28 November 2008

2.15 Maternity Leave

  1. Night, Aaron crying, fever, rash, Locke goes to get Jack, Rousseau shows up.
  2. "He's infected." Rousseau tells Claire, but Claire has a flash of a vaccine, a girl, needle, Claire's pregnant stomach, Ethan, Claire, scratching Rousseau.
  3. "It's a vaccine. You don't want him to get sick." Ethan
  4. Jack says that Rousseau is crazy, that Aaron isn't infected.
  5. Claire asks Libby for help, tells her what happened, that she was taken.
  6. Locke gives Henry a book to read in the armory. From Lost Hatch
  7. "Did you know that Hemingway was jealous of Dostoevsky?" Locke tells Jack.
  8. Locke and Jack argue about what to do with Henry Gale and pushing the button.
  9. Libby help Claire meditate, to try to remember what happened to her.
  10. Claire sees a flash of a mobile on the crib.
    From Lostpedia
  11. Claire sees a doctor's office, a man talking, mild sedative, Claire says he was going to Los Angeles, giving the baby up for adoption, Ethan giving her shot, vile with the numbers on it, same as Desmond's, medicine for her baby. From Lostpedia
  12. Claire wakes from her meditative state. "It was Ethan."
  13. Eko cuts down the trees he marked, he goes to the hatch for a saw while Jack hides Henry in the bathroom.
  14. Kate gets a gun from Sawyer to go find the place where Claire was taken.
  15. Claire gives Aaron to Sun. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Sun asks, which causes Claire to have a flashback to when she was taken.
  16. Claire sees Ethan "You need to be sure," airplane, girl again, covering mouth, needle.
  17. Claire is heavily drugged, Ethan has a surprise, he shows her baby's room, nursery, baby crib, Oceanic crib mobile plays Catch A Falling Star, toys, stuffed animals, furniture.
  18. "What happened to Charlie?" Claire asks Ethan. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch
  19. "You were supposed to make a list and then bring her in." Mr. Friendly
  20. Ethan says they knew he wasn't on the plane, that they had the manifest.
  21. "What am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's going to do when he finds out. Damn it, Ethan." Mr. Friendly
  22. Kate and Claire explore to find what happened to Claire, they get Rousseau to help.
  23. Eko asks Jack about the man in the hatch, Jack assumes Locke told him.
  24. Rousseau takes Claire to where she scratched her, Claire has another flashback, room, knitting, Ethan brings her out for a walk, he says when Claire has the baby, she goes, that it's her choice, but there's not enough vaccine for her and the baby.
  25. "We're good people, Claire. We're a good family." Ethan
  26. Claire finds a medical hatch, The Staff, baby's room, everything is gone, cleared out. Kate, locker room, hat, glue, beard, dirty costumes.
    From Lostpedia
  27. Claire finds baby's sock, has another flashback, teenage girl wakes her up, Claire is heavily drugged again, tells her they're going to take the baby, Claire doesn't want to go, but Alex helps her escape.
  28. "They're gonna cut him out of you." Alex
  29. Claire finds examination room where the medication was, she has a flashback of being on the ground, Rousseau finds her, knocks her out, she saved her from the Others.
  30. "You're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for." Rousseau
  31. "She was good." Claire tells Rousseau that Alex helped her.
  32. Locke and Jack allow Eko to talk to Henry Gale.
  33. "The first night I spent on this island I was dragged into the jungle by 2 men. They never spoke a word to me, nor I to them. I killed these men, smashed in their head with a stone, felt their blood on my arms. I need you to know how sorry I am for this. I need you to know that I am back on the righteous path now, and that I regret my actions. I ask you for your forgiveness." Eko makes a sacrifice and cuts off his beard. From Lostpedia
  34. Aaron gets better, he's not sick anymore. Claire gives him the booty.
  35. "Now I know that we're supposed to be together." Claire tells Aaron.
  36. Henry Gale tries to get to Locke, manipulate him. Henry asks about Hemingway and Dostoevsky, why Locke allows Jack to call the shots.
  37. "Are you the genius, or are you the guy who always feels like he's living in the shadow of a genius?" Henry
  38. Locke starts to do the dishes, but smashes them because Henry got to him, we see Henry's menacing face.
  1. Why did the Others want Claire's baby?
  2. What drugs was Claire on?
  3. How did Claire have a dream of the Oceanic mobile before she was in The Staff?
  4. Why did Alex help Claire?
  5. Why did Eko want to talk to Henry?
  6. Was Eko's beard a sacrifice the island demanded?
  1. "Dostoevsky? You don't have Steven King?" Henry Gale
  2. "Well, Thelma, seeing as I got all the guns, I do get to ask why." Sawyer "No, you don't." Kate "Yes, I do--watch. Why?" Sawyer
  3. "No cheeseburgers, huh?" Henry Gale
  4. "You have good ears." Locke "You have thin doors." Henry
  1. The story of Dostoevsky and Hemingway parallels Jack and Locke's relationship.
  2. The Oceanic Airlines crib mobile in Claire's flashback of the medical hatch, The Staff, is the same one she saw in the dream that she had in Raised By Another.
  3. Claire is so annoying and irrational.
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25 November 2008

2.14 One of Them

  1. Iraq, Gulf War, bombing, shredding documents, Sayid says his commanding officer isn't there, Kate's dad, Sargent Sam Austen is in US Army, Sayid tells him officer fled to Hillah.
  2. Ana Lucia tells Sayid she saw Rousseau, he tells her to go back, Rousseau takes him to a trap she set, Sayid is weary.
  3. Sayid translates between his commanding officer and the US Army Sargent Austen, they want to know where a pilot is, Tariq tells Sayid that he is a disgrace, to kill them.
  4. Sawyer finds Hurley with his stash of food. From Lost Hatch
  5. Danielle takes Sayid to a man she caught in one of her traps. Henry Gale, from Minnesota. Sayid cuts him down, he starts to run, but Rousseau shoots him with a bow and arrow that she made, she believes he's one of them.
  6. "He is one of them. Tie him up. You should take him to your doctor. He's no good to you dead." Rousseau "And then what?" Sayid "You talk to him, Sayid. As I recall, that is what you do. But know this--he will lie, a long time. He will lie." Rousseau From Lostpedia
  7. Tariq, Sayid's commanding officer, before was head of Chemical Warfare Battalion in the North, personally supervised Sarin gas on a village, Sayid had relatives there.
  8. "Loyalty is a virtue, but unquestioning loyalty, I don't think that's you." CIA operative Joe Inman says Sayid will have to make Tariq talk to him. From Lostpedia
  9. Sayid wakes Locke, shows him Henry Gale, he says 4 months ago he crashed in his balloon trying to cross the Pacific, wife died 3 weeks ago, Sayid believes he is suspicious, he tells Jack not to untie him.
  10. Jack removes the arrow from Henry, Locke says Gale is convincing. Sayid asks Locke to change the combination on the armory.
  11. They put Gale in the armory, Sayid locks himself in with Henry.
  12. Sayid tortures Tariq to get information. The pilot of the plane was executed 2 days ago, buried in a field 4 kilometers away, he tells Joe Inman.
  13. "Sayid, you are a loyal soldier. The son of a great hero. Do not disgrace your father!" Tariq
  14. Jack questions Locke and Sayid's decision to torture Henry, that he might be telling the truth, but Locke asks what if he is lying.
  15. Henry Gale says he and his wife stayed on the beach, had ADF beacon, wife's maiden name was Murphy, they met at the University of Minnesota, she got sick, started as a fever, after 2 days she was delirious.
  16. Sayid says he was 23 years old when the Americans came to Iraq, he was a good man, a soldier, but that it changed him, the next 6 years he tortured men.
  17. "There is a part of me which was always capable. You want to know who I am? My name is Sayid Jarrah and I am a torturer." Sayid
  18. Henry says his balloon is 140 feet high, 60 feet wide, 55,000 cubic feet of helium, 100,000 of hot air to keep her up, big yellow smiley face. He was rich, it was his dream, Jennifer though it would be neat, so he sold his mining company, non-metallic metals, he buried his wife in the jungle by his balloon.
  19. "You would remember! You would remember how deep. You would remember every shovelful, every moment. You would remember what it felt like to place her body inside. You would remember if you buried the woman you loved. You would remember if it were true!" Sayid "Did you, did you lose someone? Did you lose someone here on the Island? Did you lose someone, too? What happened to her?" Henry Gale From Lostpedia
  20. Jack hears Sayid torturing Henry and makes Locke give him the combination to the armory before he can push the button, the time goes down past zero and hieroglyphs show.
  21. "You talked me into pushing that button once, John, but it's yours now. You're the one who won't risk it, you. Me? I don't think anything's going to happen when we get down to zero. You want to see what's going to happen? Let's just see what's going to happen!" Jack From Lostpedia
  22. Jack pulls Sayid off of Henry, there are whispers apparently. Sayid tells Jack that Henry Gale is lying, Jack asks how he knows.
  23. "Because I know. He is one of them." Sayid
  24. Kate's dad, Sargent Sam Austen, on US Army helicopter, holding a picture of her. From Lost Hatch
  25. The US Army is pulling out, not going to Baghdad, Kelvin speaks Arabic, Sayid says he'll never torture again, Kelvin gives him $600, bus fare back to Ramadi.
  26. "What you made me do, no human being should ever have to do to another." Sayid "One of these days, there will be something you need to know, and now you know how to get it." Inman "I will never do that again." Sayid From Lostpedia
  27. Sayid tells Charlie about Henry Gale, that Rousseau found him, that he beat him, Charlie asks him how he knows he's lying.
  28. "I know because I feel no guilt for what I did to him." Sayid tells Charlie that everyone has forgotten about what happened to him and Claire, how they were taken, that Charlie was hanged and left for dead, that the Others are merciless. From Lostpedia
  1. Was "Henry Gale" caught in Rousseau's trap on purpose?
  2. Is Danielle Rousseau working with the Others, with Ben Linus?
  3. How, when did Sayid learn to speak English?
  4. What happened to Sayid's family? Who was his father?
  5. Did Ben know about Shannon's death?
  1. "Tell him his mother is a goat." Tariq
  2. "You know you're supposed to refrigerate that after you open it." Sawyer "Well, actually in the back it says it'll keep at room temperature for up to 7 years." Hurley
  3. "You shot him with an arrow?" Jack "Do I have a bow?" Sayid
  4. "If this was a scary movie, I'd be with a hot chick, not you, Barbar." Sawyer
  5. "It kind of reminds me of a turtle I once had. Its name was Stuart. It ran off when I was 10. Well, that's what mom said. I kind of think she threw him out." Hurley
  1. Henry Gale is the name of Dorothy's uncle in the 1939 film, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, where he arrived in the land of OZ when his balloon took him there by mistake.
  2. Henry Gale is "one of them," meaning the others, and Sayid is "one of them" when he works with the Americans in the Gulf War.
  3. This is the first time we see Henry Gale, or Benry. What were we getting ourselves into, Benjamin Linus?
  4. The Sayid and Henry Gale scenes are so powerful, kudos to Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson. I really love those scenes.
  5. The apparent whispers when Jack is pulling Sayid off of Henry Gale, From Dark UFO: Too close (Right after Henry says “I’ll tell you whatever you want”). Don't talk to them (Behind "He's lying"). That guy's stupid (Behind "He's lying"). I'd never let them beat me. I protect my people. What do you want to do? (Very faint) Don't let them break you, Henry (Very faint). Who told you they're gone? Think carefully now. How are we gonna save Henry? You can't save him. I can hear you. What have I got to do? Try to save Henry (I can't see you).
  6. The whispers when the countdown clock hits zero, From Dark UFO: (Center Channel) Let go of Henry. Can we (just) abort? I warned him not to do it. Can't do it from the shelter (south)? Can't move him ? Hello? Apparently they have done this before. Time to get another. I've decided to go with this (I want to see it). We'll decide. (Center Channel Fast)Stop him. That'll do (I'll go). I would have saved him but she ran into him. We need a torturer (Silence). Control of his buddy (Silence). You've heard them fighting for control? All over. (Center Channel Super Fast) What are they going to do to Henry in there?(Silence) Plan something. He got busted. It's not over (This part was a different speed than the rest). Obviously he knows something. Drop the (blast) door. It's gone wrong (In background). Don't set 'em free. (Left & Right Channel) You tell him what to do. Is he crawling? Why don't you tell him who you are? Thought I could get you to them. It's not over. Who called the doctor? (Left & Right Channel Fast) I don't think he'll be able to con them. Boy, that makes you confident. Is that computer on? How long has it gone for?(Combined with music) He's fine (Combined with music). (Left Channel Super Fast) Stand up so they'll call it off. Who are you caring about? He don't work. We wanted to share it. (Right Channel Super Fast) Somehow we will go and reach him. From here it wasn't so great.
  7. The whispers during the interrogation/torture scene, From Dark UFO: Maybe we should have stopped it/him. Try to execute. We've got to see if we can get through to him (Sayid: Tell me about this balloon). Get off for a second (Henry: What?). Something's blocking it. It's right beside him (Sayid: This balloon that brought you here with your wife). Go ahead and do it. Might have heard from him. My eyes hurt (Henry: What do you want to know). Is he gonna give it away? He's interrogating him (Sayid: Everything). Calmly begin speaking and act completely. So, it's okay. We can get you through this ordeal. We are minding the radio (Henry: She's a hundred and forty feet high, sixty feet wide.) It ain't sixty feet. It can't be much taller than that, maybe a hundred footer (Henry: and when she's up in the air, 550,000 cubic feet of helium.) Clearly he thought you were on top if it. Clearly he's not too on top of it. That gives more to do. (Henry: And if you could look down on her.) He's on to him. Probably blew it. (Henry: you'd see a.) So, he buys it. He played him. (Henry: big yellow smiley face on top) It's not quite ready. I need help. They don't believe him. (Sayid: Why would you travel in that way?) Tell him "for my business." Why else would he do it? (Henry: Because I was rich.) Any country might have fit. Just stay calm and he won't hurt you. (Henry: It was my dream.) I know you're doing something. Screwed something up. He "beeped" it up. I don't know how else to put it.
  8. I do not hear any of these whispers.

24 November 2008

2.13 The Long Con

  1. Jack brings the 6 guns in the Halliburton case to Locke so he can put them in the armory with the Virgin Mary statues. Jack asks why he didn't break them, Locke says that he's superstitious.
  2. Jack goes through Sawyer's stash for medicine, he takes his painkillers.
  3. Sawyer and Cassidy, he tries to pull his long con on her, she figures him out, says she didn't take anything in her divorce, that he should've done his research.
  4. Sawyer tells Kate about Jack and Ana Lucia's army.
  5. Hurley gives Sayid the radio from the tailies.
  6. Sun is almost taken by "others," knocked out, hands tied. From Lostpedia
  7. Sawyers tells Kate he thinks it's one of them, that they left a trail, the hood they used was different.
  8. "Here's the good news, baby. Everybody's scared, but the thing they're scared of most is missing an opportunity." Sawyer
  9. Kate questions Ana Lucia to Jack, how well he knows her.
  10. Ana Lucia tells Jack that Sun's attack is making more people join the army, including Steve. Jack asks her where she was when Sun was attacked.
  11. Kate thinks it was Ana Lucia's play to get her hands on the guns, she tells Sawyer, asks him to help her by going to the Swan to warn Locke, who is alphabetizing the library. From Lost Hatch
  12. The long con, get somebody to do something like it's their idea, but it's your idea. Sawyer thinks Cassidy has $40,000, but she admits she lied and got $600,000 from her divorce.
    From Lostpedia
  13. Sawyer tells Locke about Ana Lucia and Jack coming to get the guns, he asks Sawyer to help him move the guns, Sawyer says he's telling him to piss off Jack.
  14. Sawyer in diner, orders 2 beers, the waitress is Kate's mom, Diane. Gordy, Sawyer works for, conning Cassidy for 6 months, says he has feelings for her. From Lost Hatch
  15. "A tiger doesn't change his stripes." Gordy
  16. Gordy says he'll kill both of them if he doesn't get his money.
    From Lostpedia
  17. Jack confronts Locke about the guns, but it was Sawyer the whole time.
  18. "You were so busy worrying about eachother, you never even saw me coming, did you?" Sawyer
  19. "There's a new sheriff in town, boys. You all best get used to it." Sawyer From Lostpedia
  20. Sawyer tells Cassidy the truth, that Gordy is going to kill him, that he knew about the money, that she was the long con, tells her to leave, go to Sioux City, Sage Flower Motel off Highway 29, wait for him, says he loves her.
  21. Kate figures everything out, that Sawyer played them all. She thinks that he wants everyone to hate him and that's why he did it.
  22. "Good thing you don't hate me, freckles. You run, I con. A tiger don't change his stripes." Sawyer
  23. Hurley reads a manuscript from the plane, Bad Twin. Sayid tries to fix the radio, listens with Hurley on the beach, find Rousseau's transmission, and they find a station, WXR, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Moonlight Serenade. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch
  24. "It could be coming from anywhere." Sayid "Or any time. Just kidding, dude." Hurley
  25. "How does someone think of something like that?" Charlie helped Sawyer with the guns, he wanted Locke to feel like a fool, he didn't want the Virgin Mary statues. From Lostpedia
  26. Sawyer conned Cassidy again in the end, he never gave her the money.
  27. "I'm not a good person, Charlie. Never did a good thing in my life." Sawyer
  1. Did Sawyer plan the long con on Cassidy from the start or did he improvise when she figured him out?
  2. How did Sawyer know Kate would ask him to go to Locke?
  3. How did he know that Locke would move the guns?
  4. Did Sawyer con Gordy too?
  5. Where did the radio transmission come from?
  6. Did Sawyer really love Cassidy?
  1. "You want to break 7 Virgin Maries, be my guest. I'm superstitious." Locke
  2. "You even got Locke to take a swing at you. Hell, that's like gutting Gandhi to beat his kids." Sawyer
  3. "Well, as much as I'd like to learn to feather my hair, I lost my damn glasses on the raft. You want to read it to me? What, you got an appointment or something?" Sawyer "Alright, 10 Ways To Tell If He's A Sensitive Man." Kate "Now, there's a sensitive man." Sawyer referring to Locke spending time with Claire.
  4. "Hey, man. You gonna put the lime in the coconut, drink 'em both up?" Hurley
  5. "You couldn't get away. You versus Sun, hot oil death match--my money's on you, Sheena." Sawyer
  6. "It looks like the good folks of Island Town are about to form a posse, get themselves armed up. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Jack didn't find himself that horse of yours and start leading the charge in a big white hat." Sawyer
  7. "One second, I'm like this close to the high score on Donkey Kong." Sawyer "Where's Locke?" Jack "I don't know. I think he said something about going to the store for a pack of smokes." Sawyer
  1. We the viewers are put on a long con because the first person they show when Sun is attacked is Sawyer, leading us to believe that he has nothing to do with it.
  2. It's amazing how much Sawyer has changed and grown as a character. He says that he's never done a good thing in his life, but in the end, he does.
  3. Sawyer cons Cassidy off-island and knows that she will figure him out and want to work with him, while he cons the survivors on-island and knows that Kate will ask him to help her. They both play into Sawyer's hands.
  4. I believe that Sawyer long conned Gordy as well as Cassidy.

20 November 2008

2.12 Fire + Water

  1. Charlie's dream, painting, The Baptism Of Christ, Charlie as a child wearing bunny slippers, his mom gives him a piano, his dad disapproves of his music career. He is a butcher.
  2. "You're special, love. Some day, you're going to get us out of here. All of us." Megan
  3. "Save us, Charlie. Save us." Megan and Liam tell Charlie.
  4. In the ocean, Charlie as an adult playing the piano, Aaron is crying, whispers, Aaron in piano floating in the ocean. Charlie is wearing the taped FATE on his fingers again. From Lostpedia
  5. Claire is getting close to Locke, wants Charlie to stay away.
  6. Liam's daughter in the hospital, Karen named her Megan, after Charlie and Liam's mother. Charlie lies and says Liam is on his way.
  7. The same Kinks song that Charlie was singing to Jin in the previous episode, He's Evil, is on in the background in Charlie and Liam's apartment.
  8. Charlie's dream, like the painting, guitar, baby crying, Aaron's cradle in the ocean, Charlie goes in to save him, he can swim now. Claire and his mother tell him "You have to save the baby, Charlie." Beachcraft, doves, Hurley as John the Baptist asks what he is doing, which causes Charlie to snap out of his dream.
    From Lostpedia
  9. Charlie asks Locke for help, he says to leave Claire alone.
  10. Drive Shaft commercial for baby diapers. "You All Every Butties." Liam going through withdrawals destroys their chance at making some money. From Lostpedia
  11. Hurley and Libby do laundry in the hatch. Libby questions why the washer and dryer are newer than everything else in there. Hurley says he knows her from somewhere. Libby says that Hurley stepped on her foot on the plane.
  12. Charlie tells Eko about his dreams, flying doves, Claire and his mom say to save the baby. Eko is marking trees.
  13. Charlie tells Claire that Aaron is in danger, that he has to be baptized.
  14. Charlie and Liam write a song about two brothers. Karen kicked Liam out for dropping Megan.
  15. Locke follows Charlie to his stash, takes it from him. From Lostpedia
  16. "You said everything happens for a reason. This island tests us. That's what this is, John, a test. This is my test. That's why these are here." Charlie
  17. Liam sells Charlie's piano, been clean for 2 days, quits the band. He's going to Sydney for a job and so he can go to rehab and be with his family.
  18. "What about my family?" Charlie asks Liam, while you can see the London Underground in the background.
  19. Charlie starts fire on the beach camp, takes the baby, Locke beats him up.
  20. Charlie tells Jack that he started the fire while Jack repairs his wounds.
  21. Claire asks Eko about baptism, he baptizes the both of them.
  22. Locke changes the combination to the armory, put the Virgin Mary statues inside.
  1. What was the significance of Charlie's dream? Was it really to baptize Aaron or is he in greater danger?
  2. Why are the washer and dryer newer than everything else in the hatch?
  3. Did Hurley really step on Libby's foot? How does he really know her?
  4. Was Charlie doing drugs?
  5. Why is Charlie's relationship with his father painted so negatively in this episode?
  6. Is Mrs. Pace dead?
  7. Did Charlie really know how to swim or was it just the dream?
  1. "Well, you got a little love connection brewing over there, Jabba?" Sawyer
  2. "Hey, Libby!" Sawyer
  3. "Because these are the ones I like." Eko
  4. "You hittin' that?" Ana Lucia asks Jack about Kate.
  5. Eko baptizing Claire and Aaron.
  1. I like the dream sequence in this episode, but otherwise it's pretty disappointing. I can see how a lot of people dropped the show during Season 2. It definitely isn't my favorite, but I enjoy it a lot more now going back and watching than I did when it aired.
  2. The scene with Ana Lucia and Jack coming out of the jungle is purely there to show us that they're talking about raising an army, which is pure crap because they never do anything with it.
  3. It is impossible for Hurley to have stepped on Libby's foot considering he was in the front of the plane and she was in the back. How did she know he was the last one on the plane? How could she have known he was sweaty and had headphones, especially considering he didn't put his headphones on until the plane took off?
  4. Claire is allowed to be crazy and annoying in this episode. However, Locke has no excuses.

19 November 2008

2.11 The Hunting Party

  1. Gabrielle and Angelo Busoni travel to see Jack from Italy because of his expertise in spinal surgery. She wants him to do surgery on her father because of his success with Sarah's surgery, but Jack is reluctant. He agrees to do the surgery anyway. From Lostpedia
  2. Jack discovers that Locke has been knocked out, Michael locks Jack and Locke in the armory so that he can go after Walt. He says that it's his right and no one is going to stop him from doing it, that he has to do it alone. From Lostpedia
  3. Kate and Sawyer go to the hatch to have Sawyer's bandages changed. They find Jack and Locke, who decide to go after Michael. Sawyer wants to go too, but Jack won't allow Kate.
  4. Jack is at the hospital doing tests on Mr. Busoni until 4:30 AM. He goes home and Sarah tells him she thought she was pregnant.
  5. "That's the price of being a miracle-worker." Sarah
  6. Locke, Jack and Sawyer follow Michael. Locke asks Sawyer what direction they came from, the East, but Michael is going North. Michael is traveling in a straight path. From Lostpedia
  7. Jin wants to go after Michael, but Sun won't let him.
  8. Christian warns Jack to be careful with Ms. Busoni. He suspects something.
  9. "Careful. There's a line, son. You know it's there. And pretending it's not--that would be a mistake." Christian Shepard
  10. "No, your name. Why'd you pick Sawyer?" Locke "What do you mean, pick?" Sawyer "After the census, Hurley gave me the flight manifest. Your name is James, right? James Ford. Just an interesting name to choose is all. Where'd you get it from?" Locke
  11. Locke, Jack and Sawyer hear shooting, they find 3 shell casings, but they heard 7 shots.
  12. Mr. Busoni dies during the operation, his heart gave out 7.5 hours into the operation.
  13. Gabrielle thanks Jack in the parking lot, they kiss, Jack leaves.
  14. Locke wants to go back, he lost the trail. Jack says no, Zeke agrees. From Lostpedia
  15. Hurley and Charlie listen to Geronimo Jackson in the hatch, Hurley asks him about Libby.
  16. Zeke, or Mr. Friendly, the same man from the boat that took Walt, talks to Jack, Sawyer and Locke.
  17. "Walt's fine. He's a very special boy." Mr. Friendly
  18. "Just sit down, Jack. Nobody's going to hurt you." Mr. Friendly
  19. "Since the dawn of our species man has been blessed with curiosity. You know the other one about curiosity, don't you, Jack? This is not your island. This is our island." Mr. Friendly
  20. Jack thinks that they have the others outnumbered, but he's wrong. They also have Kate, who followed them. Zeke gives Jack a line that he's not supposed to cross, tells them to go home, they take their guns away and they leave. Sawyer says they're not done.
    From Lostpedia
  21. Jin doesn't like to be told what to do, Sun was for 4 years.
  22. Kate tells Jack she's sorry.
  23. Jack tells Sarah that Gabrielle kissed him. Sarah tells Jack she's leaving him, that she's been seeing someone, that she already planned to do it.
  24. "You will always need something to fix." Sarah
  25. "How long do you think it would take to train an army?" Jacks asks Ana Lucia.
  1. Would Michael really have shot Jack if he tried to stop him?
  2. Why does Locke ask Sawyer about his real name? Does he know he got it from his father, the real Sawyer?
  3. Why does Jack make Kate stay behind?
  4. Why don't the Others just explain the situation to them?
  5. Why don't they just take them right there?
  6. Why would Mr. Friendly quote Alvar Hanso? Is he Dharma?
  7. What happened to the damn army?
  1. "Did you just throw a banana at me? There are better ways to wake a man up, Freckles." Sawyer
  2. "It's a good thing I'm traveling with my doctor." Sawyer
  3. "Well, yeah, there's my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place?" Sawyer
  4. "Why'd you pick that name?" Locke "Ain't it obvious? All you need is an earring and a mop." Sawyer
  5. "Do you think Claire's missed me yet?" Charlie "Dude, it's been a day." Hurley
  6. "This music is quite depressing." Sayid From Lostpedia
  7. "That's an interesting theory." Mr. Friendly
  8. "You and me ain't done, Zeke." Sawyer
  1. Jack, stop being such a big baby. If you weren't so awkward and emotional about everything and had taken Kate with you, she wouldn't have been captured by the Others and used against you!
  2. Um, Jack, brilliant idea, but why don't you ask the one dude on the island who has actually been in an army?
  3. The scene with the Others and Mr. Friendly is clearly the best scenes in this episode, otherwise it is by far not one of my favorites.
  4. "Since the dawn of our species man has been blessed with curiosity." A quote from Alvar Hanso.

18 November 2008

2.10 The 23rd Psalm

  1. Nigeria, Eko and his brother, Yemi. A thug tells Yemi to kill a man, but he won't do it, so Eko does it on his behalf. They ask him his name and call him Mr. Eko, rip his necklace with a cross off, then the thugs take him away with them. From Lostpedia
  2. Eko works on his Jesus stick. "Things I need to remember."
  3. Aaron, the brother of Moses. "Moses had great difficulty speaking, so it was Aaron who spoke for him." Eko
  4. Eko finds out about the Virgin Mary statue, shows Claire the heroin, confronts Charlie about where he found it.
  5. Eko gets drugs from dealer to export out of the country.
  6. Locke teaches Michael how to fire a rifle.
  7. Charlie takes Eko to statues, but Eko doesn't believe that's where he found them.
  8. "Take me to the plane." Eko
  9. Black smoke passes them by.
  10. Yemi is a priest, his church is selling statues for the polio vaccine. Eko visits his brother for the first time in 3 years, he wants to use church relief to transport drugs out of the country, but Yemi refuses to let him.
  11. "I've only done what I needed to do to survive. How is that a sin?" Eko
  12. Kate gives up her hatch/button duty to Michael.
  13. "I was a good person." Charlie tells Eko it was his brother's fault he did drugs.
  14. Eko and Charlie find priest in the jungle, the same one that Locke and Boone found. He has gold teeth, Eko says he knows him, that he saved his life.
  15. Eko threatens Yemi, he makes Eko and his men priests, they want 300 Virgin Mary statues.
  16. "Yemi, I understand that you live in a world where righteousness and evil seem very far apart, but that is not the real world." Eko
  17. Charlie and Eko encounter the smoke monster in the jungle when Charlie climbs tree. Eko is not frightened by it, rather it seems the smoke monster is frightened of him. It appears to read his memories, flashes, people's faces, whispers, then it disappears. From Lostpedia
  18. Michael talks to Walt on the Swan's computer right before Jack walks in on him. From Lostpedia
  19. Eko is loading the beachcraft with the statues and drugs, Yemi tries to stop him. The military comes in, Yemi is shot and put on the plane, Eko is left behind.
  20. "Do not get on that plane, Eko. You saved my life once and now I'm here to save yours." Yemi "Save my life?" Eko "Look, if you get on this plane. If you do this..." Yemi "Do what, Yemi? Are you a prophet now?" Eko From Lostpedia
  21. The same beachcraft is the one on the island. Eko finds Yemi's body, with his cross around Yemi's neck. He tells Charlie it's his brother. They burn the plane, he tells Charlie that he is a priest, gives him a statue to make up for the one that he broke.
  22. Charlie and Eko recite the 23rd Psalm. From Lostpedia
  23. Jin and Sun give Ana Lucia a fish, Hurley helps Libby with her tent, Jack gives Sawyer his medicine.
  24. Claire kicks Charlie out, says he lied to her.
  25. Charlie has a large stash of the Virgin Mary statues for himself.
    1. Why did the Monster decide to not attack Mr. Eko?
    2. What are the flashes in the Monster when it hovers in front of Eko? Did it read his memories or thoughts?
    3. Who was talking to Michael on the computer?
    4. How did Eko know the Virgin Mary statues were the same ones that he was smuggling drugs with on the beachcraft?
    5. Was Eko the one who was meant to crash on the island in the beachcraft? Is the island his destiny?
    6. How did the Nigerian drug plane get to the South Pacific?
    7. Did Yemi know the plane would crash on the island?
    8. Is Charlie using drugs?
    1. "Yeah, that must have been tough to live up to, right? The pressure of everyone saying, "Why can't you be more like your brother, Moses?" Claire
    2. "Hey, Jin, do you like The Kinks?" Charlie
    3. "Oh, thank you very much, Jin. I do have a beautiful voice, don't I?" Charlie
    4. "Uh, I'm lost. It was dark. I was following Sayid. Right afterwards a big bag of rocks fell on my head so I'm sorry if I'm a bit spotty with the geography." Charlie
    5. "You climb it. What if I don't? You going to beat me with your Jesus stick? I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it." Charlie
    1. The two brothers that play young Eko and young Yemi are actually brothers in real life.
    2. From Lostpedia: Even though the line of the 23rd Psalm that Eko recites with Charlie is supposed to be "the valley of the shadow of death," both clearly say, "the shadow of the valley of death." When the writers created this scene, they made that mistake, but upon reflection believed that the error was appropriate as Eko was never a proper priest.
    3. The first time we knew of Yemi was when Locke had a dream about the plane and Boone climbed up into it, discovering Yemi's body inside.
    4. Mr. Eko comes face to face with the Smoke Monster and it did not harm him, just as John Locke did.
    5. Charlie's story with his brother, Liam, parallels the story of Eko and his brother, Yemi.
    6. This is where the Charlie and Claire story really starts to get annoying.
    7. The whispers with Mr. Eko and the Smoke Monster, From Dark UFO: (Facing off with Mr. Eko) Who are you and why are you here? Report, report! Saw Charlie with him. There’s Charlie. Go to hell. Steadily. (Within the smoke) He’s trying here. Nothing yet. Now try him from here, okay. Those are the roles (or rules) you accept. Go to hell (said with Eko’s accent). Nine. Where? Seven.He’s hiding something. He’s hiding from me.