27 January 2010

5.14 The Variable

  1. Desmond is being rushed into the hospital, he's coding, they bring him in on a stretcher, gunshot wound, he's crashing, Penny follows with their son, Charlie, they tell her to wait here, Penny asks what's happening, where they're taking him, the doctor says they're going to do everything they can, little Charlie calls for his daddy, Penny tells him that he's going to be okay. From Lostpedia
  2. Penny waits, Charlie sleeps, a woman comes in, asks how old is her son, she says he's two, it's Eloise Hawking, she says he has his father's hair, Penny says I'm sorry, do I know you, Eloise says no, but your husband does, she tells Penny that she's Eloise Hawking, and she believes that it's her son's fault that her husband has been shot, Penny says her son is Benjamin Linus, she says good Lord, no, her son is Daniel Faraday.
  3. Thirty years earlier--at the sub, someone asks can I get a hand with this, Miles says yeah, it's Daniel, he says hey Miles, long time no see, Pierre Chang speaks, he says alright ladies and gentlemen, he wishes they could get a good night's sleep, Miles asks Dan what the hell he's doing there, he says that once he left for Ann Arbor, he figured he'd gotten rich, invented the DVD, Dan shows Miles a photograph of the new DHARMA recruits, Jack, Kate and Hurley, he says that's why he's back, asks when they got there, Miles says it's weird, that they got there a few days ago, Dan says they don't have time, he needs him to take him to Jack right now.
  4. They knock on the door, Jack getting dressed, he answers, Daniel says Jack, how did you get back here, Jack is surprised to see him, asks where he was, Daniel says that he was at DHARMA Headquarters in Ann Arbor, that he was just doing some research, but what's more important right now, he asks how Jack got back here, to 1977, Jack asks Miles what's going on, Miles says don't look at him, he just carried his luggage, Dan asks how, Jack says they were on a plane, and then, Daniel asks who told them to get on a plane, Jack says as a matter of fact, it was his mother, Daniel asks how did she convince them, did she tell them it was their destiny, Jack says yes, that's exactly what she said, Daniel says he has some bad news, that he doesn't belong there at all, that she was wrong. From Lostpedia
  5. "I was--I was just at DHARMA headquarters in Ann Arbor. I was doing some research. What's more important right now... how did you get back here to 1977?" Daniel
  6. "Uh... we were on a plane, and then there was--" Jack "Who told you to get on a plane?" Daniel "As a matter of fact, Dan, it was your mother." Jack "And how did she convince you, Jack? Did she tell you it was your destiny?" Daniel "Yeah. That's exactly what she said." Jack "Well, I got some bad news for you, Jack. You don't belong here at all. She was wrong." Daniel
  7. A metronome sits on top of a piano, a boy is playing the piano, his mother comes in, watches him play, she seems upset, he says what's wrong mom, didn't she like it, she says she loved it, it was beautiful, Daniel, she says does he know what destiny means, he says no, she says that destiny means that if one has a special gift, then it must be nurtured, she asks Daniel how many beats has that metronome counted since he started playing, Daniel says 864, she says his gift is his mind, a mind that is meant for science, mathematics, and it's her job to keep him on his path, so unfortunately there is no more time for distractions, Daniel says he wants to keep playing the piano, that he can do both, that he can make time, she says if only he could, she seems upset about something, she closes the piano.
    From Lostpedia
  8. "Daniel... do you know what destiny means?" Eloise "No." Daniel "Destiny means that, if one has a special gift, then it must be nurtured. [Metronome stops] How many beats has that metronome counted since you started playing?" Eloise "864." Daniel "Your gift, Daniel, is your mind--a mind that is meant for science, mathematics. And it's my... job to keep you on your path. So... unfortunately, there's no more time... for distractions." Eloise
  9. Dan talks to Miles, says he needs to bring him to The Orchid, drive him right now, Jack comes out after them, asks what did he mean that his mother was wrong, but they take off, Dan says he just has an errand to run, that he'll be right back.
  10. Someone is knocking at Sawyer's door, it's Jack, he says that Faraday's back, Sawyers says what do you mean, why, Jack says he has no idea, that he came in on the sub, started talking nonsense, then he went to The Orchid, Sawyer says he'd love to trade theories about this now, but he's a little busy, Jack asks what he's busy with at 6 in the morning, Juliet says to tell him, Sawyer let's Jack in, he says that Phil, one of his security guys, got himself a video tape of him and Kate taking the kid out to the hostiles, Jack says where's the tape, Sawyer says it's with Phil, Jack asks and where is Phil, Sawyer shows him Phil, tied up in his closet, screaming, but gagged, Sawyer introduces them to eachother.
  11. At The Orchid, Daniel is looking around, Miles asks are we waiting for something, Daniel sees Pierre Chang pull up, he says right on time, he'll be back in 10 minutes, he goes down the elevator to The Orchid, looks at his notebook, puts it in his jumpsuit, puts on a hardhat, listens to Pierre Chang talk to the construction site Foreman about the energy, he takes an oxygen tank, puts it over his shoulder, walks down the hallway, as Dr. Chang is leaving, he bumps into him, he says sorry sir, it won't happen again, they take out the injured man on a stretcher, Dan talks to the Foreman, who says time travel, how stupid does that guy think we are.
  12. Daniel goes to talk to Dr. Chang, asks to have a second of his time, says that he just came in on the sub, that he's with The Swan team, they actually met three years ago, Pierre says right, he arrived with La Fleur, asks what he can do for him, Daniel says that he needs him to order the evacuation of every man, woman and child on this island, Pierre asks why he would do that, Daniel says because the man that is on that stretcher is a consequence of the electromagnetic activity that their drilling unleashed down there, Pierre says which is now contained, he starts to leave, but Dan follows him into the elevator, they start to go up, Daniel says that it's contained down there, but in about 6 hours, the same thing is going to happen at the site of The Swan station, and the energy there is about 30,000 times more powerful, and the accident is going to be catastrophic, Pierre says that is utterly absurd, what could possibly qualify him to make that prediction, Daniel says that he is from the future.
  13. "I need you to order the evacuation of every man, woman and child on this Island." Daniel "And why would I do that?" Dr. Chang "A man is on a stretcher as a consequence of the electromagnetic activity that your drilling unleashed down here." Daniel "Which is now contained." Dr. Chang "It's contained down here. But in about six hours, the same thing is gonna happen at the site for the Swan station, only the energy there is about 30,000 times more powerful, sir. And the accident... it's gonna be catastrophic." Daniel "That is utterly absurd. What could possibly qualify you to make that kind of prediction? Hmm?" Dr. Chang "I'm from the future." Daniel
  14. Outside The Orchid, Dan says to wait, Dr. Chang, Pierre says that he heard him talking about time travel, now he's had his fun, Daniel says please, to just look at his journal, look at his equations, that some of them won't be discovered for over 20 years, Miles runs over, says that he's sorry, that Daniel had too much drugs when he got on the sub, Dan tells Dr. Chang that Miles is his son, to think about it, a Chinese man named Miles, the same name as his baby, shows up with him, from the future, he asks if he thinks this is all a coincidence, Pierre asks is this true, Miles says no, Dr. Chang says to please stay away from me, leaves, Miles asks Daniel if he's out of his mind, Daniel says that he's just making sure that his father does what he's supposed to do, Miles asks what's that, Daniel says that he'll see. From Lostpedia
  15. "No, no. Please, Dr. Chang. Just look at my journal, please. Look at these equations. Some of them won't be discovered for another 20 years." Daniel
  16. "Think about it. A Chinese man named Miles--the same name as your baby--shows up with me from the future. You--you really think this is all coincidence?" Daniel
  17. At Oxford, Daniel's graduation, his mother, Eloise Hawking is waiting for him, he comes out, introduces her to Theresa Spencer, she says Dan's told her so much about her, Ms. Hawking says well done, Daniel, and dismisses Theresa completely, says she thought they could celebrate his accomplishment with lunch, there's a nice restaurant near by, she says she reserved a table, Dan says they'd love to, but his mother says that actually, she was hoping it would be just the two of them, asks Theresa if she does understand, it's just that she doesn't get to see her son very often, Theresa says she understands, that it's okay, really.
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  18. At the restaurant, Eloise asks if there is something bothering Daniel, he says that she was so rude to Theresa, she says was she, Daniel says that Theresa is his girlfriend, Eloise says that she is his research assistant, that he should be focusing his energy on his work, she says that is what is important, Daniel says she's made it abundantly clear, why would he waste his gift on a woman, Eloise says that he won't have time for women in his life, they will only be terribly hurt, Daniel asks what does that mean, Eloise says it means that his work will always come first, Daniel says that's only because that's what she's always pushed him to do, that she's pushed and pushed, he asks when will it be enough, he's the youngest doctor to ever graduate from Oxford, he just got a new $1.5 million research grant, what else does he have to do, Eloise says a grant, that's wonderful, from whom, Daniel says he doesn't know, some Industrialist, Widmore, he thinks, Charles Widmore, Eloise says she doesn't want to fight with him, that's not why she came, Daniel asks why did she come, she takes a gift out from underneath the table, she says to congratulate him, she gets up, says good luck, and she does hope he knows that she means that, she leaves. From Lostpedia
  19. "She is your research assistant. You should be focusing your energies on your work." Eloise "On my work." Daniel "Yes. That is what is important." Eloise "Yes. You've made it abundantly clear. Why would I waste my gift on a woman--" Daniel "I'm sorry to tell you, Daniel, but you're not going to have time for relationships. The women in your life will only be terribly hurt." Eloise
  20. "Only because that's what you always push me to do. You pushed and you pushed and you pushed. And when will it be enough, Mother? When? I'm the youngest doctorate ever to ever graduate from Oxford. I just got a new 1.5 million pound research grant. What else do I have to do?" Daniel "A grant? That's wonderful! From whom?" Eloise "I don't know. Um... some industrialist. Widmore, I think. Charles Widmore." Daniel
  21. "Why did you come?" Daniel [Ms. Hawking produces a small, flat gift box.] "To congratulate you. Good luck, Daniel. And I do hope you know that I mean that." Eloise
  22. Daniel opens the box, sees the journal that he will take to the island inside, with a note written inside the cover, which reads, "Daniel, No matter what, remember that I love you, Mother." From Lostpedia
  23. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Juliet and Sawyer gather for a meeting, Sawyer says alright, the party is over, that he knows they all just showed up, but the rest of them have been there for the past three years, that this is their home, and the last thing he wants to do is leave, but they have no choice, Hurley says the guy in the closet, he thought that he worked for Sawyer, can't he convince him that it was all a misunderstanding, Sawyer says that he punched the man in the face, what is he supposed to say, his fist slipped, Kate asks how much time do they have before someone notices that he's gone, Sawyer says not enough, Juliet asks so where do they go, Sawyer says they only have two options, they either commandeer the sub, get off the island before anyone notices that they're gone, or they can head back into the jungle, and start from square one, Jin says that he's not getting on the sub if there's a chance that his wife is still on the island, Hurley says him neither, after all they did to get back there, and now they're just going to run off again, he says it seems kind of wishy-washy, Sawyer says alright, that's two votes for square one, he asks if anyone else wants to, there's a knock at the door, he says hold your horses, he'll be right there, he grabs his gun, opens the door, it's Daniel Faraday, he says hey James, Sawyer says welcome to the meeting, twitchy, the pound cake is in the kitchen, to help himself to the punch, he asks Miles if he's still crazy, Miles says it's on a whole new level, Daniel talks to Jack, says he's sorry if he was rude before, but he says that what he needs to do there is of critical importance, he talks to everyone in the room, asks if anyone knows where he can find the hostiles, they're all surprised, Juliet asks why he needs to know that, Daniel says because one of them is his mother, and she is the only person on this island that can get them back to where they belong, they're all surprised by this news. From Lostpedia
  24. "All right, people. Party's over. I know y'all just showed up. The rest of us have been here for the past three years. This is our home. The last thing I wanna do is leave. But we ain't got no choice. We only got two options. We can either commandeer the sub, get the hell off this Island before anyone knows we're gone, or we can head back in the jungle, start from square one. " Sawyer
  25. "Jack, I'm sorry I was rude before, but what I came to do is of critical importance to everyone in this room. Does anyone know where I can find the Hostiles?" Daniel "Why do you need to know that, Daniel?" Juliet "Because one of them is my mother. And she is the only person on this island who can get us back to where we belong." Daniel
  26. Daniel listens to a news report, a reporter says that the haunting footage comes from the Christiane I, they show footage of a plane underwater, a woman asks Daniel how he wants his eggs, Daniel cries, watching TV, the woman asks what happened, they found hat missing plane, news reporter says Oceanic Flight 815, woman asks Dan why he's so upset, he says he doesn't know, there is a knock at the door, he has a visitor, the woman asks if he'd like some tea, the man says that would be lovely, hello Daniel, it's Charles Widmore, Dan says he's sorry, did Caroline tell him that he has a condition that affects his memory, Widmore says don't be embarrassed, that they've never met, he says his name is Charles Widmore, Daniel says from his research grant, very nice to meet you sir, please sit down, Widmore moves a magazine from Wired, Daniel says he hasn't been able to thank him, before he left Oxford, Widmore says he means, before he was dismissed, Daniel says that he tested his experiment on himself first, that he would never hurt Theresa, Widmore says that it's alright, that's not why he's here, he came to offer him a new opportunity, Dan says no, he's sorry, he cant, he doesn't think he can, he cries, Widmore asks did he say something to upset him, Dan says it's this plane crash, that he doesn't now why it's bothering him so much, it's just so sad, they're all dead, Widmore asks Daniel, what if he told him they're not dead, what if he told him the plane was a fake, and elaborate, expensive fake, Dan asks how, Widmore says because he put it there, Dan says why would he tell him that, Widmore says because come tomorrow, he won't remember that he did, he says the real Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on an island, a special island, with unique scientific properties, that he wants to send him to the island, it will further his research, show him things he'd never dream of, and more importantly, it will heal him, his mind, his memory, Daniel asks, heal him, Widmore nods, Dan says why is he doing all this for him, Widmore says that he's a man of tremendous gifts, and it would be a shame to see them go to waste, Daniel says that he sounds like his mother, Widmore says that's because he and his mother are old friends.
    From Lostpedia
  27. "This haunting footage comes to us from the Christiane I, a salvage vehicle in the Indian Ocean. For more than two months, it's been scouring the depths of the Sunda Trench off Bali in search of the long-missing Oceanic Flight 815. Late last night, the Christiane deployed two remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs, that verified what the national transportation safety board had long feared...that the commercial aircraft...on September 22nd, 2004..." News Reporter
  28. "It's this plane crash. I don't know why it's bothering me so much. [Whispers] It's just so sad. They're dead." Daniel "Daniel, what if I told you... they're not dead? What if I told you the plane was a fake? An elaborate... [chuckles] expensive fake." Widmore "How would you know that?" Daniel "Because I put it there." Widmore "Well... why would you tell me that?" Daniel "Because come tomorrow, you won't remember I did. Daniel, the real Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on an island--a special island with unique scientific properties. I want to send you to the Island. It will further your research, show you things you'd never dream of. But more importantly, it will heal you, Daniel--your mind, your memory." Widmore "H--heal me? W--why are you doing all this for me?" Daniel "Because you're a man of tremendous gifts, and it would be a shame to see them go to waste." Widmore "[Chuckles] You sound like my mother." Daniel "[Chuckles] That's because we're old friends." Widmore
  29. Sawyer says Daniel's mother is an other, Dan says that he met her actually, when the island was skipping back in 1954, that they were calling her Ellie then, Hurley asks they were in 1954, like Fonzie times, Juliet says he still hasn't told them why they need to find her, Dan says he just needs to talk to her, Sawyer says that he thought he said they were supposed to lay low, that whatever happened, happened, Dan says to just tell him where to find her, Sawyer says that he's not telling him anything, until he tells them what the hell it is that he's doing, Jack says that Dan said he can get them back to where they belong, whether they go on the sub or head back into the jungle, they don't belong there, Sawyer says that he belonged there just fine until they came back, Jack asks Kate if she knows where the hostiles are, says her and Sawyer took Ben out to them, can she get them back there, Sawyer says not to say a word, Jack says that she can say whatever she wants, Jack tells Kate that she made him promise not to ask about Aaron, or why she came back, but he knows that reason isn't there, it's not now, Sawyer says whatever her reason is, that helping H.G. Wells talk to his mommy doesn't have anything to do with it, Sawyer says to come with them, freckles, Juliet notices him call her freckles, she immediately tells Kate that the code for the fence is 141717, that she should take Daniel, that it's over here for them anyway, Kate says okay, tells Jack let's go, Jack and Kate get up to leave, Dan asks Miles if he can drive them, Miles throws Dan his keys, Sawyer tells Jack that when he realizes that he made a huge mistake, they'll be back at the beach, right where they started, Daniel, Kate and Jack leave. From Lostpedia
  30. "Sawyer, he said he can get us back to where we belonged. Whether we go on the sub or we head back into the jungle... we don't belong here." Jack
  31. "When you realize you've made a huge mistake... we'll be back at the beach, right where we started." Sawyer
  32. Sawyer says the rest of them, pack their things, anything they can carry, meet him back there in 20 minutes, he takes Juliet's hand, says it's time to go.
  33. Kate says these people are not going to be happy to see them, they should bring some guns, she says that there's a gun safe in the Motor Pool, but it's locked, Jack says it's a good thing he's a janitor then, Daniel says he'll meet them there, that he needs just a minute.
  34. Daniel goes over to a little red-haired girl on a swing, she's eating chocolate, she says she's not allowed to have chocolate before dinner, Dan says it's okay, sweetheart, that he won't tell, she says her name is Charlotte, asks what's his, he says he's Daniel, he's new here, he says to listen, do you know Dr. Chang, she says uh-huh, he says hopefully real soon, Dr. Chang is going to ask a bunch of people to get on the submarine, and leave the island, when he does, her and her mommy, they're going to have to leave, Dan says that in case what he does doesn't work, that she cannot be there, that she has to leave, he says that he tried to avoid telling her this, that he didn't think he could change things, but maybe he can. From Lostpedia
  35. "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner." Charlotte "It's okay, sweetheart. I won't tell." Daniel "My name's Charlotte. What's yours?" Charlotte "I'm Daniel. I'm new here. Listen. Do you know Dr. Chang?" Daniel "Uh-huh." Charlotte "Yeah? Hopefully really soon, Dr. Chang is gonna ask a bunch of people to get on the submarine and leave the Island. [Voice breaks] When he does, you and your mommy... you're gonna have to leave. In case what I do doesn't work, you cannot be here. You have to leave. [Cries] I tried to avoid telling you this. I didn't think I could change things. But maybe I can." Daniel
  36. Jack and Kate steal guns from the Motor Pool, Dan comes over, asks how long it's going to take to get there, Kate says it depends, they can take to the road to the pylons, but after that, they're in their territory, they have to go on foot, Dan says okay, asks if they have something for a beginner, a van pulls up, they say let's go, Radzinsky gets out, asks what's going on here, asks Dan isn't he one of the Physicists from the sub, says he was supposed to be out at The Swan site, Dan says right, that there was accident at The Orchid station, Dr. Chang needed some help, Radzinsky notices Daniel's gun, points his gun at them, he says he just left Dr. Chang, that he's at home with his wife and baby, they all point guns at Jack, Kate and Daniel, who return the favor, Radzinsky says he's lying, to drop the guns. From Lostpedia
  37. Dan says to listen, that he doesn't understand what's happening there, that they have no time, and they have to leave, that they're just going to leave, he starts to go, but Radzinsky shoots at him, a gun fight ensues, Jack, Kate and Daniel duck in the Motor Pool, Dan has been hit, Kate says she thinks they can make it to the jeep, Jack says he'll cover her, he tells Dan to go too, Jack fires back at them, he notices some fuel tanks nearby, shoots them, there's an explosion, Kate gets a jeep, Jack and Daniel get in, they take off, they continue shooting at them, Radzinsky says to sound the alarm. From Lostpedia
  38. Daniel playing the piano, Ms. Hawking comes in, she says hello Daniel, he says mother, when did she get here, she says she just arrived, she would have called but, he says he would have forgotten anyway, Eloise says she hears he has been offered a job, he asks how she knows that, she says it's her business to know, she came here to tell him that it is very important that he say yes to Mr. Widmore, that he accepts this opportunity, Daniel says he can't, that Mr. Widmore needs someone who can do really complicated space time operations, and calculate bearings, and he just doesn't know how to do that anymore, Eloise says this place he mentioned to him, this island, did he tell him that it could make him better, Eloise asks what if it's true, she says why then he could go on with his work, she tells him to just think of all he could accomplish, Daniel asks if she really wants him to go, Eloise says yes, Daniel asks if it will make her proud of him, Eloise says yes, it will, Daniel says then he'll do it. From Lostpedia
  39. "I came here, Daniel, to tell you that it is very important that you say yes to Mr. Widmore... that you accept this opportunity." Eloise "I can't. He needs someone who can do really, really complex space-time calibrations and calculate bearings, and I just... I don't know how to do that anymore." Daniel "This place he mentioned to you, this island--did he tell you that it could make you better? What if it's true? Why, then you could go on with your work. Just think of all you could accomplish." Eloise
  40. Back on the island, Jack, Kate and Daniel ride in the DHARMA jeep to the pylons, Jack asks Kate if she remembers the code, she says she has it, Jack takes a look at Daniel's wound, says it's just a graze, he cleans him up, says he's going to be fine, Kate turns off the fence, Dan says he guesses he's lucky, Jack says what does luck have to do with it, he thought he said whatever happened, happened, Dan says he has to understand, that this is his present, when they met, did he have a scar on his neck, he says it's because they hadn't met yet, that they can't be so naive as to think that nothing could happen to them, he says any one of them could die.
  41. "I guess I'm lucky." Daniel "What's luck have to do with it? I thought you said Whatever happened, happened?" Jack "You gotta understand, Jack, this is our present. When we met, did I have a scar on my neck? No. 'Cause I hadn't been shot yet. We can't be so naive as to think nothing can happen to us. Any one of us can die, Jack." Daniel
  42. Kate says okay, the fence is off, Daniel thanks Jack, asks which way, Kate says that it's just a couple of miles in, they head off, Kate asks Jack if he thinks he knows what he's doing, Jack says he sure hopes so, that there's no turning back now.
  43. Phil is gagged and screaming from Sawyer and Juliet's closet, Juliet and Sawyer gather some things, clothes, food, Sawyer says that she called it the minute those yahoos got there, that she can say I told you so, Juliet says maybe after they get to the beach, Sawyer asks if she still has his back, Juliet asks if he still has hers, they hear an alarm go off.
  44. Hurley with his things, his guitar case, Jin is with him, Hurley says that's not going right, Jin speaks Korean, everyone running around, people with guns, alarm going off. From Lostpedia
  45. Radzinsky rushes into La Fleur's house, asks where he's been, La Fleur says to take it easy, asks what the hell is going on, Radzinsky says that he just got shot by a damn Physicist, and the new recruits are helping him, La Fleur says to just calm down, that they can talk about it, Radzinsky hears a noise, La Fleur says that it sounds like it's form outside, Radzinsky goes to the closet, finds Phil tied up and gagged, points his gun at Sawyer and Juliet, tells them to get down on the ground now, they do. From Lostpedia
  46. Jack, Kate and Daniel walking in the jungle, they stop at the creek to take a break and get some water, Dan takes his gun out, Jack asks if he needs a gun to go talk to his mother, Dan says that he doesn't know his mother, Jack says is he ready to tell him why she was wrong, why they don't belong here, they all sit down, Kate comes over, they gather around Dan, he says that, in about four hours, the DHARMA folks at The Swan site are going to drill into the ground and accidentally tap a massive pocket of energy, he says that the result of the release of this energy will be catastrophic, so in order to contain it, they're going to have to cement the entire area in, like Chernobyl, he says and this containment, the place they built over it, he believes they called it the hatch, The Swan hatch, he says that because of this one accident, these people are going to spend the next 20 years keeping that energy at bay by pressing a button, a button that their friend Desmond will one day fail to push and that will cause their plane, Oceanic 815 to crash on this island, and because of that plane crash, a freighter will be sent to the island, a freighter that he was on, and Charlotte was on, and so forth, this entire chain of events is going to start happening this afternoon, but they can change that, Dan says that he's studied relativistic Physics his entire life, he says that one thing emerged over and over and over, you can't change the past, you can't do it, whatever happened, happened, he says that but then, he finally realized, he'd spent so much time focused on the constants, that he forgot about the variables, he asks them, do they know what the variables in these equations are, Jack says no, he says us, they're the variables, people, they think, they reason, they make choices, they can change their destiny, Dan says that he thinks he can negate that energy under The Swan, he thinks he can destroy it, and if he can, then that hatch will never be built, and their plane will land just like it's supposed to, in Los Angeles, Kate asks and just how exactly he plans on destroying this energy, Daniel says that he's going to detonate a hydrogen bomb, Kate and Jack are shocked. From Lostpedia
  47. "In about four hours, the DHARMA folks at The Swan work site--they're gonna--gonna drill into the ground and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy. The result of the release of this energy would be catastrophic. So in order to contain it, they're gonna have to cement the entire area in, like Chernobyl. And this containment--the place they built over it--I believe you called it "the Hatch." The Swan hatch? Because of this one accident, these people are gonna spend the next 20 years keeping that energy at bay... by pressing a button... a button that your friend Desmond will one day fail to push, and that will cause your plane--Oceanic 815--to crash on this island. And because your plane crashed, a freighter will be sent to this Island--a freighter I was on and Charlotte was on and so forth. This entire chain of events--it's gonna start happening this afternoon. But... we can change that. I studied relativistic physics my entire life. One thing emerged over and over--can't change the past. Can't do it. Whatever happened, happened. All right? But then I finally realized... I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables. Do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack?" Daniel "[Chuckles] No." Jack "Us. We're the variables. People. We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny. I think I can negate that energy under The Swan. I think I can destroy it. If I can, then that hatch will never be built, and your plane... your plane will land, just like it's supposed to, in Los Angeles." Daniel "And just how exactly do you plan on destroying this energy?" Kate "I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb." Daniel
  48. At the Long Beach Marina Medical Center, Penny says that Daniel Faraday is Eloise Hawking's son, Eloise says yes, Penny says that's the man who sent Desmond to Los Angeles to find her, Eloise says that's right, she says that she came to apologize, that her husband has become a casualty in a conflict that's bigger than him, that's bigger than any of them, Penny asks what she means, if Desmond is going to be okay, Eloise says that she doesn't know, that for the first time in a long time, she doesn't know what's going to happen next, a nurse comes in, tells Penny that her husband is in the recovery room and he's asking for her, she says he's doing fine, to come with her, that this nurse will watch her son, Penny leaves Charlie with the nurse, Ms. Hawking leaves the hospital.
  49. "That's right. I came, Penelope, to apologize. Your husband has become a casualty in a conflict that's bigger than him, that's bigger than any of us." Eloise "What do you mean? Is Des gonna be okay?" Penny "I don't know. For the first time in a long time, I don't know what's going to happen next." Eloise
  50. Penny goes into the recovery room, Desmond is there, conscious, wearing a sling on his arm, he's okay, Penny says hi, Desmond says hi, Penny says she thought she'd lost him, Desmond says that he promised her that he'd never leave her again, he smiles, they kiss.
    From Lostpedia
  51. "I promised you, Penny. I promised you... I'd never leave you again." Desmond
  52. Eloise Hawking leaves the hospital, goes outside, Charles Widmore is there, asks if he's alright, Eloise says yes, he's fine, Widmore says good, Eloise says that his daughter is in there, why doesn't he go in and say hello, Widmore says unfortunately his relationship with Penelope is one of the things he had to sacrifice, Eloise says sacrifice, don't talk to her about sacrifice, that she had to send her son back to the island, knowing full well, Widmore says that he's his son too, Eloise slaps him, she leaves, gets in a cab and goes.
    From Lostpedia
  53. "Unfortunately, Eloise, my relationship with Penelope is one of the things I had to sacrifice." Widmore "Sacrifice? Don't you talk to me about sacrifice, Charles. I had to send my son back to the Island, knowing full well that--" Eloise "He was my son, too, Eloise." Widmore
  54. Back on the island, Kate says this is a mistake, that he's talking about erasing everything that's ever happened to them, she says that's insane, Jack says that they disappeared off a plane in mid-air and ended up in 1977, he's getting kind of used to insane, they arrive at the others camp. From Lostpedia
  55. "This is a mistake. He's talking about erasing everything that's ever happened to us, Jack. It's insane." Kate "We disappeared off a plane in mid-air and ended up in 1977. I'm getting kinda used to insane." Jack
  56. Daniel takes off into the camp, says to wish him luck, Jack tries to stop him, but Kate says to let him go.
  57. Daniel walks into the camp, holding his gun, Kate and Jack watch him from nearby, a hostile sees Dan with his gun, goes to grab a rifle, but Daniel shoots the ground, tells him to back up, to step away, he says nobody move, he only wants to speak to Eloise, asks where is she, Richard comes out, says he's sorry, but she's not here right now, Richard asks do we know eachother, Dan says it doesn't matter, that he needs him to take him to Eloise, Richard says he told him, she's not here, Daniel asks where's the bomb, Richard, the hydrogen bomb that he told his people to bury, Richard says to lower his gun, and they'll talk, that nobody has to get hurt there, Daniel says that he's going to give him three seconds to tell him, he starts counting, Richard says don't do this, someone shoots Daniel, from behind, it's his mother, Eloise Hawking.
    From Lostpedia
  58. "Where's the bomb, Richard? The hydrogen bomb that I told you people to bury--where is it?" Daniel
  59. Richard asks why did she do that, he says that he wasn't going to shoot him, Eloise, Daniel looks at her, says she knew, she always knew, she knew that this was going to happen, and she sent him here anyway, she asks who he is, he says he's her son, Eloise is shocked.

    From Lostpedia
  60. "Eloise. [Gasping] You knew. You always knew. [Panting] You knew this was gonna happen. You sent me here anyway." Daniel "Who are you?" Eloise "I... I'm your son. [Gasps, he dies.]" Daniel
  1. Why does Ms. Hawking go to the hospital?
  2. What happened between Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore?
  3. Why does Daniel Faraday of a different last name than that of his mother and father?
  4. Why doesn't have have an English accent?
  5. Where does Daniel's journal come from?
  6. Why doesn't Charles Widmore tell Daniel Faraday that he's his father?
  7. Can Daniel change the future by telling Charlotte not to come back to the island?
  8. Will Daniel's theory work? Can they change what happens?
  9. If Eloise doesn't know what will happen next, then why does she says that the island isn't done with Desmond yet? Does she know something?
  10. If Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking were working together, then what was Ms. Hawking doing with Ben, Widmore's nemesis?
  11. Who is Penny's mother?
  12. Will Penny ever find out that Daniel is her half-brother?
  13. How and when did Eloise Hawking leave the island?
  1. "He has his father's hair." Ms. Hawking
  2. "Your son is Benjamin Linus?"  Penny "[Scoffs] Good lord, no." Ms. Hawking
  3. "Don't look at me. I just carried his luggage." Miles
  4. "I can make time." Kate "If only you could." Eloise 
  5. "I'd love to trade theories about this, but I'm a little busy right now." Sawyer "What are you busy with at 6:00 in the morning?" Jack "James, tell him." Juliet "[Sighs deeply] Get in here. [Jack enters the house and Sawyer closes the door.] Phil--one of my security guys--got himself a videotape of me and Kate taking the kid out to the Hostiles." Sawyer "And where's the tape?" Jack "With Phil." Sawyer "And where is Phil?" Jack [Muffled shouting] "Phil, Jack. Jack... Phil." Sawyer
  6. "Yes, yes, you're from the future. You heard me talking about time travel. Now you've had your fun. Good for you." Dr. Chang
  7. "You were so rude to Theresa." Daniel "[Chuckles] was I?" Eloise
  8. "I punched the man in the damn face, Hugo. What am I supposed to say--My fist slipped?" Sawyer
  9. "Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy. Good to see you again. Pound cake's in the kitchen. Help yourself to the punch. [To Miles, in a lowered voice] Is he still crazy?" Sawyer "It's on a whole new level, man." Miles "[Sighs] Great." Sawyer
  10. "Your mother is an Other?" Sawyer
  11. "You guys were in 1954? Like... Fonzie times?" Hurley
  12. "Well, I belonged here just fine till you came back, Doc." Sawyer
  13. "Whatever her reason is, helping H.G. Wells here talk to his mommy ain't got nothing to do with it. Come with us, Freckles." Sawyer
  14. "Good thing I'm a janitor then." Jack
  15. "Okay. Uh, do you have something for a beginner?" Daniel
  16. "You called it the minute those Yahoos got here. I shoulda listened to you. You can say, I told you so."Sawyer "Maybe after we get to the beach." Juliet
  17. "That's not good, right?" Hurley
  18. "I just got shot by a physicist, and the new recruits are helping him. We've been infiltrated." Radzinsky
  19. "It sounded like it was from outside." Sawyer
  20. "You need a gun to go talk to your mother, Dan?" Jack "You don't know my mother, Jack." Daniel
  1. The opening of this episode, with the Star Trek trailer was so awesome when it first aired. 
  2. If only Daniel could make time. That cracks me up every single time.
  3. We finally find out when the opening scene of Because You Left happened.
  4. Eloise Hawking is like the worst mother ever on this show.
  5. At the restaurant where Eloise Hawking and Daniel Faraday go, there can be a rabbit seen through a wine glass in the scene, which is a reference to Through the Looking Glass. From Lostpedia
  6. We finally find out why Daniel Faraday was crying in Confirmed Dead, and why he seemed to have memory loss in Eggtown.
  7. Charles Widmore finally admits to faking the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, which Ben claims to Michael, through Tom, in order to persuade him to come back to the island, in Meet Kevin Johnson.
  8. In Jughead, Daniel Faraday meets his mother, Ellie, as a teenager, on the island, when he tells her to bury the bomb, Jughead. He also meets Richard. Desmond also meets Daniel's girlfriend, Theresa, after she gets sick from his experiments.
  9. I find it extremely annoying that Jack has to make Kate choose between he and Sawyer, then brings up Aaron, which Kate made him swear he'd never do. Then, Sawyer calls Kate freckles, which pisses Juliet off, and makes her go against Sawyer to get Kate the hell out of there and away from him. Ughhhh!
  10. From Lostpedia: (1) Sawyer refers to Daniel as "H.G. Wells", who was a famous Science Fiction author known for his works The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, and The Shape of Things to Come. (2) Widmore moves over a copy of Wired magazine to sit on Faraday's couch. Wired is an American magazine that reports on how technology affects culture, the economy, and politics. The issue shown is the August 2003 "super power" issue, which dealt with X-ray vision, invisibility, and "A user's guide to time travel". LOST co-creator J.J. Abrams guest-edited the May 2009 edition of Wired (issue 17-05), including a numbers-themed puzzle on pp. 104-105. (3) Daniel mentions Chernobyl. The 1986 Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear reactor accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union. It is considered to be the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history. (4) Daniel crying at the television is reminiscent of Billy Pilgrim's memory loss and random tears in the book Slaughterhouse-Five. Daniel uses Miles in an attempt to convince Dr. Chang he is from the future, which is similar to Billy Pilgrim using Montana Wildhack to convince his daughter that he had been to the future/Tralfamadore. Daniel's struggle with whether or not free will exists relates to the Tralfamadorians and their claim that free will is a concept unique to humans due to their limited concept of time. (5) Daniel telling Widmore "I have this condition..." is similar in nature to main character Leonard Shelby's mantra in the 2000 movie Memento. In the movie, Leonard is unable to make new memories and doesn't remember people, places or things. He ends up telling and retelling people "I have this condition" even when he just left them minutes ago. (6) An extended version of the scene by the river where Daniel explains his theory to Jack and Kate is on the Season 5 DVD. In it, he brings up a metaphor about stones and boulders: how a pebble (small change) won't alter the course of a river, but a boulder (big change) will. (7) This episode was billed by ABC as the 100th episode of LOST. In the United States, 100 episodes is generally considered a significant milestone for a series, as it is usually the point at which it becomes viable for syndication. There are exceptions to the 100-episode rule however, and LOST was one—it had begun its first-run syndication in September 2008 on the American cable channels Sci-Fi and G4.  (8) To celebrate filming this episode Jorge Garcia ordered a specialty cake from Charm City Cakes, the bakery featured in the television show "Ace of Cakes". It was featured in their episode LOST in Hawaii. (9) In the American broadcast of the episode, the LOST inter-title was suddenly placed among stars, with the Starship Enterprise soaring through the "O" in LOST as part of a promotion for J.J. Abrams' new film Star Trek
  11. In This Place is Death, Charlotte tells Daniel that she's not allowed to have chocolate before dinner, which end up being her last words.
  12. It is possible that Daniel may change the future by telling young Charlotte to never come back to the island, but it is also possible that he caused the thing he was trying to prevent.
  13. Want to take any more damn time with those guns, Jack and Kate?
  14. I love how they poke fun at the fact that everyone on this show automatically knows how to use a gun even though they have no experiences whatsoever that would require them to use a gun.
  15. Radzinsky is a psychopath. When does he die again?
  16. It's really sad that Daniel Faraday dies trying to make his mother proud, and she's the one who kills him.
  17. In Everybody Hates Hugo, Sayid talked to Jack about how concrete was poured over The Swan station like in Chernobyl.
  18. Daniel Faraday thinks he's a "variable" and that he can change the past, but later acknowledges that his mother knew that this was going to happen, making him a constant. This demonstrates that a person (a variable) can act upon another to suppress, obstruct or nullify his actions and their consequences.
  19. From the deleted/extended scene, where Daniel is trying to explain what he's doing to Jack and Kate, on the Season 5 DVD, Daniel says: "In laymen's terms.... [Daniel tosses a small stone in the creek] The creek keeps washing over any pebble thrown into it. A pebble represents a change. A small change. The creek is time. Okay now, after Charlotte died I left the Island, I used the DHARMA facilities in Anne Arbor to recreate my entire life’s work. For three years I stared at these equations again and again and again. And then I finally realized, I’ve been spending so much time focused on the constants I forgot about the variables. Do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack? Us. We’re the variables. People. We think, we reason, we make choices, we have free will, if we ... if we accept that we can't ... can’t change the past, can’t do anything about it then we don’t even bother trying. But, if we decide, if we believe that we can change the past ... then we don’t use pebbles, Jack. [Daniel picks up a big rock] We use boulders. [Daniel throws the rock in the creek] See? If you drop a big enough rock into a creek you create a dam, right? And then that creek ... changes." Daniel 
  20. I totally thought that Eloise Hawking was going to kidnap Charlie Hume in this episode.
  21. Daniel Faraday is revealed to be the son of Charles Widmore, which makes him Penelope Hume's half-brother, Desmond Hume's brother-in-law and Charlie Hume's uncle.
  22. I was really disappointed that Daniel Faraday died in this episode.
  23. I was also really disappointed that he didn't even get the Life and Death theme.

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