28 November 2008

2.15 Maternity Leave

  1. Night, Aaron crying, fever, rash, Locke goes to get Jack, Rousseau shows up.
  2. "He's infected." Rousseau tells Claire, but Claire has a flash of a vaccine, a girl, needle, Claire's pregnant stomach, Ethan, Claire, scratching Rousseau.
  3. "It's a vaccine. You don't want him to get sick." Ethan
  4. Jack says that Rousseau is crazy, that Aaron isn't infected.
  5. Claire asks Libby for help, tells her what happened, that she was taken.
  6. Locke gives Henry a book to read in the armory. From Lost Hatch
  7. "Did you know that Hemingway was jealous of Dostoevsky?" Locke tells Jack.
  8. Locke and Jack argue about what to do with Henry Gale and pushing the button.
  9. Libby help Claire meditate, to try to remember what happened to her.
  10. Claire sees a flash of a mobile on the crib.
    From Lostpedia
  11. Claire sees a doctor's office, a man talking, mild sedative, Claire says he was going to Los Angeles, giving the baby up for adoption, Ethan giving her shot, vile with the numbers on it, same as Desmond's, medicine for her baby. From Lostpedia
  12. Claire wakes from her meditative state. "It was Ethan."
  13. Eko cuts down the trees he marked, he goes to the hatch for a saw while Jack hides Henry in the bathroom.
  14. Kate gets a gun from Sawyer to go find the place where Claire was taken.
  15. Claire gives Aaron to Sun. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Sun asks, which causes Claire to have a flashback to when she was taken.
  16. Claire sees Ethan "You need to be sure," airplane, girl again, covering mouth, needle.
  17. Claire is heavily drugged, Ethan has a surprise, he shows her baby's room, nursery, baby crib, Oceanic crib mobile plays Catch A Falling Star, toys, stuffed animals, furniture.
  18. "What happened to Charlie?" Claire asks Ethan. From Lostpedia From Lost Hatch
  19. "You were supposed to make a list and then bring her in." Mr. Friendly
  20. Ethan says they knew he wasn't on the plane, that they had the manifest.
  21. "What am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's going to do when he finds out. Damn it, Ethan." Mr. Friendly
  22. Kate and Claire explore to find what happened to Claire, they get Rousseau to help.
  23. Eko asks Jack about the man in the hatch, Jack assumes Locke told him.
  24. Rousseau takes Claire to where she scratched her, Claire has another flashback, room, knitting, Ethan brings her out for a walk, he says when Claire has the baby, she goes, that it's her choice, but there's not enough vaccine for her and the baby.
  25. "We're good people, Claire. We're a good family." Ethan
  26. Claire finds a medical hatch, The Staff, baby's room, everything is gone, cleared out. Kate, locker room, hat, glue, beard, dirty costumes.
    From Lostpedia
  27. Claire finds baby's sock, has another flashback, teenage girl wakes her up, Claire is heavily drugged again, tells her they're going to take the baby, Claire doesn't want to go, but Alex helps her escape.
  28. "They're gonna cut him out of you." Alex
  29. Claire finds examination room where the medication was, she has a flashback of being on the ground, Rousseau finds her, knocks her out, she saved her from the Others.
  30. "You're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for." Rousseau
  31. "She was good." Claire tells Rousseau that Alex helped her.
  32. Locke and Jack allow Eko to talk to Henry Gale.
  33. "The first night I spent on this island I was dragged into the jungle by 2 men. They never spoke a word to me, nor I to them. I killed these men, smashed in their head with a stone, felt their blood on my arms. I need you to know how sorry I am for this. I need you to know that I am back on the righteous path now, and that I regret my actions. I ask you for your forgiveness." Eko makes a sacrifice and cuts off his beard. From Lostpedia
  34. Aaron gets better, he's not sick anymore. Claire gives him the booty.
  35. "Now I know that we're supposed to be together." Claire tells Aaron.
  36. Henry Gale tries to get to Locke, manipulate him. Henry asks about Hemingway and Dostoevsky, why Locke allows Jack to call the shots.
  37. "Are you the genius, or are you the guy who always feels like he's living in the shadow of a genius?" Henry
  38. Locke starts to do the dishes, but smashes them because Henry got to him, we see Henry's menacing face.
  1. Why did the Others want Claire's baby?
  2. What drugs was Claire on?
  3. How did Claire have a dream of the Oceanic mobile before she was in The Staff?
  4. Why did Alex help Claire?
  5. Why did Eko want to talk to Henry?
  6. Was Eko's beard a sacrifice the island demanded?
  1. "Dostoevsky? You don't have Steven King?" Henry Gale
  2. "Well, Thelma, seeing as I got all the guns, I do get to ask why." Sawyer "No, you don't." Kate "Yes, I do--watch. Why?" Sawyer
  3. "No cheeseburgers, huh?" Henry Gale
  4. "You have good ears." Locke "You have thin doors." Henry
  1. The story of Dostoevsky and Hemingway parallels Jack and Locke's relationship.
  2. The Oceanic Airlines crib mobile in Claire's flashback of the medical hatch, The Staff, is the same one she saw in the dream that she had in Raised By Another.
  3. Claire is so annoying and irrational.
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