie watches Aaron, she goes back to sleep. From Lostpedia
  8. Sayid wants to kill someone, chopping through the jungle with a machete, Kate is mad too, Jack says they'll come around.
  9. "My people kept Sayid chained to a swing-set for three days, then I dragged Kate into the jungle, handcuffed myself to her and lied about it. How much time do you think they need?" Juliet "We'll be back at our beach in a couple of hours, they'll probably be over it by then. [Both laugh] You nervous?" Jack "Hell yes." Juliet
  10. At Herarat Aviation, Richard says Juliet will be with them for 6 months, that time will fly once she's there, Ethan takes her vitals, Richard says everyone's excited, her research will have impact, gives her a sedative, tranquilizer, says the trip is kind of intense, Juliet says she was okay with signing paper work, agreeing not to talk to anyone for 6 months, no one in medical community heard of Mittelos Bioscience, Richard says she was fine with those things because she knows the place she's going to is special.
  11. "Let me ask you, Juliet. You took a woman, your own sister, whose reproductive system was ravaged by chemotherapy, who was sterile. And you made her pregnant. You created life where life wasn't supposed to be. That's a gift, Juliet. You have a gift. And don't you think you're meant to do something significant with it? Where we're going, you can do just that." Richard "Where exactly are we..." Juliet "I can't tell you that. But what I can tell you is that, you'll see things there that you never imagined. Now, no-one is forcing you to do anything, so if you change your mind we're happy to take you back to..." Richard
  12. Juliet downs the orange juice really fast, passes out immediately.
  13. Juliet wakes up strapped to a bed in a bunker, Ethan says the last leg was a little bumpy, she gets out of the submarine, she's on the island, Ben comes to introduce himself. From Lostpedia
  14. Claire is sick, doesn't look so good, she says her head is pounding, Sawyer gets her aspirin.
  15. Sawyer sees that Jack is back, everyone greets eachother, they all embrace, Kate hugs Sawyer, Jack and Sawyer shake hands, Juliet watches from afar, Sawyer spots her, asks what the hell she's doing there.
  16. Hurley approaches Juliet sitting alone on the beach, he talks to her, asks if she's one of them, says he doesn't remember her from the dock, when the put bags over their heads, shocked them, Juliet says she had off that day, he asks if she's a doctor, she says that she's more of a researcher, he says that the last one of them who was there, Ethan, the he kidnapped Claire, then Charlie got upset, and he points out where they buried Ethan's body. From Lostpedia
  17. In The Staff, a woman dies on Juliet's table, Ethan is there, Goodwin says she tried, that it's okay, that he'll talk to Ben.
  18. Juliet talks to Ben, he says it was Sabine's choice to get pregnant, Juliet says she thinks it happens at conception, nothing she could do about it there, wants to take a woman off the island, back to Miami, Ben says no. Juliet says she can't help, that it's time to go home, Ben says her sister won't be giving birth in 3 months, the cancer is back, she'll be dead, shows her reports, x-rays, got them form Mikhail, says she can go home, but if she stays, he'll cure her sister's cancer, Jacob said he would take care of it, if she stays. From Lostpedia
  19. Jack wants everyone to trust Juliet, Sawyer wants Sayid to question her, but Sayid says he doesn't torture people anymore, but that he doesn't trust her, if she's innocent, why wouldn't she answer his questions, Jack says to give her time, she's afraid, tells them that Locke went with them, destroyed the sub that was going to take him off the island.
  20. Claire is bleeding, she collapses in front of everyone.
  21. Juliet says she can help Claire, that she did it to her, her immune system is turning on her, it's a reaction to the medication in her blood stream, designed by her to keep her alive, during late stages of the pregnancy, women there can't have babies, mother's body turns on the pregnancy, treat it as a foreign invader, every pregnant woman on the island has died, until Claire, Ethan infiltrated their camp right after the crash, took blood samples, Claire didn't conceive on the island, but her symptoms were consistent with the previous mothers, the kidnapping wasn't supposed to happen, he improvised, kidnapper her, it was never the plan, without the injections, she would've died, she needs the serum, Ethan kept a stash of medical supplies near the caves, she can get them, Jack says go.
  22. Juliet with Goodwin, says she's been on the island for 3 years, there's a knock at the door. From Lostpedia
  23. Juliet looks at x-rays that Karl developed for her, leaves to go tell Ben he was a tumor, he's reading Carrie by Stephen King, Juliet asks why Ben is scared, he told her no one on the island ever had cancer, said he curer her sister, says he lied to her, asks if he can cure cancer, then why he has it, wants to talk to Rachel, wants to go home, Ben says Rachel is fine, he told her the truth, gave her his word, he says no.
  24. Juliet finds the hidden medical stash by a tree, with the same marking the Others gave her on her back, Sayid and Sawyer show up, they followed her, they want answers.
  25. "You know its interesting, that you two are now the camp's moral police. I'm curious, Sayid, how long was it before you told everyone on that beach exactly how many people you've tortured in your life. Do they know about Basra? And I'm sure the first thing you did when you got here, James, was to gather everyone in a circle, and tell them about the man you shot in cold blood the night before you got on the plane. So why don't we just skip the part where you two pretend to be righteous. I'm taking that medication back to Claire. And you're gonna let me. Because if she doesn't get it, she's gonna die. And the last thing, that either of you need right now, is more blood on your hands." Juliet
  26. We flash back to the day of the plane crash, the Book Club meeting, Downtown playing, plane crash, Ben takes Juliet for a walk, they go to The Flame, Oceanic Flight 815, Sydney to Lost Angeles, 324 on board including the flight screw, Ben wants detailed files on every passenger, Mikhail says he's already working on it. From Lostpedia
  27. Ben tells Mikhail to up-link to Richard in Arcadia Park, Ben says it's live, Richard shows her a newspaper, dated September 22, 2004, Rachel with her son, Ben says 2 years ago her cancer went into complete remission, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, named him Julian, Juliet wants to go home, Ben says when her work is finished, Juliet says there are no more mothers, Ben says they'll find more, maybe even one on the plane.
  28. Juliet comes back with the case and the serum, Jack tells Charlie he trusts her, to trust him, she gives Claire a shot, says they'll see results in a few hours.
  29. Jack says if it doesn't work, he won't be able to protect her anymore, she'll be on her own.
  30. Charlie watches Aaron, Claire wakes up, she's okay.
  31. Jack brings Juliet some supplies, he says they're all good people, willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but he says that eventually they'll need answers, Jack says he trusts her because she wants to go off the island, that she's one of us.
  32. "You were there. You were standing right next to me when that submarine exploded. In that moment, I saw it in your eyes. You wanna get off this Island more than anything else in the world. That makes you one of us." Jack
  33. Juliet and Ben talk, going over a plan, he tells her to drag Austen to the jungle, handcuff herself to her, tell her she was gassed too, admit it if she catches her in the lie, only want to earn her trust, go back to the beach with them, Ben says he activated the implant in Claire, symptomatic within 48 hours, crisis for her to solve, hide case at Ethan's old drop-point, tell Jack she can save her, he'll see her in a week.
  1. Was Juliet lying about Claire being sick?
  2. Why do pregnant women die on the island?
  3. Did Jacob really cure Rachel's cancer or did it really even come back?
  4. Why does Ben have a tumor when he said no one on the island has ever had cancer?
  5. What happened in Basra? How did Juliet know so much about Sayid and Sawyer?
  6. When did Juliet stop working for Ben?
  1. "If I told you who I was. If I told you everything that I know. You'd kill me." Juliet "What you think I'll do if you don't?" Sayid
  2. "Erm, you probably shouldn't have drunk that so fast." Ethan
  3. "Well if it ain't three men and a baby.. I counted Hugo twice. Oh what, come on I used your name." Sawyer
  4. "Mikhail! It's Ben. I'm here with Juliet, we're approaching the house. Don't shoot us..." Ben
  5. "A plane fell out of the sky, Mikhail. Of course we saw it." Ben
  1. What a great reveal at the end of the episode, even though it didn't really go anywhere.
  2. Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell, where are the Emmy nominations?

30 December 2008

3.15 Left Behind

  1. Kate is being held in the rec-room, she hears someone coming, attacks Juliet, who lays her out, says she was just bringing her something to eat.
  2. Kate's car broke down, being towed, Patsy Cline playing, will take 3 days to get her car fixed, fan belt, she's in Iowa.
  3. Kate at the mechanic shop, she sees Cassidy running cons, Kate helps her out so no one calls the cops, buys one of her bracelets to convince a guy that they're real, Cassidy wants to know why she helped her, says she's stranded there for some reason and didn't want the guy to call the cops, she gives Kate a ride to town. From Lostpedia
  4. Locke goes to see Kate, who's playing backgammon, he says they captured him, but only temporarily, came to say goodbye, he's leaving with them, Jack has to stay behind like her, doesn't want to go home, says that he made a strong case for her, told them she was a good person, reliable, smart, honest, but they told him who she was, and what she'd done, that forgiveness isn't one of their strong suits, he wishes her good luck, says he's sorry, and leaves her there.
  5. Hurley discretely tells Sawyer there's going to be a vote to banish him tomorrow, after the Nikki and Paulo thing, there's a consensus that he has to move half a mile down the beach, Hurley says that he needs to make amends, that there are benefits of being part of their society, that he can't even feed himself, he uses their latrine.
  6. Kate eats her sandwich from the floor, she sees the Others, they are leaving the barracks, they're gathered, packing bags, putting on gas masks, a canister is thrown into the rec-room, Kate tries to escape, covers her mouth, but the gas gets her, she loses consciousness. From Lostpedia
  7. Kate tells Cassidy that her name is Lucy, Cassidy says that's not her real name, that nex time she shouldn't think about it, Lucy says it's after a saint, says a few months ago, she killed her stepfather and escaped from a US Marshal, her father was a bad guy, she's in Iowa to talk to her mother, Cassidy says she'll help, tells her she fell in love with the wrong guy, that he took her life savings, they bond.
  8. "I fell in love with the wrong guy. And then I gave him my life savings. He conned me, and embarrassed me. He was a bad guy. So, I'll help you get the meeting with your Mom, Lucy, because one of us deserves something good." Cassidy
  9. Kate wakes up in the jungle, handcuffed to Juliet.
  10. Sawyer tries to fish to prove that he doesn't need anyone, but he's unsuccessful at cleaning it, he wants Hurley to help him make amends, change the vote.
  11. Kate steals Juliet's knife while she's unconscious, but Juliet wakes up, Kate tries to pick the handcuffs, says they're going back, that her friends are probably gassed, Locke came in and said goodbye, that they were all going somewhere.
  12. Cassidy poses as Kate, goes to her mother's door, but the feds, the Marshal, come out, Cassidy says she's just selling bibles. From Lostpedia
  13. Cassidy goes to meet Kate, says they questioned her for half an hour, 6 guys waiting there, that she doesn't know what she did to the Marshal, but if he ever gets his hands on her, it's going to be her or him, wants to know why, Kate tells Cassidy what she did, step-dad used to get drunk and beat up her mom, made it look like an accident, a gas leak, that she took out an insurance policy on the house, mom gave her up, she wants to know why.
  14. Kate looks for a trial, asks why they're in the jungle, Juliet says Ben has a thing for mind-games, Juliet says she hopes that she's not dragging her all the way back there for him, he told her not to come back, and she ruined his chance to get off the island, Juliet and Kate have a chick fight, the monster comes, Juliet dislocates her shoulder, they run, Juliet asks what it is, but they hide in a tree, she sees the monster, it approaches them, it flashes, appears to take photographs, and it doesn't attack them. From Lostpedia
  15. Hurley tells Sawyer to make nice with Claire, that she's really influential, if she votes for him to stay, he's home free, tells him to show interest in Aaron.
  16. Sawyer brings a blanket to Claire and Aaron, tells them he doesn't need it. From Lostpedia
  17. Juliet says she's never seen the monster, that it's the 4th time her shoulder has been dislocated, wants Kate to pop it back in, says Jack saw Kate and Sawyer on the monitor, told them not to come back because she broke his heart. Kate isn't gentle, pops Juliet's shoulder back out, Juliet screams.
  18. Sawyer and Desmond go boar hunting, Desmond says he's never said three words to him, asks about his angle, Sawyer says he has hearts and minds to change, have to give the people what they like, meat. They get a boar.
  19. Juliet and Kate get going.
  20. Cassidy goes to Diane's diner, spills soup on her, so Diane goes into the bathroom, Kate is there waiting for her, wants to know why, Diane says she thought maybe she was sorry, that you can't help who you love, that she'll scream if she sees her again, won't tell 2 men waiting outside, they've been following her for a month. From Lostpedia
  21. Kate says she doesn't know him, but Juliet says she knows all about Jack, where he was born, what his parents did for a living, that he was married, who he was married to, why he got divorced, how his father died, his height, weight, birthday, blood type.
  22. Kate and Juliet hear the monster again, they run, fall in mud, come to the sonic fence, Juliet opens the handcuffs with a key she has, says the fence is off, Kate is reluctant but she goes to the other side, Juliet turns the alarm on, the monster approaches, but hits the fence and stops, then goes away, Juliet says they don't know what it is, but that it doesn't like the fences, she says that she was left behind too, spent the past 3 years of her life with them, maybe if she thought they were in it together, she wouldn't get left behind again. From Lostpedia
  23. Charlie likes the boar, Sawyer says he hopes remembers that at the vote later, but Charlie doesn't know what he's talking about, Sawyer figures Hurley out.
  24. Hurley says he didn't con him, that he needs to be the temporary leader, says Jack didn't want it either.
  25. "Jack's gone, Locke's gone, Kate and Sayid, you're all we got. And Paulo and Nikki dying, we all look to you. Then again you totally tried to steal the diamonds, but we wanted to look to you. Look around, you made everyone happy. Just for today, they can eat boar, laugh, and forget that they're totally screwed. And who did that for them dude, you." Hurley
  26. Sawyer feeds everyone, they're all happy, he holds Aaron. From Lostpedia
  27. Juliet and Kate return to the barracks, Kate gets Jack, Juliet gets Sayid, Kate says they all left because of her, that she should have listened to him, she says she's sorry, tells Jack that they left Juliet too, Jack says they go back now.
  28. Kate wants to help Cassidy, she tells Kate she's pregnant, the baby is his, that she still loves him, Kate says to call the cops, have him locked up, tells her that her name is Kate.
  29. Sayid says that he checked all of the houses, that there are no weapons, no trail, 50 people disappears into thin air, Jack says they should take what they can find and leave, Sayid says no Juliet, Jack says she's coming because they left her behind too.
  1. Has Juliet seen the monster before?
  2. Why did the monster take photographs of Juliet?
  3. Why doesn't the monster like the fences? Why can't it go over the fence?
  4. Why has Juliet's shoulder been dislocated so many times?
  1. "You know how for three days, ten hours and fifteen minutes I ain't allowed to use nicknames?" Sawyer "Yeah?" Hurley "Well, you, Sir Hugo, are rotund, annoying, and you're ruining my damned view. How's that for amends?" Sawyer
  2. "I ain't gonna get the Korean vote." Sawyer
  3. "Dude you stink. What is that, fish?" Hurley "No." Sawyer "Did you try to gut one yourself? How have you not learned that by now? I mean we've been here like, three months." Hurley
  4. "Apologize for calling me all those names." Hurley "[Sighs] I'm really sorry I called you rotund." Sawyer "Really?" Hurley "Ah God, you're worse than a girl. Come on, let's, spread the love." Sawyer
  5. "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on." Kate
  6. "No. I just came by to say, your baby's... he's not as wrinkly as he was a couple weeks ago." Sawyer "[Puzzled, then laughs] Yeah, I, I guess he's not. Thanks!" Claire "Oh and er, this is for you. [Hands Claire the blanket]" Sawyer "Thank you." Claire "I don't like, blankets. Well goodnight." Sawyer
  7. "How's your shoulder?" Kate "Awesome." Juliet
  8. "[At the beach, Sawyer pours beer over the skinned boar as he cooks it] Ahaha!" Sawyer "Um, ah, its delicious. Just a little DHARM-A1 and paprika." Charlie "I hope you'll remember this little barbecue at your meeting later." Sawyer "Oh what meeting?" Charlie "Hurley told me about the vote." Sawyer "Vote? Since when did anyone around here vote?" Charlie
  9. "You son of a bitch. There wasn't ever gonna be no vote." Sawyer "But, wasn't it nice, being nice?" Hurley "You tricked me into being decent? That's gotta be the lamest cons in the history of cons." Sawyer "It wasn't a con dude. If you're gonna be our temporary leader, you need to do some damage control." Hurley "Leader? The hell are you smokin'?" Sawyer
  1. Sawyer was reading Watership Down again.
  2. Although, Kate having a flashback entirely devoted to her meeting Cassidy and her mother telling her why she screamed in Born to Run, is kind of lame, I don't really mind this flashback.

29 December 2008

3.14 Exposé

  1. Nikki is running frantically through the jungle, she stops and buries something, she gets up and keeps running toward the beach.
  2. Nikki is a stripper, named Corvette, she goes into an office in the back, finds Mr. La Shade, stealing the money for the orphanage, that means he's the Cobra, he attacks her, she says Razzle-dazzle, she gets shot, series wrap for Corvette, it's a television show, Billy Dee Williams, they're in Sydney, the director says she doesn't need to die, they could say she's wearing a bullet proof vest, she says she's not leaving, that she loves him. From Lostpedia
  3. Hurley and Sawyer are playing ping-pong, Nikki runs up to them, stumbling, she collapses in front of them, Sawyer says to go get some water, looks around to see what happened to her, but Hurley checks her, says that she's dead. 84 days ago--Nikki is having breakfast with the director, Zuckerman, Paulo is his chef, the Wolf Gang Puck of Brazil, Howie gives her a diamond bracelet, he starts to choke and he dies, heart attack, her and Paulo poisoned him, Nikki takes a key form around his neck, they go to a safe, Paulo wants to have a cigarette, but Nikki says it's evidence, they take a Matryoshka doll, something is inside it.
  4. Everyone checks on Nikki, there's no gunshot wound, no knife, polar bear bite, maybe she was poisoned, check the food supply, she has gunk under her fingernails, Sawyer says she said something like plywood, but Hurley says it sounded like power-lines, but then thinks about it and realizes that she said Paulo lies, he's her husband, or boyfriend. From Lostpedia
  5. 80--days ago--Howard L. Zuckerman, creative force behind hit shows Exposé, Strike Team Alpha and Dr. Kincaid Esquire, found dead from heart failure, Paulo and Nikki read in a newspaper in the Sydney Airport, drinking champagne, Paulo is chewing nicotine gum, they see Boone and Shannon arguing, they ask for a chair. Nikki tells Paulo to promise her that they'll never end up like them, Nikki looking for Paulo on the day of the crash, Jack helping Claire, Locke with Gary Troup, Dr. Arzt asks her if they're alive, Boone runs by and asks her for a pen, she finds Paulo, she wants to know where the bag is. From Lostpedia
  6. They find Paulo in the same condition as Nikki, pants undone, shoe in a tree, Sawyer sees something, but doesn't say anything, tells Jin not to drink his water, pours it out, Hurley says it's evidence, that he's screwing up the crime scene, Jin says the monster.
  7. 75 days ago--Paulo and Nikki are looking for their bag, Paulo says maybe the monster is a dinosaur, Nikki says they've been there for 6 days, the Coast Guard is coming, Ethan offers to help, Nikki says they're not looking for clothes, that Paulo lost his nicotine gum, Ethan says look in-land, that the plane split apart over the island, maybe some of the stuff rained down in there, Dr. Arzt says Boone took the water, everyone fighting, Jack gives his infamous life together, die alone speech.
  8. They move Paulo's body to where Nikki's is, Hurley agrees with Jin, says it's the monster, says that Eko said they're next, and Nikki and Paulo were there, Sawyer says they should look in their tent, find out about them, get some shovels.
  9. "He wasn't saying you're next about them, he was saying you're next as in, you're all next." Sawyer
  10. 57 days ago--Nikki talks to Dr. Arzt, being flirty, he's a scientist and an educator, he tells her about his discoveries, 22 new species, says he's going to be the next Charles Darwin, shows her a Latrodectus Regina, the Medusa spider, her pheromones are very strong, one whiff and every male of the species would be there in seconds, she says she's trying to find her luggage, asks him about trajectories, he draws her a map, Paulo looks on nearby, he is jealous, they follow Arzt's map, find the beachcraft, Paulo doesn't want to go up, but Nikki says there might be a radio, Paulo says he'll fall, they keep going and find a metal door, The Pearl station, Paulo wants to go down, but Nikki says no. From Lostpedia
  11. Sun checked the food, but they were eating the same thing as everyone else, they go through Nikki and Paulo's things, find Arzt's bugs, a script, Exposé, Hurley watched it, tells them about it, find Nikki Fernandez on the cast list, say that's why they must've been in Australia, Sawyer finds walkie-talkie, says Nikki and Paulo were working with the Others. From Lostpedia
  12. 48 days ago--Kate tells Shannon, Dr. Arzt, Nikki and Paulo about the gun case, they all argue over not having known about it, they ask about where Kate found the gun case, then Nikki and Paulo go to the waterfall to find their luggage, Nikki wants Paulo to dive in and look, Paulo asks if she didn't need him to get the bag, if they'd still be together, Nikki says the bag is worth $8 million, Paulo goes down and finds it, but says nothing. From Lostpedia
  13. Sawyer says Nikki and Paulo could've been working with the Others, like Michael, Hurley says the Others on other side of the island, Sun says she was attacked, Sawyer says he's going to do a perimeter sweep, has a gun, they cover the bodies up.
  14. 32 days ago--Paulo has nicotine gum, digging hole, burying the doll, Locke says things don't stay buried on this island, beach is eroding, winter is coming, high tide, Paulo goes to The Pearl, hides it in the toilet tank, hears voices coming down, Ben and Juliet, Ben asks who left the door open, says cover it up with the plane, they look at the monitors, Juliet says Jack is cute, he'll never agree to surgery, Ben says he'll convince him, find something he's invested in, exploit it, Juliet asks if they grab Ford and Austen too, Ben says no, they need to come to them, get Michael to bring them, Paulo takes walkie. From Lostpedia
  15. Hurley asks Desmond about Nikki and Paulo, if he knows anything, use his psychic powers, Desmond says he only sees flashes, he says Nikki was with Sawyer, Hurley says that Sawyer said he didn't know her, but Desmond says she was yelling at him.
  16. Vincent pull the blankets off the bodies, Hurley wonders why Sawyer's so into investigating, Sun says that Sawyer isn't a murderer, that he went all the way across the island to help Michael, it was the Others, that she knows what they're capable of, Hurley gets Desmond. From Lostpedia
  17. Charlie tells Sun it was him who kidnapped her.
  18. "It was me who took you, not the Others. I wasn't myself. After Locke hit me. After he humiliated me. Sawyer told me I could get even by helping him steal the guns, we just made it look like, the Others. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry." Charlie
  19. 9 days ago--Everyone heads to The Pearl, Paulo gets the package form the bathroom, diamonds, puts them down his pants, puts the doll back in the toilet, flushes.
  20. Hurley tells Sawyer to give him the gun, Sawyer says it's not even loaded, Hurley says Desmond saw him fighting with Nikki, asks Sawyer if he killed them, he says no, Sawyer says Nikki wanted a gun, didn't tell them because she was digging, he saw a mound of fresh dirt, burying something, must've been something good, Sun takes the pouch, they're diamonds, Sawyer says to keep them, because he had nothing to do with it. From Lostpedia
  21. 12 hours ago--Nikki is sitting on the beach, upset, says Thanksgiving was two weeks ago and they missed it, just like they're going to miss everything, Paulo says they're going to find them, they'll get rescued, that he has perspective, the bag could've torn them apart, Paulo says he'll go get them breakfast, Nikki finds his gum wrapper in the sand, knows he's lying, asks Sawyer for a gun, he says no, they argue.
  22. Sun confronts Sawyer while he's digging Nikki and Paulo's grave, about the kidnapping, says she won't tell Jin, gives him the diamonds back, says they're worthless there.
  23. They have a funeral for Nikki and Paulo, Sawyer pours the diamonds in the grave. From Lostpedia
  24. "Nikki and Paulo. I guess we didn't really know you very well. And it appears, you killed each other for diamonds. But I know there are good parts to you too. You were always nice to me. And you're a member of the camp. And, er, I really loved Exposé. Okay, then, goodbye..." Hurley
  25. 8 hours ago--Nikki says she found the diamonds, knows Paulo has them, says she found his nicotine gun, takes a jar out and throws a Medusa on Paulo, paralyzes for 8 hours, slow heart rate, she looks in his shoe, opens his pants and find them, Paulo says he's sorry, that he was afraid of losing her, that if she found the diamonds, she wouldn't need him anymore.
  26. "Because one look from Medusa will turn anyone to stone, just like one bite from the spider will paralyze you, for about eight hours. It won't kill you, it'll just slow your heart rate down to the point of where even a doctor would have a hard time... [Paulo falls to the ground] ...Hearing it beat. You won't be able to move a muscle, so I'll be able to do, all sorts of nasty things to you. And since it bit you on your neck, I'd say paralysis will happen fast. I'm guessing that you have the diamonds on you. Huh?" Nikki
  27. Several Medusa's appear, sounds like the monster, they attack Nikki, she buries the diamonds, runs to the beach to Hurley and Sawyer
  28. "I'm paralyzed." Nikki
  29. They start to bury Nikki and Paulo slowly, Nikki opens her eyes as dirt pours over her face, they are buried alive, the pile the dirt on the grave. From Lostpedia
  1. Was the murder of Zuckerman ever found out?
  2. Why is the monster heard when Nikki is attacked by the Medusa spiders?
  1. "Razzle-dazzle!" Nikki
  2. "Look, I'm just a guest star, and we all know what happens to guest stars." Nikki
  3. "...Who the hell's Nikki?" Sawyer
  4. "Razzle-frickin'-dazzle." Nikki
  5. "If you quit flirting with random guys, maybe you could actually get on the plane." Shannon
  6. "Are we alive? Did we survive? Look at me, am I okay? Am I okay?" Dr. Arzt
  7. "Hey. Do you have a pen? Do you have a pen? Hey does anybody have a pen?!" Boone
  8. "That's evidence. You're messing up the crime scene." Hurley "Crime scene? There a forensics hatch I don't know about?" Sawyer
  9. "It's not Jurassic Park, Paulo, its the South Pacific." Paulo
  10. "Boone! Boone took the water!" Dr. Arzt
  11. "Alright, so here's how I see it. We wanna know what happened, we gotta find out whatever we can about these jabronis." Sawyer "Jabronis?" Jin "Nina and Pablo." Sawyer
  12. "Are you sure we should be listening to a High School Science teacher?" Paulo "Junior High, and yes. What's your problem with Leslie anyway?" Nikki
  13. "Okay, I'm sorry, I just, I don't trust that guy. We should have gone to Ethan, he would have helped." Paulo
  14. "Go up there, maybe there's a radio or..." Nikki "Are you insane? If I go up there that thing's gonna happen." Paulo "You're not gonna fall." Nikki "What? You want me to die?" Paulo
  15. "Only of the most awesome hour of television ever. It's like Baywatch only better. Its about Autumn and Crystal, two strippers that solve crimes with the help of their suave smooth-talking club owner, Mr. La Shade." Hurley
  16. "You're all out of control. The pigs are walking. Huh, the pigs are walking!" Dr. Arzt
  17. "No offense dude but, as far as superpowers go, yours is kinda lame. Thanks anyway." Hurley
  18. "Oh I see what this is. Villagers have got themselves some torches." Sawyer
  19. "And who the hell are you?!" Sawyer
  20. "See, and I thought I was going to get out of this without a lesson..." Sawyer
  1. If you look at this episode as a stand-alone, it really isn't terrible, and it's a pretty great filler.
  2. I love Billy Dee Williams.

28 December 2008

3.13 The Man From Tallahassee

  1. Locke has an appointment with a social worker, asks about his condition, he says he's single, has no girlfriend, was raised in foster care, that he never knew his parents, he stopped going to therapy, the woman says that his benefits have been suspended, that depression can be temporary, and if he starts going to therapy again, his benefits will be reimbursed. From Lostpedia
  2. Jack is still playing football with Tom, he stops to talk to Juliet, Kate tells Sayid and Locke that Juliet helped them escape, Rousseau is gone, they watch, Jack goes to see Ben at his house, who is in his wheelchair, shakes his hand, talks to him.
  3. "This is going to be more complicated than we thought." Locke
  4. Kate tells them they're here to rescue Jack, Sayid says they can't just start shooting, that the circumstances have changed, Jack may not want to be rescued, Kate says that's not him, that they drugged them, but Sayid says that he doesn't look drugged, that until they know, their lives are a risk, Locke says that Jack must have reasons, they should wait until dark, when Jack is alone, and if he wants out, they'll get him out. From Lostpedia
  5. "It's Jack. The first time I saw him he was risking his life pulling people out of burning airplane wreckage. If he's shaking hands with the Others, I'm sure he has a good reason. We just have to go down there and find out what it is." Locke
  6. Locke is alone in his apartment, watching Exposé, eating a TV dinner, a man comes to his door, Peter Talbot, wants to talk about his mother who is in trouble, she met a man, Adam Seward, a retired computer entrepreneur from Ontario, had something special, after 2 months she agreed to marry him, but Peter sensed there was something wrong about him, he says that Locke donated a kidney to him, that Adam Seward used to be Anthony Cooper, but Locke lies and says that it was anonymous. From Lostpedia
  7. It's night, they watch Jack talk to Juliet, and then go into a house. Kate goes in while Locke and Sayid guard the house, Jack is playing piano inside, there are cameras in the house, Jack says that they're watching them, that she has to go, but Sayid is captured and brought in by Ryan, Kate surrenders, she says it's only the two of them. From Lostpedia
  8. Locke goes to Ben's house, Ben says he can tell him where Jack is, but Locke says he's looking for the submarine, that they use it to travel to and from the island, Mikhail told him before he killed him, Alex comes in, there is a knock at the front door.
  9. Tom is at Ben's house while Locke hides in the closet with Alex, he says Austen and Jarrah have been captured, Ben says separate them, that he wants to know how they found them, Ben wants to talk to Richard, Tom leaves, says he'll wait outside. From Lostpedia
  10. Ben tells Richard to bring him the man from Tallahassee, Richard asks what they need him for, Ben says to just do it, he leaves, Locke asks what that means.
  11. Locke wants the pack Sayid had with him, sends Alex to go and get it, Ben says that his daughter currently hates him, but Alex agrees to go.
  12. John follows Cooper to a flower shop, where he's picking out flowers for his wedding with Mrs. Talbot, Locke says he's conning her, tells him about her son, Peter, wants him to end the relationship, leave town, or he'll tell her the truth, Cooper says he'll do it. From Lostpedia
  13. "Because. Because it's not fair! You make people think that you're their family. And then you leave their life in ruins. And I'm not going to let you do it again! You're going to call off your engagement and go... or I'm going to tell her the truth. I want to hear you say it! You say you're going to leave!" Locke
  14. Ben wants to get out of bed, sit in his wheelchair, says Locke knows what it's like to want some dignity, asks how he's going to pilot the sub, Ben says if he met Mikhail, he was in the communications station, he found the C4, that he's not planning on piloting the sub, but planning to destroy it, says he knows him, born in California, raised in foster care, wasted big part of his life in Tustin, pushing papers of company that manufactured industrial boxes, 4 years prior to the island he was in a wheelchair, knows how he ended up in it, asks if it hurt, Locke says he felt his back break.
  15. Kate is being held in the rec-room, getting out of the handcuffs, Jack visits her, Tom tells him to be careful, Jack says they didn't hurt him, Kate says they didn't hurt her either, Jack says that this is where they live, Kate wants to know about the people they took, the kids, Jack says they're all safe, that's he's not with anyone, that he told her not to come back, he tells her he made a deal with them, they're going to let him go home, first thing in the morning, he trusts them because she told him to, when she asked him to save Sawyer's life, that it's their best chance, Juliet says they have to go, he says that he asked her not to come back for him and he wishes that she hadn't, but that he'll come back for her. From Lostpedia
  16. Locke is returning home with groceries, detectives are waiting for him, they question Locke about Peter Talbot, he says he was a solicitor, but the detectives say that he's wroth $200 million, they say that John's name and address were on a paper in his pocket, that they know that because he's dead.
  17. Ben says it wasn't easy being in the hatch knowing Locke had no business walking around, couldn't ask about it without telling who he really was, so Locke says to ask him now that he knows, Ben wants to know if he was walking the day of the crash, if it was immediate, the moment he got there, Locke says he's wondering why it hasn't happened for him, Ben says he wants to destroy the sub because he's afraid it'll go away, the he knows if he ever leaves the island, he'll be back in the wheelchair again. From Lostpedia
  18. "That's what immediate means, Ben. You’re wondering why it hasn't happened for you. You're not recovering as fast as you'd like. How long has it been since Jack fixed you? A week? Now that I think about it, how'd you get sick in the first place?" Locke
  19. Sayid is being held by Ryan, tied to a swing-set, Alex comes to get the pack, tells him her dad wants it, Sayid calls Alex by her name, says she looks like her mother, but Alex says her mother is dead, Sayid says he's sure that's what they told her, but before they can continue, Ryan beats him, tells him to shut up. From Lostpedia
  20. Locke asks where they get their electricity, eats some of Ben's chicken, Ben says if Locke blows up the sub, there's a big problem with his people, says he was born on the island, not many can say that, most were recruited and brought there, love the place, do anything to defend it, but they need to know they can leave if they want to, the sub maintains that illusion, they're here because they want to be, but some not ready to make a full commitment, John has made that commitment, he can show him things, he says to picture of a box, imagine somewhere on the island, there's a very large box, that whatever he imagined, when you open the box, there it would be, Locke says imagine himself a sub, says Ben is cheating, that he's a hypocrite, Ben's in a wheelchair and Locke isn't. From Lostpedia
  21. "And now you have a choice. Because if you stop and if you think, I can show you things. Things I know you want to see very badly. Let me put it so you'll understand. Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don't you, John? What if I told you that somewhere on this island, there's a very large box... and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, when you opened that box, there it would be. What would you say about that, John?" Ben
  22. "Because you're cheating! You and your people. Communicate with the outside world whenever you want to, you... you come and go as you please... you use electricity and running water and guns... You're a hypocrite! A pharisee. You don't deserve to be on this island. If you had any idea what this place really was... you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator!" Locke
  23. "You've been here 80 days, John; I've been here my entire life! So how is it that you think you know this island better than I do?" Ben "Because you're in the wheelchair, and I'm not." Locke
  24. Alex returns with the pack, Locke takes the C4, Ben says Jack is leaving, the anomaly wiped out communications, it's a one way ticket, the sub can never come back, no one will find the island.
  25. Alex says Ben manipulates people, she brings Locke to the sub, he goes inside. From Lostpedia
  26. "That's what my father does. He manipulates people. He makes you think it's your idea, but it's his." Alex
  27. Rousseau watches Alex on the pier from the jungle.
  28. Ben is putting the chicken away, Jack and Juliet show up to talk to him, Jack asks a favor of him, Ben says he'll let friends go as soon as he leaves, gives Jack his word. From Lostpedia
  29. Locke is leaving the dock, dripping wet, Juliet and Jack show up with the Others, Locke says that he's sorry, he blows up the submarine, the Others capture him. From Lostpedia
  30. Locke confronts Anthony Cooper about Peter Talbot, says he thought he was going to leave, accuses him of killing Peter, Cooper says he was looking for an angle to make some money, that he's a con man, not a murder, that Mrs. Talbot is upset, she called off the wedding, he's drinking MacCutcheon's Whiskey, Locke doesn't believe him, says he's going to call the woman, but Cooper pushes him out the window. From Lostpedia
  31. Locke is in the hospital, he survived, the detectives visit him and say that his father is gone, fled to Mexico, disappeared, could be anywhere in the world right now, a physical therapist tells the detectives that's enough, Locke has work to do, but he doesn't want to, the physical therapist forces Locke out of bed, says he fell 8 stories and survived, he picks him up and puts him in a wheelchair, Locke is frightened. From Lostpedia
  32. "John. You fell eight stories and survived, okay? I don't want to hear about what you can't do. Now let's go. It's going to be all right." Physical therapist
  33. Locke is being held prisoner by Ben, he says he knows Ben wanted it to happen, that's why he left the C4 in Sayid's bag, that he wanted him to make it happen, Ben tells Richard to uncuff Locke.
  34. "Do you remember earlier, John, when you called me a cheater? When you said I didn't deserve to live on this island? Well get this: there I was, shaking hands with Jack, and thinking I'd give almost anything to come up with a way to stop him from leaving... because to let him go would be a sign of weakness, of failure, of defeat. People would see that. They would know it. And that, John, would be the end of me. But to kill him... that would be cheating, because my people also heard me make a promise, and to break my word... that would be the end of me too. And then you came striding out of the jungle, John, to make my dream come true." Ben
  35. Richard, Ben and Locke leave the room, head down the hall.
  36. "When I asked you earlier if it hurt when you suffered your injury, I think you misunderstood me. Seems fairly obvious that when a person's back smashes into a hard surface after being thrown from a building, that that's going to sting a little. But I really wasn't asking about the physical pain." Ben "What, do you want to know if it hurt my feelings?" Locke "No John. I wanted to know what it felt like when your own father tried to kill you. He's the reason you destroyed the submarine, isn't he? You're afraid. You're afraid of him and this is the one place he can never find you. This is the one place he can never get to." Ben "What do you want from me?" Locke "I don't know how it happened, but you seem to have some communion with this island, John, and that makes you very, very important. You have no idea what you're talking about, of course, but in time you'll have a better understanding of things. So what do I want? I want to help you, John." Ben "Why?" Locke "Because I'm in a wheelchair and you're not. Are you ready to see?" Ben
  37. Ben shows Locke what's in the magic box, Locke is amazed, it's Anthony Cooper. From Lostpedia
  38. "Dad?" Locke
  1. How did Ben know that they would need the man from Tallahassee?
  2. When did Richard and Ben discuss Anthony Cooper? How did Richard get him?
  3. Why is Locke dripping wet when he leaves the sub?
  4. How and when did Anthony Cooper get to the island?
  5. What is the magic box?
  1. "I'm sorry. No solicitors. [points to a sign that says "NO SOLICITING"] I have a sign." Locke
  2. "The man from Tallahassee? What is that? Some kind of code?" Locke "No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head." Although we obviously should." Ben
  3. "So tell me, John. How do you expect to pilot our submarine? I mean, it's a complicated piece of machinery. You don't just press "submerge." Ben
  4. "Where do you get electricity?" Locke "We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel at our secret underground lair." Ben
  5. "Mmm. I never really appreciated chicken until right now." Locke
  6. "I'd say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new submarine." Locke
  1. If Jack had actually left the island, that probably would have been the last time he saw Kate.
  2. Did it hurt? Did it hurt, when you fell from the sky, John?
  3. I love the scene where the physical therapist is putting John in the wheelchair, it's shot phenomenally well. The wheelchair becomes a character and Locke is so frightened by it. Good work, Jack Bender.
  4. One of the best episode endings ever.
  5. The food in Ben's refrigerator changes from when Locke opens it to when Ben opens it.
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27 December 2008

3.12 Par Avion

From Lostpedia
  1. A close-up of Claire's eye, she is dazed and bloody, was in a car accident, her mum went through the wind-shield, is laying in the street, unconscious, a truck is in front of them. From Lostpedia
  2. Claire wakes up, Charlie fixed a picnic for her, says he wants to seize the day.
  3. Sayid says the Others are 2 miles away according to the map, Locke says it's an electrical wiring map, it may not be accurate, Sayid and Locke argue, but Kate just asks Mikhail if they're going the right way, he says yes, Rousseau says to shoot Mikhail, but Kate says no.
  4. Claire and Charlie are having their picnic, but Desmond shows up and asks Charlie to go boar hunting with him, Claire sees birds flying overhead and says she thinks she knows how to get off the island.
  5. Claire wants Jin's nets and fish, a flock of sea birds flew over, they're migratory, heading south, scientists tag birds to track them, they'll eventually land in Australia or New Zealand, someone gathers them, they can catch one and send a message with it.
  6. Charlie is doubtful about Claire's plan, asks how she knows so much about birds, she says she watched a lot of nature shows with her mum.
  7. Claire gets stitches, an Officer questions her, asks how the accident happened, she says that a truck forced her off the road, she was driving, father died when she was 2, truck hit them, came out of nowhere, the Officer says it's standard procedure when there's fatality, but her mother isn't dead, she's in surgery.
  8. Kate questions why Rousseau hasn't asked questions about Alex, Rousseau asks her if she cares about her friend, Jack.
  9. "Imagine sixteen years from now, you’re told he’s still alive, but in your heart, you know that he wouldn’t remember you, he wouldn’t know you. He wouldn’t even know that you ever cared about him. I haven’t asked you questions about my daughter, because I do not want to know the answers." Rousseau
  10. Mikhail says he was recruited when he was 24, approached by a man, brought in on the submarine, 2 weeks ago underwater beacon stopped emitting locator signal, an event, electromagnetic pulse, impossible to come back, not capable of understanding because she's not on the list.
  11. "The man who brought me here, who brought all of my people here, he is a magnificent man. I will try to make this as simple as I can. You are not on the list because you are flawed. Because you are angry, and weak, and frightened." Mikhail
  12. "The more I learn about your people, the more I suspect you’re not as omniscient as you’d have us believe. Don’t speak to us as if you know us." Sayid
  13. Mikhail knows all of them, about them.
  14. "Of course I don’t know you, Sayid Jarrah. How could I? And you, Kate Austen, are a complete stranger to me. But you John Locke, you I might have a fleeting memory of, but I must be confused, because the John Locke I know was paral—" Mikhail From Lostpedia
  15. Rousseau interrupts Mikhail to point out the sonic fence.
  16. Jin and Sun help Claire, get nets, make chum, Sun says her mother had high hopes for her, this would be her worst nightmare, Claire says her mum was a librarian.
  17. Claire visits her mom in the hospital, Aunt Lindsey blames her, doctor says stabilized immediate injuries, mom suffered a severe head trauma, wait for swelling in her brain to go down before determining the extent of her injuries, looking at widespread damage, that right now machines are keeping her alive. From Lostpedia
  18. The expenses have been taken care of, the doctor has been asked to keep it confidential.
  19. Claire is about to catch one of the birds, but Desmond scares the birds away with gun shots, Desmond says sorry, he was catching a boar, but Claire wants to know what's going on, is suspicious of Demond and Charlie.
  20. Sayid says don't touch the pylons, Mikhail says they're a security parameter, sensors triggered if anyone passes between them, alarm system, trap, Mikhail says it hasn't functioned in years, they encircle entire barracks, no way around. From Lostpedia
  21. Locke pushes Mikhail through the sensors to see if they work or not, the barrier goes on, Mikhail starts to have a seizure, falls to the ground, from a cerebral hemorrhage, blood coming out of the ears, foaming from the mouth. From Lostpedia
  22. "Thank you" Mikhail
  23. Sayid and Kate are angry about what Locke did, but say they'll talk about it later, first they have to figure out how to get through the fence, Kate says they don't go through, they go over the fence, asks Sayid to get the axe, which is in Locke's pack, which also has C4. Sayid asks why, Locke says you never know when C4 will come handy.
  24. Charlie doesn't want to give Claire false hope, thinks she might be overreacting, but she kicks him out of her tent, doesn't want her baby around liars.
  25. Christian Shephard is with Claire's mom, Lindsey says Carole wouldn't want him there, they argue, but Christian tells Claire he's the one taking care of the bills, that he's her father.
  26. They chop down a tree and place it on top of the pylon, Kate climbs up the tree and over the fence, jumps down, she's okay, everyone follows.
  27. "The system appears to fire a sonic pulse when an object breaks the plane between two pylons. So, as long as we don’t break the plane, we should remain unharmed." Sayid
  28. Sun tells Claire she has every right to be upset, Charlie and Desmond are arguing, Claire asks Sun to watch Aaron, says she's going to get some answers.
  29. Christian goes to see Claire at her piercing shop, they have coffee, he says his doctor friend told him about the accident, him and mom had a fling, was in Los Angeles when she was pregnant, came out a bunch of times when she was little, stayed over, gave her toys, sang to her, stopped coming because Lindsey hates him, mother didn't like that he had another family, that he came because he wants to help, wants her to look at alternatives, to relieve her pain, Claire gets angry, doesn't want to kill her, says he might be her father, but she doesn't even know his name, and wants to keep it that way. From Lostpedia
  30. "Claire! Claire, Claire listen to me. Do not keep your mother alive for the wrong reasons. Now there is hope and there is guilt. And believe me, I know the difference. Bye kiddo, it was great seeing you again." Christian
  31. Claire follows Desmond, he catches a bird, she asks how he knew, he says he didn't, but Claire says he walked straight there, Desmond tells her what's going on with Charlie. From Lostpedia
  32. "I don’t know, but you know, you walked straight here, no doubt at all about where you were going. You came right to this beach and right to this rock, and lo and behold, there’s the bird. What the hell is going on Desmond?" Claire "See that spot over there? That’s where Charlie slipped and fell in and got pounded again and again by the rocks and broke his neck." Desmond "What? What are you talking about?" Claire "That’s where Charlie died." Desmond
  33. Claire shows Charlie the bird that Desmond caught, with the tag on it.
  34. "Desmond told me everything. About all his visions; that he knew you were gonna get hit by lighting; that you were gonna drown, trying to rescue me in the ocean; how you died trying to get me this bird." Claire
  35. Claire goes to see her mom in the hospital, she's pregnant, she turns the television on so mom can hear her nature shows, tells her about the baby, giving it away, for the best, doesn't know how she did it, raising her alone, that she's sorry, for the awful things she said to her in the car, that she wished she was dead, the accident, everything. From Lostpedia
  36. Charlie reads the note Claire wrote and Claire sets the bird free with the note attached.
  37. "To whom it may concern, we are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. We have survived on this island for 80 days. We were 6 hours into the flight when the pilot said we were off course and turned back towards Fiji. We hit turbulence and crashed. We’ve been waiting here, all this time, waiting for rescue that has not come. We do not know where we are, we only know you have not found us. We’ve done our best to live on this island. Some of us have come to accept that we may never leave it. Not all of us have survived since the crash, but there is new life too, and with it, there is hope. We are alive. Please don’t give up on us." From Lostpedia
  38. Claire says she's not giving up on Charlie, that it's going to be okay, they'll get through it together.
  39. Kate sees the birds flying overhead, they arrive at the barracks.
  40. They see Jack running toward them, but he's playing football with Tom, being friendly. From Lostpedia
  1. How did Mikhail know John Locke?
  2. Why wasn't Locke on Jacob's list?
  3. Why does Claire think her mother, Carole, is dead?
  4. Why didn't Desmond just let Claire catch the bird the first time?
  5. Did Desmond's vision have to happen exactly the way he saw it?
  6. What happened to the bird with the message?
  1. "Well it’s certainly not as infallible as the magical carvings on your stick." Sayid
  2. "What do you suggest; we shoot him like a dog?" Sayid "No, I like dogs." Locke
  3. "Pardon me, for not knowing that they had err, err, a sonic weapon fence." Locke
  1. Par Avion is French for "by way of air" and is used to designate Air Mail.
  2. Christian Shephard telling Claire he is her father, a very Star Wars moment, with Claire and Jack becoming Luke and Leia.
  3. I love the scene where Desmond catches the bird, a wave crashes on him.
  4. Mr. Friendly throws like a girl.