31 January 2010

5.16 The Incident, Parts 1 & 2

  1. Spinning a thread, a man, wearing sandals, a white shirt, appearing to be 1800s era, making a tapestry, working on it, combing the thread, a fire is burning in the room, he goes outside, on the beach, he goes out into the water, grabs a trap, with a fish inside, he takes it to the beach, it's a red herring, he cuts a fillet off, puts the fish on a rock, which is on top of a fire, he cooks the fish, then puts it on a leaf, he looks out at a ship in the distance, possibly the Black Rock.
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  2. A man comes out, walking down the beach, he's wearing a black shirt, he says good morning, asks if the man in white minds if he joins him, the man in white says please, asks if he wants some fish, the man in black says thank you, but he just ate, the man in white says he takes it he's there because of the ship, the man in black says that he is, he asks how they found the island, the man in white says you'll have to take it up with them when they get here, the man in black says that he doesn't have to ask, that the man in white brought them here, the man in black says that he's still trying to prove him wrong, isn't he, the man in white says that he is wrong, the man in black asks is he, he says that they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, it always ends the same, the man in white says that it only ends once, that anything that happens before that is just progress, the man in black asks if he has any idea how badly he wants to kill him, the man in white says yes, the man in black says that, one of these days, sooner or later, he's going to find a loophole, my friend, the man in white says that when he does, he'll be right there, the man in black says that it's always nice talking to you, Jacob, who says it's always nice talking to him too.

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  3. "I take it you're here because of the ship." Jacob "I am. How did they find the Island?" Man in Black "You'll have to ask 'em when they get here." Jacob "I don't have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren't you?" Man in Black "You are wrong." Jacob "Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same." Man in black "It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress. " Jacob
  4. "Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?" Man in Black "Yes." Jacob "One of these days, sooner or later... I'm going to find a loophole, my friend." Man in Black "Well, when you do, I'll be right here." Jacob
  5. The man in black leaves Jacob, he walks up the beach, where we see the entire four-toed statue standing in tact. From Lostpedia
  6. Near a farm, across from a field, two kids stand behind a truck, a girl and a boy, the girl asks are you going to do it, the boy says no, the girl says, fine, she'll do it, but he's going to be lookout, okay, he says okay, they go into a store, Patsy Cline plays on the radio, the boy watches while the store clerk helps a customer, the boy stands by the door and watches the clerk with the customer, the girl goes to the back of the aisle and steals a lunchbox, the two kids begin to leave, but the store clerk stops them when they're on their way out, he asks what they have, he tells the girl to open her bag, he takes out a New Kids on the Block lunchbox, asks where she got it, she says she got it over there, she points to where she got it, the man says that he knows her, that she's Diane Austen's girl, he asks what her name is, she says Katie, he says that he's calling her mom, then the cops, because they don't tolerate stealing there, he asks if she understands, a man comes in, he says there's no need to do that, that he'll pay for it, he gives the store clerk some money, he says that he hopes this is enough, the man is Jacob, the store clerk says that as long as someone pays for it, he guesses there's no harm done, but he tells Kate that he doesn't ever want to see her in there again without her parents, he asks her if she understands him, she nods, Jacob gives Katie the lunchbox, Katie says thanks, Jacob says you're welcome, he asks if she's not going to steal anymore, is she, she shakes her head no, he tells her to be good, Katie, then he touches her on the nose, Katie and the boy leave.
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  7. "You're welcome. [He kneels down to Katie.] You're not going to steal anymore, are you?" Jacob
  8. Kate is handcuffed, on the submarine, Sawyer and Juliet with her, the submarine Captain is doing some system checks before submerging to their optimum depth, he says they should be receiving their sedatives, he tells them to have a nice rest, see them on the other side, Kate says they have to get out of there, Sawyer says they're underwater, asks what the hell she's doing there, how she got caught, Kate says that she came back for him, Sawyer asks for what, Juliet asks where's Jack, Kate says that he's on his way to blow up a hydrogen bomb, Sawyer asks why the hell he would do that, Kate says does it matter, that they have to stop him, Sawyer says sorry, but he's going to pass, Kate asks if he heard what she just said, Sawyer says that he heard it, but she just doesn't get it, that they were happy until they showed up, and now that's all over, so they're going to drink their OJ and takes their chances in the real world, and if Jack wants to blow up the island, good for Jack.
  9. In the tunnels, Jack asks Sayid if there's anything in Faraday's notebook about how they're supposed to move a 10-ton bomb across the island, Sayid says that actually, it's 20-tons, and fortunately Faraday never intended to freight the device in its entirety, Eloise asks what, Sayid says that he left detailed instructions on how to remove the plutonium core, and how to detonate it, Jack says that Faraday told him that they needed to wipe out some kind of pocket of energy, he asks Sayid if only part of the bomb is going to be enough to do that, Sayid says that the core of the bomb itself is a thermonuclear weapon, and that it'll be more than enough, Richard says to wait, he tells them that they sealed that thing up 30 years ago, and put it underground because it was omitting radiation, he asks Eloise if this sounds like a good idea to her, he says that she's pregnant, Eloise says which is exactly why they have to help them see this through, she says that once the core is removed, then what, Sayid says then they have approximately two hours to take it to The Swan site, Jack asks two hours, Sayid says that when Faraday returned to the island, he was very explicit about his timetable, Jack says well then, they'd better get moving. From Lostpedia
  10. At The Swan site, Radzinsky shows up in DHARMA van, gets out, asks who stopped the damn drill, Pierre Chang is there, he says that he did, Radzinsky asks why, Pierre says that when they passed 70 meters, the drill temperature went up 60 degrees and he didn't want it to melt, Radzinsky says that's why they have a truck full of water, to cool it off, Pierre says they just evacuated the island, that they're in the midst of a possible insurrection, he asks does he really think this is the right time for his experiments, Radzinsky says that he's been working on this project for six years, designing a station that would be able to manipulate electromagnetic energy in ways that they could only dream of, Pierre asks if he's thought of the consequences of drilling into that pocket, they have no idea, Radzinsky says that if Edison was only thinking about consequences, he'd still be sitting in the dark, he says that he came to the island to change the world, and that's exactly what he intends to do, he yells for them to get it started, he puts the drill back on.
  11. "I've been working on this project for six years. Designing a station that'll be able to manipulate electromagnetism in ways we only dreamed of." Radzinsky "Have you thought about the consequences of drilling into that pocket?" Pierre "If Edison was only worried about the consequences, we'd all still be sitting in the dark. I came to this Island to change the world, Pierre; that's exactly what I intend to do." Radzinsky
  12. Thirty years later--the others trekking on the rocky shore, Locke says to take five, that they still have a ways to go to get to Jacob, they all stop, Sun asks Ben who Jacob is, Ben says that he's in charge of this island, Sun says that he said John was in charge, Ben says no, he said that he was the leader, a tittle that he's discovered is incredibly temporary, but everyone answers to someone, and the leader answers to Jacob, Sun asks what's he like, Ben says he doesn't know, he's never met him.
  13. "Who's Jacob?" Sun "He's in charge of this Island." Ben "You said John was in charge." Sun "No, I said he was the leader, a title that I've discovered is incredibly temporary. But everyone answers to someone, and the leader answers to Jacob." Ben "What's he like?" Sun "I don't know, Sun. I've never met him." Ben
  14. Locke tells Richard he's been staring for the last ten minutes, asks if there's something he'd like to ask him, Richard says that Ben said he strangled him, Locke says to his recollection, yes, Richard says that Ben said he was sure he was dead, that he loaded his coffin on to the plane, Richard asks how that's possible, Locke says that Richard has been on the island longer than anyone, that if anyone should have an explanation for this, it would be him, Richard says that he has been there a long time, and he's seen things on the island that he could barely describe, but he's never seen someone come back alive, Locke says and he's never seen someone that doesn't age, but that doesn't mean it can't happen, Richard says he's this way because of Jacob, and if he had to guess, he'd say that's why he's not in that coffin, Locke says that he agrees completely, that's why he's doing this, so he can thank him, and once he's done that, they're going to have to deal with the rest of the passengers on the Ajira flight that brought him there, Richard asks what he means, Locke says that he knows what he means, he tells everyone let's go.
  15. "He said he was sure you were dead. That he saw your coffin loaded onto that plane that you came back on. How are you alive?" Richard "Well, you've been on this Island much longer than I have, Richard. If anyone should have an explanation, I'd think it would be you." Locke "I have been here a long time, John. And I have seen things on this Island that I could barely describe, but I've never seem someone come back to life." Richard "And I've never seen anyone who doesn't age. Doesn't mean it can't happen." Locke "I'm this way because of Jacob. And if I had to guess, he's the reason you're not in that coffin anymore." Richard
  16. On an outrigger canoe, Bram, Ilana, three others and their crate, with Frank Lapidus unconscious, they arrive at the shore, Ilana says to untie the crate, Bram asks why they even brought him, Frank, Ilana says because they might need him, Bram says that he didn't even know the answer to the question, Ilana says that doesn't mean that he's not important, Bram asks if she thinks he's a candidate, Ilana notices that he's awake, Bram asks Frank how long he's been listening to them, Frank says long enough to wonder what he's a candidate for, asks who the hell are they, Ilana says they're friends, Frank asks if they hit all their friends in the head, put them in a boat and kidnap them, Ilana says only the ones they like, Frank asks what's in the box, Bram says it's her call, they open the crate, show Frank what's in the box, he says terrific.
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  17. "What, you think he's a candidate?" Bram
  18. Outside a church, a Funeral, two coffins being carried out, a boy watches, men putting the coffins in back of a Hearse, the boy sits on the steps outside the church, he writes in a notebook, but he pen is dry, a man approaches him and asks if he needs a pen, that man is Jacob, the boy says yeah, thanks, Jacob gives him a pen, he says that he can keep it, Jacob says that he's very sorry about his mother and father, James, then leaves, James continues to write his Dear Mr. Sawyer letter, a man tells him to come on, Jimmy, that they have to get to the cemetery, he asks James what he's writing, James says nothing, the man takes it, reads it, "Dear Mr. Sawyer, you don't know who I am, but I know who you are, and I know what you've done," the man tells him to listen, that he knows he's angry at the man who did this to his mom and dad, and he has every right to be, but he has to move on, he says they're gone and there isn't anything he can do to change that, he says that what's done is done, the man says now promise that he's not going to finish that letter, James promises, the man says good, gives him the letter back, he says to come on, let's go say goodbye. From Lostpedia
  19. "I'm very sorry about your mother and father, James." Jacob
  20. "Dear Mr. Sawyer...[looks at James, then continues reading] You don't know who I am, but I know who you are, and what you done. [Doug looks back up at young James, tears in his eyes. He sits down next to him.] Listen to me, Jimmy. I know you're angry at the man that did this to your momma and daddy. And hell, you got every right to be. But you gotta move on, boy. They're gone, and there ain't nothing you can do to change that. [pauses] What's done is done. Now promise me you're not going to finish that letter." Uncle Doug "I promise." James "Good. [He hands the notebook back to James.] Come on, let's go say goodbye." Uncle Doug
  21. On the submarine, Sawyer says to let him get this straight, that Jack sets off the nuke, which somehow resets everything, so Flight 815 never crashes, it just lands in Los Angeles safe and sound, so none of this ever happened, Kate says that if Jack sets it off, then it could kill everyone on the island, she asks and he's okay with that, Sawyer says that she isn't hearing him, he made a choice and he's sticking to it, he says that he decided to leave, and he's leaving, Mitch comes in, gives them their sedatives, Juliet attacks him out of nowhere, Sawyer asks what she's doing, she says that they decided to leave the island, and now they're going back, Sawyer asks if she's serious, Juliet says that they can't just let those people die, she asks if he wants out, or if he just wants to stay there and whine about, Sawyer says to unlock the handcuffs, the submarine dispatcher talks to the Captain, he says that they're ready for departure from the island, to have a safe trip, see them on their return, Juliet point her gun at the Captain, says to give her his gun, Sawyer tells him to surface the sub, he says he can't, Juliet says that once they're gone, to proceed on course, to not take those people back to the island, he asks what if Horace tries to contact him, what is he supposed to say, Sawyer shoots his communications out, he says he ain't home, Juliet says to go, the operator surfaces the sub. From Lostpedia
  22. "Let me get this straight. Jack sets off the nuke, which somehow...resets everything. So flight 815 never crashes...lands in L.A. safe and sound, and none of this ever happened." Sawyer
  23. "Once we're gone, proceed on course. Whatever you do, do not take those people back to the Island." Juliet
  24. Jack helps Sayid, who is removing the core of the bomb, gives him a backpack to put it in, Richard gets  a sledge hammer, he asks Jack a question, he says that over 20 years ago, a man named John Locke, walked into their camp and told them that he was going to be their leader, he says that he's gone of the island three times since them to visit him, but he never seemed particularly special to him, Jack says that he had a question, Richard asks if he knows him, Jack smiles, he says yeah, that he knows him, he tells Richard and if he was him, he wouldn't give up on him, John Locke.
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  25. "Over, uh, twenty years ago, a man named John Locke, he walked right into our camp. And he told me that he was going to be our leader. Now I've gone off the Island three times, to visit him. But he never seemed particularly special to me." Richard "You said you had a question." Jack "You know him? Locke?" Richard "[chuckles] Yeah. Yeah, I know him. And if I were you, I wouldn't give up on him." Jack
  26. Locke is leading his people across the beach, he asks Ben why he hasn't told him yet, Ben asks told who what, Locke says Richard, why hasn't he told him about his plans for Jacob, Ben says if by plans, he means murdering him, he assumed he'd want to keep that a secret, Locke says when did that ever stop him, Ben says that he started thinking about things differently when his dead daughter threatened to destroy him if he didn't do everything he said, Locke asks where did that happen, Ben says that it happened beneath The Temple, when they went to see the monster, Locke asks so he's willing to do whatever he says, no matter what it is, Ben says yes, Locke says well then, he smiles, he says that he guesses he won't have to convince him after all, Ben says convince him to do what, Locke says that he's not going to kill Jacob, but Ben is.
  27. "Well, I starting thinking differently about things when my dead daughter threatened to destroy me if I didn't do everything you said." Ben
  28. "Well, then. I guess I won't have to convince you after all." Locke "Convince me to do what?" Ben "I'm not going to kill Jacob, Ben. You are." Locke
  29. In Los Angeles, Sayid and Nadia walking, she says it doesn't matter, Sayid says that it's their anniversary, that they have to find a perfect place, Nadia says that she would settle for finding her sunglasses, she looks inside her purse, they go to cross the street, but a man stops Sayid, says excuse me, sir, asks him for help, Nadia continues to walk ahead, the man who stops Sayid is Jacob, he says that he thinks he's lost, Nadia continues into the street, Jacob asks Sayid if he's from Los Angeles, shows him a map, Sayid asks what he's looking for, Nadia stops, to tell Sayid that she found her sunglasses, and she gets hit by a car, the person drives away, Sayid goes after her, holds her in his arms, she says to take her home, she dies.
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  30. "Excuse me, sir? Could you help me? [Sayid turns.] I'm sorry, I think I'm lost. Are you from Los Angeles?" Jacob
  31. "Take me home, take me home." Nadia
  32. Sayid is preparing the bomb, he says that time is short, let's go, they head through the tunnels, Richard leads them, they get to a wall, Richard feels the wall for hollowness, he says to stand back, he hits the wall with a sledge hammer, it starts to crumble, he breaks through it, on the other side is a room, a staircase, Jack says that it's one of the DHARMA houses, that he'll go first, Eloise says to not misunderstand who's in charge there, that she'll go first, she says that if someone in that house is a threat, he might hesitate, but she won't, Richard says alright, he tells her to go, Eloise says that once they give the clear, then they bring the bomb, they don't want any accidents, Richard hits her on the back of the head, knocks her out, Jack asks what he's doing, Richard says that he's protecting their leader, he points his gun at them, tells them to get back, he says that she's going to be angry when she wakes up, but that's a lot better than dead, he says that she ordered them to help them, and they did, so now they're on their own, he says that he's taking her out the way they came in, Sayid says he's after Jack, they go through the hole in the wall. From Lostpedia
  33. "I'm protecting our leader. Get back. She's gonna be angry when she wakes up, but that's a lot better than being dead. She ordered me to help you, we helped you, now you're on your own. I'm taking her out the way we came in." Richard
  34. Upstairs, Jack and Sayid come up through the basement door, the alarm in the barracks is going off, they go through the house, no one is there, the loudspeaker says to all residents, that they are in a code black, to report with their weapons to their security assignments immediately, if they come into contact with the hostiles, they are authorized to use deadly force, Jack and Sayid look out the window, see everyone scattering around, Jack asks how the hell they are going to get out of there, Sayid notices a DHARMA jumpsuit, with Horace's name on it and his job title, Mathematician, he says that they hide in plain sight.
  35. Jack and Sayid leave the house, dressed in DHARMA jumpsuits, with guns, and the hydrogen core strapped to Sayid's back, they blend right in with everyone frantically rushing around, Phil orders some of his security guys to go by the gate, Sayid and Jack walk through the camp, but Roger Linus notices them, he points his rifle at them, he says hey to get their attention, talks to Sayid, says he's the son of a bitch who shot his kid, Sayid says not to fire his weapon, that he's carrying a nuclear device, but Roger shoots him anyway, Sayid falls down, Jack fires back, covers Sayid, takes him and ducks behind a house, they return gunfire, several members of the DHARMA Initiative shoot at them, Jack runs with Sayid, a DHARMA van pulls up, it's Jin, Miles, and Hurley, Jin says to get in, Jack says to drive, they fire at the van, but get away.

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  36. "We are in a code black! Report with your weapons to your security assignment immediately. If you come into contact with a hostile, you are authorized to use deadly force." Loudspeaker
  37. The submarine emerges back into the water, Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate paddle back to the island on a raft, Sawyer says from the looks at the sun, he'd say they're on the North shore of the island, Kate says that the sun is over there, that it's the West coast, Sawyer asks if she has a compass, she says no, does he, Juliet watches the sub leaving them behind. From Lostpedia
  38. "Thank you." Kate "For what?" Juliet "For backing me up at the sub." Kate "No problem." Juliet
  39. They arrive at the shore, Sawyer takes his rifle, Kate tells Juliet thank you, Juliet asks for what, Kate says for backing her up at the sub, Sawyer looks around, he says that he has no idea where the hell they are, Vincent runs up to him on the beach, Sawyer says to come here, asks how he's doing, says he hasn't seen since the flaming arrows three years ago, Juliet asks how he survived alone out there, they hear someone nearby say oh hell no, it's Rose, she calls Bernard over to them, he comes out of the jungle, Rose says they found us, Bernard says son of a bitch, Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are surprised to see them. From Lostpedia
  40. In the DHARMA van, Miles asks if that's a bomb, Hurley drives, he asks if Sayid is okay, Jack looks at Sayid's wound, Miles says does he look okay, tells him to just keep his eyes on the damn road, Hurley asks if he should pull over, Miles asks if he wants to get shot, he says to just drive, Hurley says he doesn't know where he's going, Jack says to head to The Swan site, Hurley asks why he wants to go there if Sayid is shot, Jack says if he wants to save Sayid, to take them to The Swan, Hurley says The Swan it is, Jin asks what's at The Swan, Jack says that he thinks he found a way to get him back to his wife.
  41. "I think I found a way to get you back to your wife." Jack
  42. Sawyer, Juliet, Kate, Rose and Bernard, walking through the jungle, Sawyer talks to Rose and Bernard, he says to hold on, that they've just been living out there, in the jungle, for the past three years, by themselves, Rose says uh-huh, Sawyer says that he's sorry they got left behind, he asks didn't they hear him shout to meet at the creek, Bernard says with flaming arrows raining down around them, killing everyone they knew, sure, they heard them, Sawyer says that they spent all sorts of time looking for them, that he had Jin out searching the island, grid by grid, Rose says that they know, Juliet asks if they knew, Rose says sure, they all joined up with the DHARMA Initiative, Sawyer says well, damn, he could've brought both of them in, he asks why they didn't find a way to tell them they were out there, Rose says because they're retired, they bring them to their camp.
  43. Sawyer notices their DHARMA food, he asks so they've been scavenging food and living out in the jungle by themselves, Bernard says that people try their whole life to get themselves a nice, quiet place by the ocean, where they can live in peace, and they did, that's what they made for themselves, Rose smiles, Sawyer says he'd hate to rain on their parade, by the island is about to go ka-blooey, Kate says that Jack has a bomb, Rose says who cares, Kate says excuse me, Rose says that it's always something with you people, now they have a bomb, and what, they're all going to go off and stop him, Kate says that's right, Rose says that they traveled back 30 years in time and they're still trying to find ways to shoot eachother, Juliet says they need to know which way the DHARMA barracks are from there, or they'll die, they all will, Bernard says so they'll be dead, they just care about being together, Rose smiles, Bernard says that's all that matters in the end, Rose says the barracks are five miles that way, she points, Sawyer shakes Bernard and Rose's hands, Kate says thank you, Bernard asks Juliet if she's sure she doesn't want some tea, Juliet says maybe another time. From Lostpedia
  44. "So, y'all been scavenging food and living out in a hut by yourselves." Sawyer "People try their whole lives to get themselves a nice, quiet place near the ocean where they can live in peace. And we did it. That's what we made for ourselves." Bernard
  45. "It's always something with you people. Now you say Jack's got a bomb. And what, you guys are all gonna try to stop him, right?" Rose "Yeah, that's right." Kate "We traveled back 30 years in time, and you're still trying to find ways to shoot each other?" Rose "Rose, we just need to know which way the DHARMA Barracks are from here so we can stop Jack, or you're gonna be dead. We all will." Juliet "So we die. We just care about being together. That's all that matters in the end." Bernard "The Barracks are 5 miles that way." Rose
  46. In the jungle, Ilana and her crew carry the crate, Frank says that he wishes they never showed him what was in the damn box, he asks why they need it anyway, Bram says that they need to show it to someone, Frank asks what for, Bram says so they'll know what they're up against, Frank says what exactly are they up against, Bram says something a hell of a lot scarier than what's in this box, he says don't worry, though, as long as he's with them, he's fine, Frank says he'd be reassured if he knew who they were, Bram says that they're the good guys, Frank says that in his experience, the people that go out of their way tot tell you that they're the good guys, are the bad guys, Ilana says they're here, at the cabin, which has a circle of ash around it, of which is broken, Bram points it out, Ilana says to wait here, she goes toward the cabin. From Lostpedia
  47. "I wish you'd never showed me what was in this damn box. What the hell you gonna do with it anyway?" Frank "We need to show it to somebody." Ilana "What for?" Frank "So they'll know what they're up against." Ilana "What exactly are they up against?" Frank "Something a hell of a lot scarier than what's in this box, Frank. Don't worry, though. As long as you're with us, you're fine." Bram
  48. "Look at the ash!" Bram
  49. In a hospital, a woman sits in a bed, with her face completely covered in bandages, a nurse comes over, speaks Russian, she asks the patient how she's feeling, if she's thirsty, it's Ilana, the nurse says there's someone there to see her, that she explained her condition, but he insisted on seeing her anyway, she says that she's had no visitors, that it will be good for her, Jacob comes in, he sits next to her, they speak Russian, he says that he's sorry he couldn't see her sooner, she says that she's very happy to see him, in English, he says that he's here because he needs her help, he asks if she can do that, will she help him, Ilana, she says yes.
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  50. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it sooner." Jacob "I'm very happy to see you." Ilana "I'm here because I need your help. Can you do that? Will you help me, Ilana?" Jacob "Yes." Ilana
  51. Ilana goes into the cabin, which is a mess, the dog painting is on the floor, a knife is in the wall, holding a tapestry there, Ilana takes it, she leaves, Bram asks what happened, Ilana says he isn't there, hasn't been in a long time, that someone else has been using it, she tells the others to burn it, Frank says that he's no tree hugger or anything, but it's a pretty good way to torch the jungle, isn't it, they put the cabin on fire. From Lostpedia
  52. "He isn't there, hasn't been in a long time. Someone else has been using it." Ilana
  53. Bram says so what now, Ilana shows him the tapestry of the four-toed statue, he says that he guesses they know where they're going, the cabin goes up in flames, they leave with the crate. From Lostpedia
  54. "Well, I guess we know where we're going." Bram
  55. Jacob sits on a park bench, he reads Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge, a man falls from the building behind him, Jacob gets up off the bench, he goes to check on him, it's John Locke, he appears as if he's dead, but Jacob touches him, and he wakes, Jacob says not to worry, that's everything is going to be alright, he says that he's sorry this happened to him, he leaves.

    From Lostpedia
  56. "Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright. I'm sorry this happened to you." Jacob
  57. Walking on the beach, Locke leads, they get to a camp, which is completely destroyed, Sun says this is their old camp, Locke says home sweet home, he tells everyone that Richard says they're supposed to get to where they're going by night fall, so they should take this opportunity to rest up and catch their breaths, he says that considering what he has planned for them, they're going to need it, they all settle at the beach camp.
  58. Ben sits on the beach, Locke goes over to talk to him, he notices something on the beach, he asks if everything is alright, Ben says that he was enjoying some alone time, Locke asks if he sees what's behind him, Ben looks, and it's the QUARANTINE door to the hatch, Ben says that it's a door, how about that, Locke says that it's not just a door, Ben, it's the door to the hatch, where he and Ben first met, Locke asks if he minds if he asks him a question, Ben says that he's a Pisces, Locke smiles, he asks what happened that day at the cabin, when he first took him to meet Jacob, Ben says that he clearly already knows that he was talking to an empty chair, that he was pretending, which is not to say that he wasn't as surprised as he was when things started flying around the room, Locke asks then why would he go through all the trouble to make something like that up, Ben says that he was embarrassed, he didn't want him to know that he had never seen Jacob, so yes, he lied, he says that's what he does, Locke says alright then, he gets up to leave, Ben asks why he wants him to kill Jacob, Locke says because, despite his loyal service to this island, he got cancer, that he had to watch his own daughter gunned down right in front of him, and his reward for those sacrifices were that he was banished, and he did that all in the name of a man he'd never even met, he says so the question is, Ben, why the hell wouldn't he want to kill Jacob. From Lostpedia
  59. "Not just a door, Ben. It's the door to the hatch. Where you and I first met." Locke
  60. "What happened that day at the cabin? When you first took me to meet Jacob?" Locke "Well, you clearly already know that I was talking to an empty chair, John. That I was pretending. Which is not to say that I wasn't as surprised as you were when things started flying around the room." Ben "But why would go to all the trouble to make something like that up?" Locke "I was embarrassed. I didn't want you to know that I had never seen Jacob. So yes, I lied. That's what I do." Ben
  61. "Why do you want me to kill Jacob, John?" Ben "Because, despite your loyal service to this Island, you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices? You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you'd never even met. So, the question is, Ben, why the hell wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?" Locke
  62. Sun walks around the camp, looking at everything, she sees Aaron's old crib, she goes over to look at it, turns it over, it's broken, she sees Charlie's DS ring in the blanket inside the crib, she picks it up. From Lostpedia
  63. Sun and Jin are getting married, they say their vows, Sun says that she's loved him since the first day they met, that she loves the man he'll become, as they spend their lives together, she says that, with this ring, she makes all her promises, she puts the ring on Jin's hand, he says that he wrote his down, he takes out a piece of paper, he says that they will never be apart, because being apart from her would be like the sky being apart from the Earth, he says with this ring, he makes his promises, he puts the ring on Sun, they kiss, everyone claps.
  64. After the wedding ceremony, people greet Jin and Sun, Sun's Auntie asks when they are going to start a family, Sun says maybe on their honeymoon.
  65. Jacob greets them, he says he'd like to offer them his blessing, that their love is a very special thing, he touches both of them, he says to never take it for granted, he leaves. From Lostpedia
  66. "I'd like to offer you my blessing. Your love is a very special thing. Never take it for granted." Jacob
  67. Sun asks Jin who that was, Jin says that he doesn't know, but his Korean is excellent.
  68. On the island, Hurley drives the DHARMA van, Jack checks on Sayid, he asks how much further, Hurley says they're about five minutes away, Sayid tells Jack that he can't stop the bleeding, Jack tells Jin that they need fresh dressings, Jin helps him, Miles talks to Jack, he says that bomb is supposed to send them back in time, Jack says they're not going back in time, Miles says right, because that would be ridiculous, Sayid says that he needs to modify the bomb, that he can rig it so that it detonates on impact, he tells Jack that they need to be there at the moment of the incident, or all of this will be for nothing, Hurley stops the van short, Jack asks why the hell are they stopping, Hurley says that's why, he points at Sawyer, Juliet and Kate standing in the middle of the road, with guns.
  69. "I need to modify the bomb. I can make it so it detonates on impact. Jack, we need to be there at the moment of the Incident, or all this will be for nothing." Sayid
  70. The others trekking to Jacob, Richard stops, Locke asks why they're stopping, what is it, Richard says that he'll see, they're at the four-toed foot, Locke says that it's a wonderful foot, but asks what it has to do with Jacob, Richard says that's where he lives, they walk onto the beach toward the foot statue. From Lostpedia
  71. "Well, it's a wonderful foot, Richard, but what does it have to do with Jacob?" Locke "It's where he lives." Richard
  72. In the jungle, Jack gets out of the van, he asks Kate what's going on, Sawyer says they have to talk, Jack says if they want to talk, then get in the van, they don't have time, Sawyer says that he's not getting in the van, that he needs five minutes, that's all, to say what he has to say, and then he can do whatever the hell he wants, but he's going to listen, he says that Jack owes him that much, Jack says okay, five minutes, Sawyer leaves his gun to Juliet, they go into the jungle.
  73. Jack is operating, he cuts the Dural sac, asks for suction, his dad, Christian Shephard, tells him to calm down, tells him that it's alright, but Jack is freaking out, he asks for suction again, Christian tells him to look at him, he says to count to five, Jack asks what he's talking about, Christian says that he's talking about him stitching up the sack so this girl isn't paralyzed for the rest of her life, and the only way he's going to do that is not to be afraid, he says so close your eyes, count to five, and then fix her, or he'll have to fix her for him, Jack takes a minute, closes his eyes, counts to five, and gets back to work.
  74. "Jack... look at me. Count to five." Christian "What are you talking about?" Jack "I'm talking about you stitching up the sac so this girl isn't paralyzed for the rest of her life. And the only way you're gonna do that is not to be afraid. So, close your eyes, count to five, and then fix her, Jack. Or I'll have to fix her for you." Christian [Monitor continues beeping steadily] "One... [sighs] two... three... four... five. Sutures." Jack
  75. After the surgery, Jack is at a vending machine, getting an Apollo Bar out, but it gets stuck, Jack hits the machine, Christian comes in, says hey kiddo, tells Jack that the girl is in recovery, that she's responsive to stimulus below the waist, so no paralysis, Jack says good, Christian asks if something is wrong, Jack says that he embarrassed him, Christian asks did he, Jack says that it's bad enough that everyone in the hospital thinks that he got this residency because his father is the Chief of Surgery, but then he puts him in a time-out during his first major procedure, in front of his entire team, he says that he knows that he doesn't believe in him, but he needs them to, Christian asks if he's sure that he's the one that doesn't believe in him, he leaves.
  76. "You know, it's bad enough that everybody in this hospital thinks the only reason I got this residency is because you're my father. But then you... [sighs] you put me in a time-out during my first major procedure, in front of my entire team. [Sighs] Dad, I know you don't believe in me, but I need them to." Jack "Are you sure I'm the one who doesn't believe in you, Jack?" Christian
  77. A man uses the vending machine, he gets an Apollo Candy Bar too, getting Jack's as well, he asks Jack if one of them is his, Jack comes over to get it, he says the machine got stuck, the man he talks to is Jacob, he says he guesses that it just needed a little push, he gives Jack the other Apollo Bar, Jack smiles, he leaves. From Lostpedia
  78. "One of these yours?" Jacob "[Sighs] Machine got stuck." Jack "I guess it just needed a little push." Jacob
  79. Back on the island, Jack and Sawyer go into the jungle to talk, Sawyer says to take a load off, Jack says no thanks, but Sawyer tells him to sit down, Sawyer says his folks died when he was eight years old, he asks Jack if he ever told him that, Jack says no, Sawyer says that a con-man took his dad for everything he had, and he didn't handle it too well, so he shot his mom, then he blew his own head off, he tells Jack that he was hiding under a bed when it happened, that he heard the whole thing, Jack says he's sorry, Sawyer says yeah, him too, he says that was a year ago, Jack asks what, Sawyer says right now, it's July 1977, which means that happened last year, so he could've hopped on the sub, gone back to the States, walked right into his house, and stopped his daddy from killing anybody, Jack asks why didn't he, Sawyer says because, what's done is done, Jack says it doesn't have to be that way, Sawyer asks what he screwed up so bad the first time around that he's willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance, Jack says that's not what this is about, Sawyer asks then what is it about, Jack says three years ago, Locke told him that all of this was happening for a reason, that them being here was their destiny, Sawyer says that he doesn't speak destiny, but he says that what he does understand is that a man does what he does because he wants something for himself, he asks Jack what he wants, Jack says that he had her, and he lost her, Sawyer says Kate, he says well damn, Doc, he tells Jack that she's standing just on the other side of those trees, he says that if he wants her back, just go over there and ask her, Jack says no, that it's too late for that, he gets up, says his five minutes is up, Sawyer says if what he's doing even works, him and Kate will be strangers, and she'll be in handcuffs, Jack says that if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be, Sawyer says well he guesses that there's nothing he could say that's going to change his mind, he hits Jack, asks who the hell he thinks he is, they start to beat the crap out of eachother, go back and forth, Sawyer says that he thinks he can come there and do whatever the hell he wants, he says that he had a life there, Jack tells him to listen, says he doesn't get it, Sawyer goes for a crotch shot, he chokes Jack, asks Jack if he'll stop, Jack says no, Sawyer hits him in the face more, Juliet comes in, tells him to stop, Sawyer says that he had to, that Jack wouldn't listen, Juliet says that's because he's right, she says they have to do this, Sawyer is confused, asks what she's talking about, he says that she's the one who told him to come back there and stop him, he asks what happened, she says that she changed her mind, Jack leaves.
  80. "My folks died when I was 8 years old. I ever tell you that?" Sawyer "No." Jack "Con man took my dad for everything he had. He didn't deal with it very well. He shot my mom, then he blew his own head off. I was hiding under the bed when it happened. I heard the whole thing." Sawyer "I'm sorry." Jack "Yeah. That was a year ago." Sawyer "What?" Jack "Right now it's July 1977, which means that happened last year. So I could've hopped on the sub, gone back to the States, walked right in my house and stopped my daddy from killing anybody." Sawyer "Why didn't you?" Jack "Because, Jack... what's done is done." Sawyer
  81. "What did you screw up so bad the first time around you're willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance?" Sawyer "Three years ago, Locke told me that all this was happening for a reason, that us being here was our destiny." Jack "I don't speak "destiny". What I do understand is a man does what he does 'cause he wants something for himself. What do you want, Jack?" Sawyer
  82. "Jack... if what you're doin' even works, you and Kate will be strangers, and she'll be in damn handcuffs." Sawyer "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be." Jack
  83. "That's because he's right." Juliet "What?!" Sawyer "He's right, James. We have to do this." Juliet "What are you talking about?! You're the one that told me to come back here and stop him! What happened?!" Sawyer "I changed my mind." Juliet
  84. Two young girls sit on a couch, their parents talk to them, the mom says their dad and her have something they need to talk to them about, the blonde-haired girl asks if they're moving again, but the brown-haired girl says they're getting a divorce, the mom calls her Rachel, Rachel says well aren't they, the dad says yes, the mom says they need them to understand that their father and her still love eachother, she says that just because two people love eachother doesn't mean that they're supposed to be together, the blonde-haired girl asks what if they are supposed to be together, the mom says they're not, she asks how they can know for sure, the mom says that they just know, and when she's a grown-up, she'll understand, the girl says that she doesn't want to understand, she gets up and runs away, the mom calls her Juliet, tells her to wait. From Lostpedia
  85. "Yes. But... we need you both to understand that your father and I... we still love each other. Just because two people love each other, doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together." Mother
  86. Sawyer walks after Juliet in the jungle, he tells her to stop, he says they have to talk about this, Juliet says that there's nothing to talk about, that they have to let Jack do what he came there to do, Sawyer says that maybe she should have told him that she had a change of heart before he brought him out into the jungle to kick his ass, Juliet asks if that would have stopped him, Sawyer says no, Juliet says then she's glad that he finally got it out of his system, she walks away form him, Sawyer runs after her, grabs her arm, but she says don't, he says that he needs her to tell him where all of this is coming from, he says that one minute she's leading the great sub escape, and now she's on board with blowing up the damn island, he says he has a right to know why she changed her mind, Juliet says that she changed her mind when she saw him look at her, Sawyer says that he doesn't care who he looked at, that he's with her, Juliet says that she knows that he would stay with her forever if she let him, and that is why she'll always love him, she says that what they had was just for a little while, and just because they love eachother, doesn't mean that they're meant to be together, she says maybe they were never supposed to be together, so if Jack can make it so none of them ever come there, then he should, Sawyer asks why she's doing this, Juliet says if she never meets him, then she never has to lose him, she cries, walks away. From Lostpedia
  87. "I need you to tell me where all this is coming from. I mean, one minute, you're leading the great sub escape, and now you're on board with blowing up the damn Island? I got a right to know why you changed your mind." Sawyer
  88. "I don't care who I looked at. I'm with you." Sawyer "And you would stay with me forever if I let you, and that is why I will always love you. What we had, it was just for a little while, and just because we love each other, it doesn't mean that we're meant to be together. I mean, maybe we were never supposed to be together. So, if Jack can make it that--that none of you ever come here, then he should." Juliet "Why you doing this, Juliet?" Sawyer "[Voice breaks] I... if I never meet you, then I never have to lose you." Juliet
  89. At The Swan, they continue drilling, Pierre Chang tells Radzinsky that the Gauss readings just jumped off the charts, Radzinsky goes over to look, and it's in the red zone, he says this is it, that they're on top of the pocket, Pierre says that if they hit that pocket, all hell will break loose, Phil calls Radzinsky on his walkie, Radzinsky asks what he wants, Phil says the hostile that shot Ben came back, Radzinsky asks what he's talking about, Phil says they're at the barracks, that he attacked them with some of the other recruits, they stole a van and took off, Radzinsky asks took off where, Phil says that he doesn't know, but Roger said that one of them had a bomb, Radzinsky says that hostile knows about The Swan, he tells Phil to get his men and some guns, and to get their asses out there now, he says that if they're coming there, they're going to be ready for them.
  90. "This is it! We're on top of the pocket!" Radzinsky "If we keep drilling and hit that pocket, all hell is gonna break loose!" Dr. Chang
  91. "That Hostile knows about the Swan! Get some men and some guns, and get your asses out here right now! If they're coming here, we're gonna be ready for 'em." Radzinsky
  92. Jack watches the construction at The Swan from the jungle, Kate goes over to him, she asks what happened, Jack says that his talk with Sawyer didn't go so good, Kate asks does it hurt, he says it's okay, Kate wipes the blood off his face, she asks if he remembers when she sewed him up when they first got there, he says yeah, that it seems like a million years ago, Kate says or 30 years from now, Jack asks why she made him promise to never ask about Aaron, Kate says because she was so angry at him for making her come back here, Jack asks if he's why she came back, she says she came back so he could be where he belongs, with his mother, Jack says if this works, then Claire will never come to the island, and they'll always be together the way they were meant to be, Kate says that she was going to give him up for adoption, Jack says that she doesn't know what Claire would do, and whatever it is, that it would be her choice, he says that if she wants to save Claire, then this is the way to do it, that nothing in his life has ever felt so right and he just needs her to believe that.
  93. "Do you remember when I sewed you up? When we first got here?" Kate "Yeah. [Chuckles] Seems like a million years ago." Jack "Or 30 years from now." Kate
  94. "I came back so he could be where he belongs--with his mother." Kate "If this works, Claire will never come to the island, and they'll always be together, just the way they're meant to be." Jack "She was gonna give him up for adoption, Jack." Kate "Well, you don't know what she would do. And whatever it is, it would be her choice. If you wanna save Claire, this is the only way to do it. Nothing... nothing in my life has ever felt so right. And... [sighs] I just need you to believe that." Jack
  95. Things start going haywire at The Swan site, Jack says that it's about to happen, he asks Kate if she's with him on this, she says yes, Jack says then let's go.
  96. "It's about to happen. Are you with me on this?" Jack "Yes." Kate
  97. Hurley is being discharged from jail, the clerk at the desk takes his things out of a plastic bag, he accounts for one wallet, 227 dollars cash, one ballpoint pen, one fruit roll-up, he tells Hurley to sign for his things, Hurley says that he doesn't understand, that this is a big mistake, that he killed a bunch of people, the clerk says you see this, shows him a piece of paper, tells him that it's a discharge form, that he's been cleared, he says so take his stuff and go, Hurley says there are men with tranquilizer guns hunting him down and they want to bring him somewhere against his will, the cop says that there is a cab stand right out front, Hurley leaves.
  98. "One wallet. $227 cash. One ballpoint pen. [Clicks] One fruit roll-up. Sign here." Jail Clerk
  99. Hurley goes to get in a cab, but someone is inside, he says that he's sorry, that he didn't see that it was taken, inside is Jacob, with a guitar case, he says that actually he's only going a few blocks, if he wants to share, Hurley says cool, asks if he's sure, Jacob says to come on in, they leave, Hurley asks Jacob if he wants some fruit roll-up, he says it's cherry, Jacob says no thanks, Hurley asks what he was in for, Jacob says excuse him, Hurley says jail, that he was there because he killed three people, well he didn't really, he says that he guesses they figure it out, asks what about him, Jacob says he wasn't in jail, Hurley asks then what was he doing sitting outside a prison, in a cab, Jacob says that he was waiting for him, Hurley says then he must be dead, Jacob says that he's definitely not dead, Hurley asks what he wants from him, Jacob says he wants to know why he won't go back to the island, Hurley says because he's cursed, Jacob says is that so, Hurley says uh-uh, he says that's why the plane crashed, his friends died, Libby, and Charlie, and now they visit him and he can't make it stop, Jacob says what if he wasn't cursed, what if he was blessed, Hurley asks what he means by blessed, Jacob says well, he gets to talk to the people he's lost, that seems like a pretty wonderful thing to him, Hurley says that sure it's wonderful, except for the part where he's crazy, Jacob says that he has some news for him, and he's just going to take his word on it, he says that he isn't crazy, Hurley asks who is he, Jacob tells the cab driver that he's just up there around the corner, he tells Hurley Ajira Airways Flight 316 out of LAX, that it leaves in 24 hours, and all he has to do is be on that plane, he touches Hurley, he says that it's his choice, that he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to, Jacob gets out of the cab, Hurley says to wait, that he forgot his guitar, Jacob tells Hurley that it's not his. From Lostpedia
  100. "I was waiting for you, Hugo." Jacob "Oh. Then you must be dead." Hurley "I'm definitely not dead." Jacob "Well, what do you want from me?" Hurley "I want to know why you won't go back to the Island." Jacob "Because I'm cursed." Hurley "Is that so?" Jacob "Uh-huh. That's why the plane crashed, my friends died--Libby, Charlie. Now they visit me, and I can't make it stop." Hurley "Well, what if you weren't cursed? What if you were blessed?" Jacob "How do you mean "blessed?" Hurley "Well, you get to talk to people you've lost... seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me." Jacob "Oh, I'm sure it's wonderful, except for the part where I'm crazy." Hurley "I've got some news for you, Hugo, and you're just gonna have to take my word on this. You are not crazy." Jacob "Who are you, dude?" Hurley "[To the cab driver] I'm just up here on the corner. [The cab driver nods.] [To Hurley] Ajira Airways Flight 316 out of LAX. Leaves in 24 hours. All you have to do is get on that plane. It's your choice, Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." Jacob "Wait! You forgot your guitar." Hurley "It's not my guitar." Jacob
  101. Back on the island, Hurley tells Sayid not to worry, that everything will be fine when Jack changes the future, or the past, one of those, he gives Sayid some water.
  102. Miles tells Jin that he doesn't think his buddy is going to make it, Jin says that he'll make it, Jack and Kate get back, Hurley asks Jack what happened to his face, Jack says nothing, he goes to the van, he says they were just up on a ridge, where they can look down into The Swan site, he says that something just happened down there, he gets a backpack, he tells Sayid they hit something, that it's time for him to get down there, Sayid says that it's all set to go, to remember, be careful, it's rigged to explode on impact, according to Faraday's plan, he must get the bomb as close as he can to the source of electromagnetism, Jack tells Sayid that this is going to work, and it will save him, Sayid says that nothing can save him, Jack takes the bomb and a gun, he leaves.
  103. "It's all set to go. Remember, be careful. It's rigged to explode on impact. According to Faraday's plan, you must get the bomb as close as you can to the source of electromagnetism." Sayid
  104. "Nothing can save me." Sayid
  105. Jack runs into Juliet and Sawyer walking through the jungle, he tells Sawyer he'll see him in Los Angeles.
  106. "See ya in Los Angeles." Jack
  107. At the four-toed foot, Richard lights torches, he asks Locke if he's sure he needs to do this, he says that if he waited, Jacob would come to him, Locke says that he's tired of waiting, he asks where he is, Richard grabs a torch.
  108. "Are you sure you need to do this? If you waited, Jacob would eventually come to you, John." Richard
  109. Sun asks Ben what happened to the rest of the statue, Ben says that he doesn't know, that it was like that when he got there, Sun asks if he expects her to believe that, Ben says not really.
  110. Richard walks ahead, Locke tells Ben let's go, they follow Richard up the rocks to the four-toed foot, but Richard asks what he's doing, Ben says that John wants him to join him, Richard says that he can't come in, Locke asks why not, Richard says because only their leader can request an audience with Jacob, and there can only be one leader on the island at a time, Locke says that he's beginning to think that Richard just makes these rules up as he goes along, he says that Ben is coming in with him, and if that's a problem, he's sure that Jacob and he can work it out, they continue to the four-toed foot. From Lostpedia
  111. "John wants me to join him." Ben "You can't bring him in." Richard "Why not?" Locke "Because only our leader can request an audience with Jacob, and there can only be one leader on the Island at a time, John." Richard "I'm beginning to think you just make these rules up as you go along, Richard. Ben is coming in with me, and if that's a problem, I'm sure Jacob and I can work it out." Locke "Tell him I said hello." Richard
  112. Richard feels the wall on the side of the statue, he pushes a section of it partly through, he says to tell Jacob he said hello.
  113. Locke pushes the slab through further, he and Ben go inside, in a hallway, there is a light in the distance, coming from a room, Locke asks Ben if he'll be able to do this, he says that he knows that it won't be easy, but things will change once he's gone, he says he promises, he offers his knife to Ben, Ben takes it, they continue on into the statue.
  114. "Will you be able to do this, Ben? I know it won't be easy, but things will change... [whispers] once he's gone. I promise." Locke
  115. Jin changes Sayid's dressings, they all wait by the DHARMA van, Miles asks La Fleur if he can ask him something, Sawyer says there ain't no more La Fleur, but he says to go ahead, shoot, Miles asks if it's occurred to any of them that their buddy is actually going to cause the thing they're trying to prevent, he says that, perhaps that little nuke is the incident, so maybe the best thing to do, is nothing, they all look at him as if that hadn't occurred to them, not saying anything, Miles says that he's glad they all thought this through.
  116. "Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually gonna cause the thing he says he's trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke is the incident? So maybe the best thing to do... is nothing?" Miles
  117. They hear a vehicle driving nearby, they see a DHARMA Jeep, Kate asks what's going on, Jin says that's Phil, and he's on the road to The Swan, Kate says if they see Jack, they're going to kill him, Sawyer asks Juliet what she thinks, Juliet says live together, die alone.
  118. At The Swan, an alarm goes off, steam comes from the hole and the drill shakes, Phil and his cronies show up, Radzinsky says that he showed up fast, Phil asks if there's any sign of them yet, Radzinsky says no, he has time to set up a perimeter, Pierre Chang asks Radzinsky if he called these men to the site, Phil directs his men to the ridge line and the scaffolding, Pierre says that they need to be getting people away from there.
  119. Jack watches from a distance, at the ridge in the jungle, he starts to go in, Pierre Chang watches the meters, Jack sneaks in behind the water tanks, Phil watches his men, looks out for anyone at the perimeter, he spots Jack, shouts there, begins shooting at him, Jack returns fire, Radzinsky says to get him, Phil says to flank him, Jack ducks behind some barrels, a vehicle is heard driving in, it's the DHARMA van, with Sawyer, Juliet, Kate and Miles, Radzinsky asks who they are, the van stops, Juliet, Sawyer and Miles get out, they all return fire, Kate shoots from the van, kills one, Sawyer knocks Radzinsky out, he takes Phil hostage, puts a gun to his head, tells him to tell them all the drop the guns, Phil tells them, Sawyer tells Jack that he can come out now, Kate gets out of the van, Juliet points her gun at them, Sawyer tells Jack to hurry up and do his business, he tells Pierre to turn the drill off, but Pierre says that it won't shut down, that something is pulling the drill down, Radzinsky says that it hit the pocket. 
  120. "Something's pulling the drill down." Dr. Chang "We hit the pocket!" Radzinsky
  121. Jack goes up to the drill, he takes the hydrogen core out of his backpack, Sawyer tells him to hurry up, asks what he's waiting for, he says to drop it, Jack looks at Kate, Sawyer lets go of Phil, he looks at Juliet, she smiles, Jack drops the bomb down the shaft, they all brace themselves, but nothing happens.
    From Lostpedia
  122. "Hurry up, Doc! What are you waiting for?! Drop it!" Sawyer
  123. Sawyer says this don't look like LAX, the drill begins to shake violently, everything metal begins to get sucked down the shaft where the drill is, the drill begins to collapse, Pierre Chang's arm is crushed, Miles calls him dad, rushes to save him, Jack gets hit in the head with a toolbox, Kate goes to save him, Miles tells Pierre to get away from there, to get s far away form there as he can, Radzinsky tries to drive away in the DHARMA Jeep, but it starts to get sucked toward the hole, they get out of it, run away, Phil grabs a gun, calls La Fleur, if about to shoot him, but he gets impaled with a metal rod instead.

    From Lostpedia
  124. "Get away from here! Get as far away from here as you can!" Miles
  125. Chains get wrapped around Juliet's body, and she is dragged toward the hole with them, Kate goes after her, she grabs the chains, calls Sawyer, he goes over to help, Juliet hangs on by a metal pipe, Sawyer grabs her, asks where she thinks she's going, he tells Kate to help him get those chains off, Sawyer tells her to hold on, she says she can't, Sawyer says he has her, Kate says she can't reach the chains, Sawyer tells her to hold on, says he has her, Sawyer tells Juliet don't leave him, she says it's okay, tells him that she loves him, Sawyer says no, she lets go, she falls down the shaft, Sawyer calls for her, he cries. From Lostpedia
  126. Sun sits on the beach, Richard goes over to her, he offers her some water, she asks if he has any alcohol, Richard says no, but he sure wishes that he did.
  127. Ilana, Bram and their group show up carrying the crate, with Frank Lapidus, the others draw guns on them, Ilana says don't shoot, she says it's okay, it's alright, she puts her gun down, they put the crate down on the beach, she asks which one of them is Richardus.
    From Lostpedia
  128. "Which one of you is Richardus?" Ilana
  129. Richard comes over, he says that it's Richard actually, Ilana asks what lies in the shadow of the statue, Richard answers her in Latin, Ilana says Richard, tells him that she's Ilana, she says that she has something he needs to see, she says to open it up, the others draw guns, Richard says that it's okay, to let them, they open the crate, dump what's in it out onto the beach, Richard looks at it, it's John Locke, Richard asks where did they find him, Ilana says in the cargo hold on the plane they came there on, in a coffin, Sun says she doesn't understand, if this is Locke, then who's in there, she points to the four-toed foot. From Lostpedia
  130. "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Ilana "Ille qui nos omnes servabit." Richard "Richard... I'm Ilana. I have something you need to see." Ilana
  131. "Where did you find him?" Richard "In the cargo hold of the plane we came here on... in a coffin." Ilana "I don't understand. If this is Locke... who's in there?" Sun
  132. Inside the four-toed foot, Locke and Ben walk through the hallway, Ben carrying Locke's knife, they go into a room, with a fire pit in the middle, a hole in the ceiling through the top of the foot, where you can look through it, up at the sky, Ben looks at tapestries on the walls, Locke looks around, Jacob is in a corner, sitting in a chair, he asks if Ben likes it, Ben and Locke both look over, Jacob says that he did it himself, he says that it takes a very long time when you're making a thread, but he supposes that's the point isn't it, Locke says hello Jacob, Jacob says that he found his loophole, Locke says that indeed he did, Jacob gets up, Locke says and he has no idea what he's gone through to be there, Ben asks Locke if they've met before, Locke says in a manner of speaking, he tells Ben to do what he asked him to.

    From Lostpedia
  133. "You like it? I did it myself. It takes a very long time when you're making the thread, but, uh... I suppose that's the point, isn't it?" Jacob "Hello, Jacob." Locke "Well, you found your loophole." Jacob "Indeed I did. And you have no idea what I've gone through to be here." Locke
  134. Jacob says Benjamin, whatever he's told you, he wants him to understand one thing, that he has a choice, Ben says what choice, Jacob says that he can do what he asks, or he can go, leave them to discuss their issues, Ben says oh, so now after all this time, he's decided to stop ignoring him, he says 35 years he's lived on this island and all he ever heard was his name over and over, Richard would bring him his instructions, all those slips of paper, all those lists, and he never questioned anything, he did as he was told, but when he dared to ask to see him himself, he was told he had to wait, that he had to be patient, but when Locke asked to see him, he gets marched straight up there as if he was Moses, Ben asks Jacob so why Locke, and what was it that was so wrong with him, what about him, Jacob says what about him, seeming to care less, Ben says well, and stabs him two times in the chest. From Lostpedia
  135. "Do what I asked you to, Ben." Locke "Benjamin... whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice." Jacob "What "choice?" Ben "You can do what he asked, or you can go, leave us to discuss our... issues." Jacob
  136. "Oh... so now, after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me. Thirty-five years I lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions--all those slips of paper, all those lists--and I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, "You have to wait. You have to be patient." But when he asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if was Moses. So... why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?!" Ben "What about you?" Jacob
  137. Jacob falls down, he says something, Locke says what, that he can't hear him, Jacob says they're coming, Locke kicks him into the fire, Jacob burns, Locke and Ben watch.

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  138. "They're coming." Jacob
  139. Back at The Swan, there is some white noise, Kate yells at Sawyer to get away from the drill, Jack wakes up, Kate says that they have to go, Jack helps Kate get Sawyer, everything begins to get pulled down the hole.
  140. At the bottom, Juliet wakes, she's still alive, with severe injuries, bleeding from the mouth, she cries, she sees the hydrogen core down there with her, she coughs up some blood, she grabs a rock nearby, and hits it, but nothing happens, she hits it again, she says come on, hits it again, and again and again, she says come on you son of a bitch, she hits it one last time, and fade to white, L O S T.

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