22 September 2008

Happy Anniversary to Oceanic Flight 815

From Lostpedia

Wow. I can't believe it's been 4 years since the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. That's right, 4 years. Who would've thought that a plane crash would be the afterthought to the story? It's a story you go into thinking it's going to be about a plane crashing and how it crashed, but what it's really about is the characters and the island they crash on.

Did the plane really crash? Did someone fake it? Did Desmond really cause the plane crash or was it destined to end up on the island? Did Charles Widmore fake the plane crash in the Sunda Trench or did that really happen? Were all the passengers or Flight 815 hand-picked so that they would end up on the island? Will another plane crash on the island, returning our original survivors? Will the Oceanic 6 go back?

Only 4 more months to start finding out all over again.

12 September 2008

LOST Coming to Sci-Fi, G4

Well, LOST is finally coming to syndication in a few days. It will be starting Sunday night on G4 with a two hour block of "LOST in 2.0." I'm not sure exactly what this will entail as of yet, but I'm guessing it will at least be the Enhanced Episodes, which personally, I don't really care for, but perhaps they will do more with it. It's also starting on Monday nights on the Sci-Fi Channel with a 4 hour block, and I am very excited about this. Finally, something to hold us over until Season 5 begins in a million years. It will be nice to see LOST on TV again. Although, I'm a little disappointed that it won't premiere on September 22.

NOTE: Here in NYC, LOST will also be running on ABC7 and NY55.

05 September 2008

Season 1 Favorite Characters

My favorite characters from Season 1, in no particular order.


One of the characters that I identify with the most, before he got annoying in Season 2. The underdog, the guy most people don't notice, but at the same time is complex and very capable. For being a bloody rockstar and his one-liners.


You'd think he's there for pure comic-relief, but you'd be wrong. A complex, and haunted character just like everyone else, only he hides it well. For always making me laugh, for the numbers, and for his comradery with Charlie.


The most intelligent character on the show. I identify with his struggle between his heart and mind. He's done some dark things in his life, but he's a good person and still has a tremendous heart. He longs for a woman he hasn't seen or heard from in years, but he still has hope.


A guy that appears to be an asshole, but is incredibly complex and tortured by the things that have happened in his past. For being incredibly dark, but still providing comedy and witty nicknames for everyone on the island. A man that will have redemption.


The adventurer, the man of faith on the island. He's been through so much in his life. He's been screwed over so much and never really had anything. He was in a wheelchair before he crashed on the island and now he's walking like it's nothing. For his mystery, for finding his place on the island.


Who is she? Is she telling the truth? For being on the island for 16 years, the transmission, and for being completely insane.

Honorable mentions:
Claire, when she was sweet and sane, before she had the baby.
Kate, when she was complex, before the love triangle.

04 September 2008

Season 1 Best Episodes

I should say first that Season 1 will probably always be my favorite season, so it will most likely have the most episodes that I've liked. I think it will always hold a special place in a lot of our hearts because of how fresh and new and exciting it was at that time. There was really nothing else like it on television. Finally, there was a show for me to watch that just felt right. Considering I watched the show from the beginning also, it was so ground-breaking to watch it as it went along, while thinking that there had really been nothing like it before, and thus, the reason for such a long list. Of course looking back now, it was just the beginning of something so much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

By far the episode I've seen the most. I remember watching it the first time it aired, and then when they re-ran it before new episodes came back on. I think I even taped it at one point. Then, of course, a million times from DVD. If I don't see it for a while, and then watch it, I seem to spot something new every time. It's kind of like watching it for the first time again when you've seen all of these new episodes, and then you go back and watch Pilot, Part 1 & 2. The show has evolved so much. These two episodes will always hold a special place in my heart because it was when I finally found a show for me. I love that it's like watching a movie. I love the introduction of the characters. I love that you go in only knowing that the show is about a plane crash on an island and you don't even see the plane actually crash. For the opening sequence, for the Charlie lines, for the Pilot in the tree.

Provides the first Holy Shit moment in the show. The moment you see Locke in a wheelchair is one of the biggest moments of the series. You instantly realize that the whole thing was right in front of you the entire time, and that the writers are brilliant with their damn trickery. Although, I did kind of see it coming, it was still pretty awesome. And then, to not only realize that John Locke was in a wheelchair before the crash, but to let it sink in and realize that he's not in a wheelchair after the crash. What is up with this island?

What? Jack sees dead people? Or is Christian Shepard still alive? Jack following a man on the island, that we realize is his father, and then finding a coffin he was supposed to be in. The conversation Jack and Locke have. The survivors start to realize they have to settle down on the island, that no one is coming, that they have to start making a home there so they can survive. Because if they can't live together, they're gonna die alone!

Charlie struggles with who he was before the crash. He doesn't like that people think he can't do anything, so he saves Jack in a collapse at the caves. Locke mentors him and helps him give up his drugs on his own accord. I always root for the underdog, so I really like Charlie in the first season.

Who else is on this island? We discover that the French chick, Danielle Rousseau, is still alive. Sayid leaves camp in shame for what he did to Sawyer and is caught in a trap after he follows a wire on the beach. Rousseau tortures Sayid just as he did to Sawyer. This episode raises so many questions and gives a lot of information. Probably when I realized just how much attention I had to pay to watching this show. I love discovering things on the island because it is interesting and mysterious.

Who the hell is Ethan? Why is Jack so crazy? Are they really going to kill Charlie? No, they can't kill Charlie! Oh, shit, they're gonna kill him. Oh, Jack saved him! The Charlie being hanged scene is so powerful. Why did Ethan take Claire? Where did they go? What the hell is that piece of metal that Locke and Boone found in the jungle? Non-stop action. Awesome.

Why or how is Walt special? Did he kill his mother? Does he belong on the island? Seeing Walt and Michael's backstory for the first time really makes you sympathize with what Michael went through to be with his son. To know how everything ends with them just makes it even more heartbreaking. I don't believe that Michael was a bad father, but that he just didn't know how considering the circumstances. That being said, I hope that we find out what Walt's abilities really are and what they mean. I really love Walt. I hope he's on the show in Season 5.

Our first on-island connection. Sawyer realizes that he met Jack's dad, Christina Shepard in a bar before he left Sydney. We find out Sawyer's tragic backstory. It really make you understand why he is the way he is. He's never gotten over his parents death. Sawyer knows he has a connection to both Kate and Jack, in different ways. He appears to be one-dimensional on the surface and just a jackass, but he's much deeper than that. He killed someone but only because he was tricked into believing it was the man that caused his parents death. He's not as bad of a person as he seems sometimes. He later tells Jack about meeting his father and it makes you realize that deep inside, he really is a good person.

Just when you think Hurley is nothing but the comic-relief, they throw a bunch of mysterious, cursed numbers at you from his past. Does Hurley have a connection to the island? Was Leonard in the hatch? Oh, and Carmen Reyes is hilarious.

Probably my favorite John Locke flashback. It really makes you feel so bad for him. He's never had anything in his life. He was screwed over by his own parents. It also makes you feel happy for him because he's found his place in the world on this island. Locke believes that there is a purpose in the work he's doing there. He has tremendous faith. For the dramatics of Boone using the plane's radio, the plane falling off the cliff, Locke losing feeling in his legs and then regaining it after Boone is injured, the light coming from the hatch window, and the same car that hit Michael in Special hitting Locke.

Love the Sayid flashback, how he struggles between his mind and his heart, how he's able to see the bigger picture and do things for the greater good. He's so observant and precise in his actions. He knew Locke was lying about the hatch, but chose to keep it in his back pocket until he took care of the bigger matters concerning everyone.

Our first introduction to the mind-blowing season finales. The writing on this show is so intelligent. I have to admit, Walt being taken was something I never saw coming until the moment it happened. I'm usually able to think outside the box and consider all possibilities, but I was so wrapped up in what was happening in this episode that I was completely shocked and surprised when it happened. I love this finale. It has everything; comedy, action, surprise, mystery. Who are those damn pirates? What the hell is in the hatch? Yeah, that was fun waiting like 4 months for. Although, now that seems like cake compared to having to wait 9 months to see what happens.

I can't believe I picked so many Jack episodes. Don't expect that to happen again any time soon.

02 September 2008

Charlie Pace Death Toll

From Lostpedia

Instances where Charlie Pace has almost or could have died are as follows:

Season 1
  1. In Pilot Part 1, standing next to the engine that later explodes; when the engine does explode, the wreckage lands right in front of him; running from the monster in the jungle, he falls down and Jack saves him.
  2. In Pilot Part 2, being thrown to the ceiling in the bathroom when the plane starts to go down; almost being flattened by a food cart when he leaves the bathroom.
  3. Charlie is almost run-over by a boar in Walkabout when they are in the fuselage. He is cut on his side.
  4. Charlie may have drowned if he had gone in the water after Joanna in White Rabbit.
  5. "I have an irrational fear of bees. I think I'm allergic to them." If Charlie was allergic to bees, he probably would have died in House of the Rising Sun.
  6. In The Moth, Charlie could've died when the caves collapsed on he and Jack; he begins to go through heroin withdrawal which could also lead to someone dying.
  7. Charlie is hanged by Ethan in All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues. The only reason he survived was because Jack was intent on saving him.
  8. When Rose tells Charlie that Claire being taken isn't his fault and that nobody blames him in Whatever the Case May Be, he says "Maybe I should've died."
  9. During Homecoming, Ethan attacks Charlie in the jungle and tells him that if he doesn't bring Claire back to him, he's going to kill everyone and save him for last; Charlie goes through drug withdrawals so he can fool Lucy and steal from her.
  10. In Numbers, the bridge breaks while Charlie's walking across and he leaps to safety; Rousseau shoots at he and Hurley.
  11. Charlie is nearly annihilated by one of Rousseau's death traps in Exodus, Part 2. Sayid patches his wound with gun powder so that he and Charlie can move on and rescue Aaron from Danielle.
I will be tracking Charlie's near-death experiences as I go along, so this will be updated shortly.