30 October 2008

2.03 Orientation

  1. "Others" take Michael, Jin and Sawyer prisoner.
  2. Locke meets Helen in anger management meeting.
  3. Kate crawls through air vent, comes down in gun closet. She shoots the computer.
  4. "We're all gonna die." Desmond tells them they have to fix the computer. From Lostpedia
  5. "Do I know you?" Desmond recognizes Jack.
  6. John goes to Cooper's house. He asks him why.
  7. "You think you're the first person that ever got conned? You needed a father figure and I need a kidney, and that's what happened." Anthony Cooper
  8. Jack insists Desmond tell him how he got on the island.
  9. "It was three years ago. I was in a solo race around the world. My boat crashed into the reef, and then Kelvin came. He comes running out of the jungle. "Hurry, hurry, come with me." He bring me down here. First thing he does, cause it's already beeping, he types int he code, he pushes the button, and it stops. "What was that all about?" I say. "Just saving the world." He says.
  10. "Saving the world?" Jack "His words, not mine." Desmond
  11. "And we saved the world together for a while and that was lovely. Then Kelvin died, and now here I am all alone. The End." Desmond
  12. Orientation film behind Turn of the Screw on the bookshelf. From Lost Hatch
  13. Michael, Jin and Sawyer are in a hole. A girl is dropped into the hole. It is Ana Lucia, the woman from Flight 815 that Jack met in the airport. From Lostpedia
  14. "The last time I saw the computer that was gonna save the world, it didn't look like that." Jack "Is the reason you're so upset because he said he recognized you? Because that would be impossible." Locke
  15. Dharma Initiative 3 of 6 Orientation film 1980. Station 3 "The Swan," Dr. Marvin Candle, Dharma Initiative created in 1970, brain-child of Gerald and Karen DeGroot, two doctoral candidates at the University of Michigan, following BF Skinner, a large-scale communal compound, scientists and freethinkers pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism and Utopian social, Alvar Hanso financial backing, you and partner at Station 3 "The Swan" for next 540 days, station originally constructed as lab, scientists work to understand unique electromagnetic functions emanating from this sector of the island, not long after experiments began an incident occurred, since then, every 108 minutes, button must be pushed, from moment alarm sounds, 4 minutes to enter the code, alternating shifts.
  16. "Do not attempt to use the computer for anything--" Namaste and good luck.
  17. "Flight 815? You were in the back? It broke off in mid-air. How did you survive?" Michael
  18. Ana Lucia doesn't know, she was knocked out, woke up underwater and swan to shore.
  19. "Kelvin died waiting for his replacements." Desmond
  20. "Did you ever think that maybe they put you down here to push a button every 108 minutes just to see if you would? That all of this, the computer, the button, is just a mind-game, an experiment." Jack "Every single day." Desmond
  21. Desmond tries to fix computer, blows fuse, breaks it, leaves with medicine, food.
  22. Helen asks John to choose her over Cooper, tells him that it's a leap of faith. From Lostpedia
  23. Ana Lucia takes Sawyer's gun. She's one of "them."
  24. Jack goes after Desmond, he realizes he met Jack in LA, he asks about Sarah. From Lostpedia
  25. "See you in another life, yeah?" Desmond
  26. Sayid fixes the computer. Locke wants Jack to push the button. From Lostpedia
  27. "Why do you find it so hard to believe?" Locke "Why do you find it so easy?" Jack "It's never been easy!" Locke
  28. "It's a leap of faith, Jack." Locke relays what Helen told him. From Lostpedia
  29. Jack pushes the button.
  1. Why didn't anyone replace Desmond and Kelvin?
  2. Helen says she wasted 20 years of her life being angry. Why was she in anger management?
  3. Why was Desmond's story about coming to the island somewhat different? Does he just remember it different because he was disoriented? Why would he lie about it?
  4. Why is The Swan Station not occupied by the others?
  5. Do the others know Desmond is in The Swan?
  6. What is the incident?
  7. How did Marvin Candle lose his arm?
  8. Why did Jack push the button when he was so adamant about not doing it?
  9. What did Locke think was supposed to happen?
  1. "It's about time things are finally returning to normalness. (Kate runs up to Hurley and Sayid, screaming.) Oh, crap." Hurley
  2. "We're gonna need to watch that again." Locke
  3. "Depends what you mean by it." Hurley looking for the conduit lines, but discovering the food pantry instead.
  4. "You know what, forget it, go ahead, do your thing." Hurley, about typing in the numbers.
  1. The photograph we see of Desmond and a woman we later find is Penelope Widmore was not actually Sonya Walger in the original airing of this episode. The photograph was later fixed for the DVDs so that Sonya was in the picture with Desmond. From Lostpedia
  2. When Anthony Cooper talks to Locke about conning him, it brought about the theory that he is the real Sawyer, the man who killed James "Sawyer" Ford's parents, and of course now we all know that he is.
  3. The orientation film for The Swan station is the first time we hear of the Dharma Initiative.
  4. Dharma stands for the Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications.
  5. Why is Jack so difficult? Come on, Jack, watch the damn film again!

29 October 2008

2.02 Adrift

  1. Jin, Michael and Sawyer in the water after the raft is destroyed by the others. Sawyer saves Michael's life.
  2. Michael goes to see a lawyer, Susan wants him to sign his paternal rights over to Brian so that he can adopt Walt.
  3. Locke in the hatch, removes shoes, kitchen, UVA-UVB lights, finds Kate on the floor.
  4. "Are you him?" Desmond
  5. Michael, Sawyer climb onto what's left of the raft. Jin, Walt not anywhere in sight.
  6. Michael and Susan meeting with lawyers. Michael last saw Walt 14 months ago. Susan's lawyer grills him about Walt.
  7. Sawyer pulls bullet out with his bear hands.
  8. "Are you him?" Desmond "Yes, I am." Locke
  9. "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" Desmond
  10. Locke and Kate tell Desmond about the plane crash, 44 days ago. There is a wall with tallies of days he's been there?
  11. Locke tells Desmond that Kate is a fugitive. Locke ties her up, gives her a knife.
  12. Charlie tells Claire he found the Virgin Mary statue in the jungle. From Lost Hatch
  13. Sawyers says he thought the others were fisherman or pirates, that the boat wasn't made for the open water, range maybe of 100 miles, had to leave port from somewhere close to the island.
  14. "French chick said the others were coming for the kid. I think they came, Mike." Sawyer From Lostpedia
  15. Susan talks Michael into giving away Walt.
  16. Kate gets out of the restraints, uses the knife that Locke gave her, trapped in a food pantry, Apollo candy bars, vent in the ceiling.
    From Lostpedia
  17. Locke tells Desmond about losing radio contact, being 1,000 miles off course, that any search teams would've given up weeks ago, they were traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles.
  18. "So the world's still out there?" Desmond
  19. Locke tells Desmond there are 43 survivors, 4 that left on the raft. Desmond asks who has gotten sick, Locke says no one.
  20. Alarm, beeping, Desmond makes Locke type in the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 at gunpoint, then press EXECUTE, clock goes back to 108. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch From Lostpedia
  21. Jack comes down the hatch, Locke tells Desmond that it's their doctor.
  22. The shark passes underneath, there is a Dharma logo on its tail. Michael shoots the shark. From Lost Hatch
  23. Susan takes Walt to see Michael for the last time, he gives Walt a polar bear, tells him that he loves him, that Susan should let him know the gift is from him some time. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch
  24. Michael and Sawyer were brought back to the island by the current. Michael says it was his fault for bringing Walt on the raft.
  25. "We're home." Sawyer
  26. Sawyer and Michael arrive back at the island. From Lostpedia
  27. Jin on the beach when Sawyer and Michael arrive at the shore.
  28. "Others!" Jin
  1. Does Locke really believe he is the him? Is he?
  2. Why does Charlie tell Claire that he's not religious?
  3. Does Susan really believe that Michael is going to win in court or is she just manipulating him?
  4. How does the food get to the island?
  1. "You got a band-aid?" Sawyer
  2. "I reckon Jack's going to do something heroic." Charlie
  3. "What are you gonna do? Splash me?" Sawyer, and then Michael does and Sawyer's piece of the raft falls apart under him.
  4. Kate eating the Apollo candy bar cracks me up every time.
  5. Desmond calling Locke Box Man.
  1. There are a lot of pointless scenes in this episode. We really don't need to see everything over again just to see it from someone else's point of view. A lot of things in the episode are drawn out for no reason and could have been done a lot quicker.
  2. While I really like the Michael flashback, I did not enjoy the on-island (in water) scenes with him and Sawyer. They just seem a little too dramatic and overacted. Every time he's yelling "Waaaaaalt!" all I'm thinking is "Shuuuuut uppppppp!" Needless to say, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of this episode, but it's still better than most things on TV.
  3. The appearance of Ezra James Sharkington!
  4. Susan Lloyd and her lawyer.. what a bunch of bitches.
  5. I really like Michael in the flashback of this episode, and I feel bad for him.
  6. Sawyer pulling out a bullet with his bear hands, badass, yet makes me cringe.
  7. I think after this episode is where I officially started to hate Locke, because the Locke that I knew from Season 1 died.
  8. The numbers add up to 108!

28 October 2008

2.01 Man of Science, Man of Faith

From Lostpedia
  1. Eye opening, beeping, bunk beds, computer, man typing EXECUTE, record playing the song Make Your Own Kind of Music, dishes, cycling, pull-ups, sit-ups, shower, laundry, protein shake, cabinet with swan logo, vile of medicine, shot in the arm, explosion, jump suit, gun, lights, cameras, mirrors, Jack and Locke at the hole of the hatch.
  2. The shaft is 40 or 50 feet down, there is a puddle at the bottom. Jack doesn't want to go into the hatch, but Locke does.
  3. Female, late 20s, no ID, fire department had to use the jaws of life, tire blew, jumped the divider, went head-on with SUV.
  4. Adam Rutherford, 57, time of death 8:15 AM. From Lostpedia
  5. "She said she has to dance at her wedding." Jack
  6. The hatch door says QUARANTINE. From Lostpedia
  7. Shannon loses Vincent, goes looking for him in the jungle, she hears whispers, sees Walt soaking wet, dripping, whispering.
  8. "Five hours ago, I was pulled into a hole by what appeared to be a calm of smoke. Did you see it, Kate? Then I guess we're both crazy. I wonder what Jack thinks he saw." Locke
  9. Hurley tells Jack about the numbers, Leonard and winning the lottery, $114 million, the bad luck, the numbers on the hatch.
  10. Sarah's back is broken, Jack has to operate but doesn't believe he can save her.
  11. "You might want to try handing out some hope." Christian
  12. Shannon tells everyone about seeing Walt in the jungle.
  13. They return to the caves, Jack tells everyone about the hatch, Arzt dying.
  14. Locke goes back to hatch and Kate follows.
  15. "Live together, die alone, right?" Kate says to Jack.
  16. Sarah's wedding is supposed to be in 8 months.
  17. Jack tells Sarah he's going to fix her.
  18. Locke lowers Kate into the hatch, she counts to five, she falls down the shaft, a light goes on. From Lostpedia
  19. Jack goes to the hatch, no one is there, he follows them down.
  20. Stadium, Jack running, tries to outrun another guy, twists his ankle, man says Jack won't catch up with him, that he was almost a doctor once. "Small world." Jack
  21. "So, what's your excuse? For running like the devil's chasing you?" He tells Jack he's training for a race around the world, Jack tells him about his patient. From Lostpedia
  22. "What if you did fix her?" Jack says he didn't, that it would be a miracle. "And you don't believe in miracles. You have to lift it up. See you in another life, yeah?" Desmond
  23. Jack is in the hatch/bunker, hallway, pipes, shoes, painting on the wall, numbers, magnet, camera, music, spotlight, computer room. From Lostpedia
  24. Jack tells Sarah about doing a Tour de Stade, he realizes that he fixed her.
  25. Desmond is the man in the hatch.
  26. Jack recognizes Desmond from their previous meeting. "You. From Lostpedia
    1. How did the ladder leading from the hatch break?
    2. Why does the hatch door say QUARANTINE on the inside?
    3. Why did no one replace Kelvin and Desmond?
    4. What is the medicine for? What is the sickness?
    5. Why does Charlie believe there are no others when he was hanged by Ethan?
    6. Did Vincent know that Walt was there when Shannon saw him?
    7. Did Desmond know he would see Jack again? Did he know Jack would fix Sarah?
    8. Was Desmond time traveling in the flashback at the stadium with Jack?
    1. Seeing Desmond in the hatch for the first time.
    2. "I'm not really in the mood, Hurley." Jack "Really, wow, usually you're like Mr. Ha Ha." Hurley
    3. "You were in a psyche ward?" Jack
    4. "What's that thing where doctors make you feel better just by talking to you?" Hurley "Bedside manner." Jack "Yeah, that. Yours sucks, dude." Hurley
    5. "Yeah, you left out the part where you just want to see if I get eaten by something." Kate
    6. "I dropped the light. Maybe we should.. (Locke continues lowering Kate down) Well, okay then."
    7. The Make Your Own Kind of Music being played when Jack is in the hatch.
    8. "You smell like you ran far." Sarah
    9. "Because I'm intense." Jack explaining why he'd run all the steps in a stadium.
    10. "You." Jack
    1. When describing Adam Rutherford and Sarah's accidents, they are both described as being hit head-on by an SUV. Was this a mistake or were they in the car together?
    2. The backward whispers of Walt: Don't push the button. Button Bad.
    3. The opening scene to this episode is probably one of the best opening scenes or season premieres to any show, ever.

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    New Season 5 Promo Video

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