26 March 2010

Initial Reaction to "Ab Aeterno"

WOW. That was so incredibly compelling. I was in the story from beginning to end. The storytelling in this episode was gripping and heart-wrenching. I don't think that I've ever been this quickly invested into a character's backstory since we were first introduced to Desmond's story in Live Together, Die Alone. From the moment we saw Ricardo on that horse; I was sold. I'm excited, so enough with the chit-chat, let's talk, in great detail, about how incredible this episode was.

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22 March 2010

Initial Reaction to "Recon"

Some loved it; some hated it. I was very entertained. Of course, there was some predictability and not a whole lot happened. I agree with that. When you invest yourself so thoroughly into a television show for six years, you get to know the people that create and write much better than you think. As much as we've (the fans) put ourselves into this show, they've invested way more than we can even imagine. The show, in a way, becomes a dialogue between the creators and the fans. We get to know eachother through the screen. I think we've become so accustomed to the craziness and confusion that is LOST that we almost try too hard to anticipate their every move at this point. In many ways, I think, especially in this final season, that they're trying to keep us on your toes, though in much subtler ways that they have before. Relax people. It's building. LOST has always been a character story. If this is the story that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse wanted to tell, then regardless of if I like it or not, I respect that. I'm not going to set myself up for failure. I have loved this show for six years, and if the ending isn't every single thing that I had hoped and theorized it would be in those six years, I'm not going to stop loving it because of that. Perhaps, I will be a bit disappointed. That's a strong possibility. I expect they won't answer every question that I want answered. I'm okay with that. What LOST changed about television is that it never stops making you think, and I wouldn't expect any less if LOST left me thinking for the rest of my life. Now, I'll give you a topic and let's discuss... "Recon" is neither a "re" nor a "con," discuss!

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16 March 2010

Initial Reaction to "Dr. Linus"

Dr. Linus is a doctor? Didn't see that one coming! This episode was pretty awesome, though not as high-paced as I had anticipated. It was a very strong character episode, regardless of the pacing. Well, until the last two seconds when everything is all well and nice and everyone's hugging, and then the cheeriness is all blown to hell when Charles Widmore shows up to the party. Dude always has to ruin everything that's fun. Will he go on a baby killing tour around the island? Well, considering there are no longer any babies on the island at the moment... maybe he'll re-kill Claire's squirrel baby. That thing is the only thing that's more of a mood-killer than Widmore. But, I guess we'll only find out what his deal is in the weeks to come (Though probably not next week because they always like to do that to us. Grrrrr!). Enough chatter, let's get into it, Dr. Linus...

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09 March 2010

LOST…If It Were Baywatch!


08 March 2010

Initial Reaction to "Sundown"

I enjoyed this episode a lot. It wasn't the best thus far this season, and it definitely wasn't the worst either, but the action in it was just awesome. It also was probably one of the darkest and most disturbing episodes of LOST in a long time (The Man Behind the Curtain always freaked me the hell out.). I strongly disagree with those who are becoming quite frustrated and keep saying that these episodes are "filler" and nothing is really happening. These people need to remember that the reason that LOST drew us all in was its characters. Those wonderful characters lead us to the mythology. That mythology lead us to answers eventually. If I didn't have patience, I would have never kept watching this show. I love LOST for its many questions, its mythology, and the fact that it challenges me to think and to learn and grow as a person, and that is all rooted in the characters. I truly believe that the character and mythology building is going somewhere. Believe me, if it doesn't soon, I will be the first to object. But, the thing is, I've spent six years obsessing over this show. I'm going to let myself enjoy it now. I'm not going to spend what little is left of it complaining. If you want to watch a show that doesn't make you think or leave you wondering, go which HEROES (Sorry to those who still watch it, but it's true.). LOST is still a good show. This is the story that the LOST creators/producers/writers wanted to tell, and I respect that, because for six years they have earned that respect from me. I trust that they will take this where it was meant to go. That's all I have to say about that. Also, Sayid is awesome. Now on with the show...

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